Down To “The Wire”

The last episode of my favorite reality tv show, and the local politicians least favorite reality tv show, (“The Wire”), will end it’s 5 year run on Sunday-March 9th, @9:PM, on HBO. All of the season 5 shows have been available on HBO On Demand, prior to the scheduled showing on sunday.

However, the producers of “The Wire”, have denied us access to the final episode until March 9th, and state that “It will be worth the wait”. Based on what I’ve seen the last 5 years, I do believe that it will. 5 seasons have gone by too fast, and I am sad to see such an eye opening, informative and educational program leave the airwaves, since there are so few.

Do I like the violence?-No!, Do I like the drugs?-No!-The profanity?- sometimes, Do I like the fact that all of these depressing things are occurring in my home town, Baltimore, MD?-No!
Why do I hate the fact that it is about to end?-Well! first of all, the show really increased the entertainment economy in and around Baltimore, MD; which it desperately needs.

Second: It provided many jobs for people in and around the baltimore area, as extras, security, catering, stage hands, etc.

Third: It really pisses off a lot of local politicians, because it is too close to the truth for them.

And finally:-Most of all, it told the truth to the nation about problems in areas that the powers to be would like to make pretend does not exist, not just in Baltimore City, but in inner cities all around the country.

So for those reasons, I am very sad to see the show ending. Now if the problems that it has brought national attention to, were effectively being dealt with by the people in the negborhoods, the police departments, and the politicians, then I would have no further need for “The Wire”, but unfortunately, this is definitely not the case.

So you can rest assured that I will be ready and waiting to get the past seasons on DVD, that are already available, and will be patiently waiting for the rest.

Because I still truely do believe that it is the perfect education for children who are mature enough to make choices.

. I know that many people would say that mature, responsible, and intelligent children should not see “The Wire”, because of it’s gritty realities, but I say that they should see it because of that.

I would like to say once again to the staff, cast, writers, directors, and everybody else who worked hard to bring this reality show to tv: Job Well Done!

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