Mental Preparation For Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Hello America………

Tonight, many honest hard working Americans will be watching the presidential debate, trying to make the best decisions that they hope will change the conditions in this country for the better.

I just thought that I would share some of my thoughts on how I see it, with you.

I will not be recommending a candidate.

I will not recommend a party.

Because I don’t see very many differences between parties or between the average politician.

I still maintain, that the candidates are merely pawns that are plugged into the system by those who hold the true power, and are told what they better do, or better not do. Do it right, and you gain favor. Do it wrong, and you get, well!- you get JFK.

There is major evidence to support this view point  within the current administration.

The american  citizens opinions are totally ignored, and not even considered when it comes to making important decisions that affect us all.

Instead, this administration is being directed in it’s actions by the people who paid for the services that led to George Bush being elected as president of the United States, twice.

So I will try to give you something to consider while you are doing your analysis of tonight’s debate; not about a particular party or candidate, but about the system overall.

Common Knowledge Verses Uncommon Knowledge

What is common knowledge?

What is uncommon knowledge?

Common knowledge is the knowledge that you received in the school system, on the job, on television, on radio, in the newspapers, from politicians, and from people who received it from the previously mentioned sources

Do you know who is watching you at the top of the pyramid on the dollar bill?

Do you know within what section of this pyramid the president and other politicians are in?

I guess you do know where the common everyday working  people are on this pyramid?. –(at the bottom)

It’s the knowledge that those who do not look any deeper accept as the truth, although it does not have to be, and in most cases, is most likely not.

It is what most people take to their graves as the most reliable information that you could possibly receive as an earth bound being..

For people who discontinue their learning after they complete school; this stuff is fact.

Some examples are:

All men are created equal, although I believe this is true as far as GOD is concerned, (or whatever you call the force that created the universe). However, when it comes to public policy in this country, this concept is often times lost.

That everyone in one political party is less evil then everyone in another.

That the government is by the people, for the people, and of the people.

That corporations, The Health Care Industry, Politicians and other government officials, have your best interest at heart, that wars are fought just for truth, justice, and protecting the american way, (it’s more like protecting someone’s wealth)- that there is no such thing as intellegent life elsewhere, (this is mathematically impossible), and that the white house and the president is the most powerful authority in America

Yea Right!

Uncommon knowledge is the knowledge that you obtain through other means, in addition to the sources that are placed before you, or in other words, (hidden in plain sight).

This is one of the most effective deceptive tools used to keep the general population in check, and ignorant to some truths that may not benefit the powers that be, should they be uncovered.

Secrets like, the fact that just a few people are really in control of the masses, and that they control oil prices, food prices, legal legislation, the prescription drugs your doctor gives you, the curriculum that your doctors are trained with, the chemicals that will be put in food, and called a “food product”, and other important elements that determine the quality of life for the majority of people and their families in the world. You see!-Government is for sale to the highest bidders. (conspircy theories?)-What do you think lobbyist do? They represent the major financial interest of some of the most powerful people and corporations on this earth.

They buy votes, public policy, cover ups, wars, legal legislation, genocide; etc, etc,etc.

As a matter of fact, the reason that it is so hard for the average person to reach for the stars is the fact that those at the top, pass laws so that they can stay at the top by themselves.

Did you know that Congressman do every day legally, what the average citizen would be jailed for in federal prison.

It’s called “insider trading”. It is illegal for the average citizen to utilize inside information in order to profit in the stock market. However, congressman get this information on a daily basis, and because they are congressman, they can use this information for profit .

Think insider trading is a joke? Ask Martha Stewart!

The difference is: If we did this, we would not be able to walk back into our lives so easily, and be a star on television, as a matter of fact, the average joe may have trouble getting a job cleaning toilets after this federal offence.

So why am I telling you this?-just to give you something to think about as you try  to decipher the rhetoric and bull that you will be hearing in the coming months from the truth , and to share some of the things that I have learned with you, so that you will begin to pay attention to some of the things that we have all been trained to overlook on a daily basis. I also hope that you will be adequately prepared when you walk into the booth in November 2008. The only way to do this is through knowledge.

And finally!-because knowledge is power, and in case you have not noticed, the government is becoming more involved with more and more decisions that used to be of a very personal nature. If people are not alert, how far do you think this trend will go in a “Free Country”.

Keep your eyes and ears open, so that you may be one of the few that can discover a way to maintain the level of freedom in this country that our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends are supposedly dying for in Iraq


(Only) Around Election Time By: Greg Coleman

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