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Hillary Clinton Reveals The Real Reason Why She Is Staying In The Race

May 28, 2008

This past Friday May 23 2008, Hillary Clinton made it absolutely clear why she has continued to remain in the race for president, and why she has no intentions on quitting

While in a meeting with the Sioux Falls Argus-Leaders editorial board, Hillary Clinton said  “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” end of quote.

The Obama Campaign, as well as millions of Obama supporters from both black and white communities across the nation were outraged by the statement.

 Radio and Television show personalities were swamped with emails, phone calls, and request to discuss the statements made my Senator Clinton.

There are many debates going on across the country about what her purpose or intentions were for making the statement.

My analysis is simply this, as she has been doing from day one of these contests, she has displayed a win at any cost attitude towards her closest competitor, Barack Obama.

This is just another example of the despicable evil nature of this woman, who has totally disrespected Senator,  Barack Obama, a man who has remained cool, calm, and respectful of Senator Clinton, in spite of it all.

What Hillary did was simply to speak her mind. She has shown her true colors again, as she has many times before during this campaign.

This statement demonstrates the fact that she would rather see her fellow Senator dead, as a result of assassination, rather then to loose the nomination for President of the United States of America.

I have said time and time again, that anyone who would say anything, do anything, and lie about everything to win this office, will also do anything to keep the office, including deceiving the people who put them into office. This type of person should not be allowed to hold this office.


Hillary Clinton is such a person.

After all of the hatred and threats that Obama has had to endure in order to run for President of the United States, which is his right to do as a free black man in the year of 2008, in the United States of America;  Hillary Clinton revealed that she has continued to remain in the race, not because of the hope of getting the votes in Michigan and Florida counted, (which mind you was not an issue for her before she decided to stay in the race), not because she is beginning to see an increase in her potential numbers from the popular vote, and not because the race is so close that she can see the possibility of a big win; but for the express purpose of waiting for her co -member in the senate to be murdered, so that she can become President. 

Like I said, she will do anything to win.

Just for the record, this is the 3rd. time that she has alluded to the possible assassination of Senator Obama.

Could her slip of the tongue be something that she is actually planning?

Do you know that there is a very low-key suspicion that the Clintons can and have made people disappear as a result of there intentions to testify in the “White Water Case”?

This statement by Hillary Clinton should show her supporters the type of person that she really is. However, one of the things that she seems to be very effective at is to hypnotize her closest supporters, and to lie to them, and then have the lies accepted repeatedly by them. So you see, she does not even care enough about her supporters to tell them the truth.

Finally! -Please do not be shocked and or amazed by anything that Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton says or does to attempt to secure the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton. is not concerned with what is best for America, but only with winning the nomination at any cost. And Bill, let’s face it, Hillary has a multitude of sins on him, but she did not leave him. So he owes her big time.

If you have not been paying attention to Hillary’s moves since the beginning of this campaign, please do your research on what she has been doing, and what she continues to do today.  Then you will be prepared for, and not shocked by, what she might do tomorrow.

A special note for the people of the State of Maryland who were fooled by the professional political pitches (Lies), delivered by Mayor Martin O’Malley:


You fell for his foolishness and made him Governor of the State of Maryland. When it is time for his re-election, do not let him forget that he endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton, and not Senator Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States of America.


Something for you to consider when it is time for his second term.

Hillary, If Racism Does Not Exist-Then Sexism Cannot Exist Either

May 23, 2008


Hillary Rodham Clinton is complaining about being a target for sexism during the current primary election.


I personally do believe that she is a target for sexism, because she is a woman running for president, as I believe that Barack Obama is also a target for racism, because he is a black man running president.


However, according to many of the conservative commentators, black people who recognize and point out the fact that a lot of the things that are happening to Barack Obama are racially motivated are dismissed as hateful race baiters.


We agree that some of Obama’s past associations deserve an explanation.


We agree that some of the misstatements that he has made during the campaign need clarification.


And, we agree that Obama is not perfect; and neither are the politicians that he is in competition with.


We as black people get that.


However, there seems to be an intense focus on the negative aspects of Senator Obama-just that little something extra that the other 2 candidates do not receive.


I wonder what it is?


John McCain has had questionable associations and suspicious financial dealings involving his wife and her company, and her company jet. And, even though she is the wife of a man running for President of the United States of America, she still contends that her tax returns, (which are also his tax returns), is her personal business.


I haven’t heard a hell of a lot of opinions about this.




He also was closely associated with a preacher that hates Jews who has endorsed him: John Hagee.



He also has another preacher problem. Rod Paisley wants to destroy all people who disagree with him on his system of faith by practicing the Islamic system of faith.


However, this does not play out over and over and over again, like Obama’s Reverend Wright nightmare did.


Once an attempt was made on McCain’s part to explain his relationship with these man away, the controversy just faded away. And now that he has stated that he is not accepting these preacher’s endorsements, let’s see if we will hear about this for the next 10 weeks, like we did about Reverend Wright.


I also wonder if the question will be posed to him about; why it took him several weeks to denounce these men? Which is the repeated question that Obama had to answer.


And now his physical and emotional health has come into question, and he has released all of his medical records. Now let’s see how long this, and his other issues are allowed to haunt him.


I bet the answer is, it won’t haunt him for long.




Now we all know that Hillary Clinton has been involved in some very shady business and political dealings with some very shady characters.  Among these, is an excessive amount of cumulative income during her husband Bill’s presidency. -An issue that aroused the suspicions of many who were examining her tax returns, which she would have not released if it did not become absolutely necessary to protect her bid for the presidency.


But we only heard about it for about a week, and then it too was gone.


However, America would not let The Reverend Wright issue die. Even after Obama gave, (what most of his supporters believe was a sufficient explanation).


Even when he finally had to overlook his past relationship with, and his feelings for, the Reverend Wright, he was still attacked every time Wright decided to grab the spotlight for himself.


And to this day, people are still questioning Senator, Obama about his personal and business relationship with Bill Ayers. Which, once again, he has already addressed on several occasions over several weeks.


Once Obama had denounced Reverend Wright, he had publicly disconnected himself from him, and did not have any control whatsoever over what he did after that. As a matter of fact, he had no control of Wright before that.


Wright is an American man in a free country, which I believe allows him to speak from the perspective of a black man who is not just making it all up, but a man who experienced what he is talking about, and or knows of other black people who have.


John McCain has made it clear that he has rejected Hagee’s and Paisley’s endorsements, and now everyone seems content with this.


I don’t think that you are going to hear as many complaints about what John Hagee or Rod Paisley says or does post John McCain’s denouncement of them.




However, every time that Reverend Wright makes a public appearance, which is what he chooses to do, the conservative media tries to convict Obama of doing something wrong again.




In addition to this, Obama is accused of being a communist because sometimes he chooses to not wear a flag pin. If every American who does not wear a flag pin were a communist, then there would not be very many patriots in this country. As a matter of fact, there are certain segments of American Society that would call a man who wears any kind of jewelry pin, a “Pinko”, a “Commie”.and a “Fag”.


And one more thing especially for you Laura Ingraham, and for any other conservative commentator who is shocked by the fact that a large majority of the African American Community believes most of the things that Reverend Wright proclaims.


The reason for this is: we have witnessed and lived through the things that Wright talks about. And this is something that you Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and any of you other  “Conservative” commentators, are not qualified or authorized to understand or speak about.


We have a bar owner in Georgia selling T-Shirts that depict Senator Obama as a monkey with a banana.



We have X- Presidential Candidates making jokes about Obama ducking because he is being shot at; which is, what I think, wishful thinking on the part of many White Americans.


We have another incident in Georgia concerning a newspaper article with a picture of Senator Obama in some white person’s rifle sight on the front cover. Once again, this is wishful thinking, which is a result of White America’s collective consciousness and propensity towards racism- in action.


In spite of all of these incidents and all of the evidence-we have, what are supposed to be intelligent white people, who will totally deny that America has a race problem, and that black people who say that we do, are just hateful race baiters.


 I hear this time and time again from FOX News Commentator Bill O’reilly.


He continues to proclaim that the racism Reverend Wright speaks of is a product of his imagination, and that none of these conditions exist in America today.


And he has a Resident African American who validates his points of view on issues of race by the name of Juan Williams.


Fortunately for us, Mr. Williams is not representative of, nor does he have any influence with, the black community; not because he disagrees with the majority of black people on this subject, but because he cannot be black if he has never experienced or has not witnessed any of the racism that Reverend Wright speaks of.


And one of the craziest things I’ve heard this week on FOX, came from Conservative Commentator, Laura Ingraham, who said that the U.N. should not send investigators to America, to investigate racism, because they should be focusing on the earthquake victims in China, and the cyclone victims in Myanmar.


She believes that this investigation is a waste of time and money, because racism in American is not a reality. Well Ms. Ingraham, I have two questions for you.


1. How long have you been black ?


2. What type of mind control have your peers used on you to make you clearly see the sexist attacks launched against Hillary Clinton and yet be totally blind to the racist attacks launched against Barack Obama?


Every human wants to see people who are suffering like this helped. However, as CNN’s Commentator Jamal Simmons pointed out, the U.N. is not initiating this American Inspection on Racism instead of taking care of the victims in China and Myanmar, they are doing it in addition to.


 Oh speaking of racism!


Isn’t it funny how America is trying to force aid on a government that does not want it all the way over in the Philippines, and yet, the people in New Orleans, which is right here in America, did not receive any aid for a week or so after that disaster. And to this day, the government has not completed the job of supplying aid to certain areas that were destroyed.




Anyway! –This statement,  was made by a white woman with racism written all over her face.


This is why I am beginning to believe that “Conservative” is a code name for “Racist”.


You could hear the hate for, and contempt of, Barack Obama in her voice, and you could see it all over her face. And I see it every time she appears on FOX.


It does not matter what the level of validity of the guest’s arguments are, her goal is that of all conservatives; keep the White House White, even if there is a black qualified candidate available.


And why in the hell do you and Bill O’Reilly need guess anyway?


When they don’t agree with you, you wont let them talk, and when they are steadfast in their viewpoints, you cut to commercials.


So in spite of all the incidents, evidence, and coded racist dialogue; the general conservative viewpoint of the average conservative commentator, and the black cohorts who attempt to validate them is that racism does not exist in America, because America does not have any problems, and that black people who recognize the fact that there is, are either crazy, hateful, or just saying it to keep the illusion of racism in this country alive.




So sorry Hillary, if there can be no racism, there can be no sexism.


So stop imagining things.


Greg Coleman












Do Not Let Them Steal The Nomination From Obama

May 21, 2008

This is a warning to all Barack Obama Supporters, not just the white ones, or black Ones, but for all supporters.


Please keep you eyes and ears open, so that you will know when the movement to steal the nomination from Barack Obama begins.


There are many in America who say that they are all about Truth, Justice, and the American Way, The Golden Rule, Morals, Principals, Values, The Law, and other powerful concepts.


However, you would be surprised at how quickly these same people will totally ignore all of these things in order to get what they want at any cost.


Hillary Clinton is such a person.


Last year, the DNC panel imposed the harshest punishment it could render against two states after they scheduled primaries in January, even though they were instructed not to vote until Feb. 5 or later. Michigan and Florida lost all their delegates to the national convention, and all the Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign in the two states, stripping them of all the influence they were trying to build by voting early.


The ruling was made by The Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, a 30-member panel charged with interpreting and enforcing party rules.


The rules were broken by the democratic leaders in the 2 respective states.


Now!- Hillary Clinton, (for her own selfish benefit), wants the world to stop, and change this rule just for her, so that she can defeat Barack Obama.


Clinton has been arguing for full reinstatement, which would boost her standing. She won both states, even though they didn’t count toward the nomination and neither candidate campaigned in them. Obama even had his name pulled from Michigan’s ballot.


So much for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, The Golden Rule, Morals, Principals, Values and The Law.


You see! – Only an elitist would try to bend or break the rules in this manner, just so the momentum of the primary elections can be put back in her corner.


In addition to this, she would like to make the argument to the uncommitted “Super Delegates”- that she has won all of the states that a presidential candidate needs to win, and that because she has won all of these states, she would make the better candidate to challenge John McCain in the general election, no matter how the numbers favor Obama.


What Hillary has really done, was to make pretend that those who vote for Barack Obama  are not good hard working Americans. They are either unemployed bums or elitist intellectuals, who do not understand common working people like the ones who reside in the states that she has won.


Here’s the deal.


The states that Hillary Clinton won by large margins, are states that have a history and culture of racism and hatred for people who are not like them,  (especially African American People).


They hate people who are doing better in life then they are, who have more formal education then they do, and who earn more then they do, doing better jobs then they do.


These people are mad and constantly frustrated, because they think that these people should not be doing this good, because of the color of their skin.


There has been much discussion as to how much work Obama has to do to gain attention and consideration from these folks.


Well let me tell you: There is no amount of work that can change people who would rather die, then to vote for a qualified black presidential candidate.


And the scary thing about this is; there are many people who would agree that these states are the heart and soul of America, as Hillary has proclaimed.


These people are seeking power through Hillary Clinton to try and take this country back to where it was, pre civil rights.


So what I am trying to say is: If (in the middle of the stream), Hillary wants to change the rules to steal the nomination from Barack Obama; all Obama supporters should unite;  (black, white, brown, red or yellow), and fight her to the bitter end.


We need to start making plans for this scenario, because I have seen this one played out in America time after time: “Since they have learned how to play the game, and their winning; lets change the rules of the game”.


Don’t let this happen.


Unite and fight!




(Only) Around Election Time

May 13, 2008

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When was the last time you, or somebody you know, compared what your candidates promised during their campaigns, with what they actually delivered once in office???

The answers may surprise you, and is the main reason that the problems that they have promised to solve year after year, have not only not been solved, but are now problems of epidemic proportions.

Think About It!


(Only) Around Election Time By: Greg Coleman


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Off To Pennsylvania 2 & 3

May 8, 2008



Hello Barack Obama Fans.


Tuesday night was a very decisive evening in the world of politics; especially where Barack Obama was concerned.


Once again, Obama had a better showing then his critics could have ever imagined.


And I don’t know if you noticed or not, but Hillary was still lying about how great she did and how she is “On To The White House”, in spite of the fact that she lost North Carolina by 14 points, and won Indiana by a mere 2 points, and the fact that the time clock has all but expired; not quite the “Game Changing” night that she fantasized about before the voting began.


After viewing Hillary’s performance last night, and taking into consideration my memories of her other performances during these primaries and at other times, I have come to the non-professional conclusion that she is indeed a compulsive liar who cannot help herself.


I truly believe that she is sick, and not the best choice to run the country.




If elected, when things are going good, she will lie to make them sound better, or worse, depending on which choice serves her better.


And if things are going bad, she will lie to make them look good, so that she will not look bad in the eyes of the American people.


But now that I think about it; maybe she is not sick, because if she is sick, then that means that we have had some very sick politicians running our municipal, state, and federal governments for hundreds if not thousands of years.


Maybe she is just your regular run of the mill professional politician.


You know, the kind of politician that Barack Obama promises to not be.


Now let me just say that Obama, Hillary, and all politicians and other government officials have to lie outwardly or by omission some times, because the American public can not be privy to some of the many secretive functions of government that go on behind closed doors 24/7. And in fact, if the general public knew half of what goes on behind those closed doors 24/7, they would probably be terrified.


However, the reason that I am supporting Obama is because of his promise to change the way that things are done in Washington, DC, and I hope that he will.


I really think that he will make good on all of his promises to make the government more assessable and accountable to the people, and to bring all kinds of people together to make our country better, and to do it as honestly as possible.


With all of that said, I just wanted to brace all of the Barack Obama supporters for the coming losses in West Virginia, (Pennsylvania 2) and Kentucky, (Pennsylvania 3).


Some Obama supporters were so shocked by the anticipated loss in Pennsylvania, that there was a lot of talk about making contingency plans for If Obama were to continue losing, which he did not, and will not do. 


So please be advised that the same demographic applies to people who will vote for Hillary Clinton in West Virginia, and in Kentucky, as they did in Pennsylvania.


So please do not loose faith in Obama’s camp, or doubt the effectiveness and genuine nature of his message, and his objectives for the country as a whole, not just for black people, but for all people.


The voters who will vote for Hillary in West Virginia and Kentucky will not care about the qualifications of the candidate, or his skills or intentions, only that he is black instead of white.


Of course this is not a legitimate reason for voting for any candidate.


Some of the conservative commentators may say that this is what the black race is doing. However, this is not the case.



Yes it is a matter of ethnic pride, and of making history. And, it is also a matter of doing something to help heal the psyche of black Americans, who have been told for hundreds of years, either directly or indirectly, that there is not one black person among you, who can qualify for the most important job in the world: President of the United States of America.


So most black people are not just voting for Obama because he is black. Most of us are voting for him because we finally have a viable, qualified, black candidate with mass appeal, whom we think can be effective at making this country a better place for all Americans.


And we as Americans are not apologizing for this.


However, like most of the voters in Pennsylvania that fit the” blue collar” worker profile, these voters will simply be voting for a white face, rather it is the face of a qualified candidate or not.


So unless these folks are changed through divine intervention, then you can count these states as a lost for Obama.


Now that we know this, we can now focus on how we can contribute to the cause by supporting the campaign in states where we know he can win.


Before I leave, I would just like to share one more observation with you:


I do not ever remember seeing so many hardcore white republicans, (people like Newt Gingrich), cheering for a democrat, the way that they have been cheering for Hillary Clinton. And I think that some of the more innocent naïve media people are misreading the reason for this. I have heard it said that this phenomenon is occurring because the republicans think that it will be easier to beat Hillary Clinton in November. However, I believe that it is occurring because the conservatives are trying to live up to their titles, and are trying to keep the Whitehouse white.


I have been a black person in America too long to be naïve when it comes to race.


Once again I say to you, let’s get Obama into the Whitehouse-Not because he is black, but because he is the best out of very limited choices.


Here are the remaining primary elections schedules:


May 2008


May 13: Nebraska, West Virginia

May 20: Kentucky, Oregon

May 27: Idaho (R)


June 2008


June 3: Montana, New Mexico (R), South Dakota



What do you think?


Greg Coleman


(Only) Around Election Time


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Cut The Crap-It’s Because Obama’s Black

May 6, 2008

A Word About Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and A Piece of Metal.


You know, much has been said about Barack Obama’s friendship with Jeremiah Wright, his professional relationship with his neighbor Bill Ayers, and the concern about his level of patriotism, because he does not adorn a flag pin on his clothes.


I’ve heard so many statements wondering how he could have stayed in Reverend Wright’s congregation for so long, and not have known what the man was preaching about.


I’ve heard so many questions about why he was an associate and neighbor of Bill Ayers.


And I’ve heard many things about rather or not he loves his country.


Now I am going to try and effectively respond to these concerns one by one, and try to put these matters to rest before the primary tomorrow in North Carolina, and Indiana, and before all of the other primaries to come, once and for all.



 I am troubled by the fact that so many of the so called “America Can’t Be Wrong”, “America has no problems”, and “America definitely does not have anymore racism” people, are bashing Obama for his personal, professional, and spiritual relationships with people that he knew before his bid for the presidency, and in his choice of accessories for his wardrobe.


I agree that these are important matters that need to be explained, however, it seems as if in Obama’s case, the importance has been exaggerated to the nth. Degree.




Obama’s relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is just as important as the relationships that George H. Bush had with the Saudi Government; a country where the majority of the terrorist who attacked our country on 911came from.


Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers is no less important then George W. Bush lying about his military records, and his alcohol and drug abuse, (before he became a presidential candidate), and some might think during his presidency if you look at his irrational and counter productive behaviors during both of his stints in the white house.


They have even tried to make Obama’s clothing accessories a big issue as well.


As a matter of fact, there are those who can tell that he does not love his country because he does not accessorize his wardrobe with flag pins, and other superficial expressions of patriotism.


The fact of the matter is, that there have been many presidential candidates who have had bad associations, and negative incidents in their past, and they were given a chance to explain their positions, and to correct their faults.


And, they were not asked to do it over, and over, and over again.


Everyone seemed pretty dammed satisfied with the answers.


But, in Obama’s case, the answers and explanations seem to fall on deaf ears, no matter how much sense they make, and how many times he has to answer the same questions.


It seems that these conservatives have an insatiable appetite for bashing Obama, even if it is not justified.




There have been sitting presidents that have been involved in questionable business dealings, questionable associations, and other suspicious behaviors, who have been given chances to prove themselves worthy of the public’s trust. 


What makes Obama different?


Obama has explained that he had a lot of respect for Reverend Wright, because of the family ties that he had established with Wright over a 20-year period.


He has said that in spite of his feelings for the reverend, he did not always agree with everything that the reverend said.


And after last week’s fiasco by the Reverend, he has even publicly denounced him, and his politics.


 And now these bastards still are not satisfied, and want to know what took him so long.


What in the hell is taking Hillary so long to declare the truth about her many shady relationships, business dealings, and lies?


Why did it take Bill Clinton so long to tell the truth about what he had already lied about?


And what in the hell is taking George Bush so long to tell the truth about the occupation of Iraq?


I don’t know. But America sure gave, and is giving them much more of a chance to do so, then they are giving Obama.


What’s the difference?


Obama has explained that Bill Ayers was a professional associate of his, when they both were members on the board of directors for the Woods Fund of Chicago, an anti-poverty, philanthropic foundation established in 1941. He also explained that Bill Ayers was a neighbor of his in Chicago, and that when Bill Ayers was an active radical, he was only 8 years old.


Unfortunately, because Hillary Clinton really does not have a solid plan for solving America’s problems, she has put many of these answered questions into the minds of her supporters as unanswerd important concerns that they should really be concerned with and afraid of. 


Once again!- she does not mind deceiving even her most fathful supporters.


But  here’s the real deal coming from someone who is not a politician who is running for President of the United States of America, or for any other poltical office for that matter.


When he was sitting in Reverend Wright’s church prior to becoming a candidate for president, no matter what he heard, or what the hell Jeremiah Wright said or did, ( a significant amount of which the black community knows as truth), not from opinion or theory, which is what the conservatives outrage of his teachings stems from; but from actually living,  or should I say surviving, in the black community-something that none of these consevative bastards have knowledge of , concern for, or authority to speak on.


But anyway!- In what country was he sitting in Reverend Wright’s church in?


When he became a professional associate of Bill Ayers on a professional level while serving on the board of directors with him,  in what country did this relationship take place?


And when Barack Obama decided that he did not want to wear a piece of metal to prove how patriotic he was, in what country did he make this decision in?


He made all of these dammed decisions in the United States of America. And, he had every dammed right to decide what church he wanted to set in. whom he wanted to be associated with., and what the hell he did, or did not want to wear on his shirt.


Now what bothers me is the fact that all of these flag waiving, patriotic preaching fools, who preach about the land of the free, the home of the brave, the constitution, and the bill of rights are the very same people who are condemming a man for the friends that he had before he had to distance himself from them because of his desire to run for the office of President of the United States of America, the boards on which he sat with people who he had no control over, and his right to wear or not wear what ever the hell he pleases.


So let’s just cut to the chase:


 Isn’t all of this stupid bull-shit about Obama simply because of the fact that he is black?


Obama has answered these and other  questions about who he is or is not on more then one occasion.


 But it seems like since he is the first black candidtate to run for President of the United States, many people do not care that he is a viable, honest and sincere qualified candidate; only that he is black.


And these are Hillary’s core voters.


The ones that we must outwit and out number for the remainder of thees primary contests if we hope to help get Barack Obama into the White House..


So if you want to work together for a change fo the better in the inner workings of our Government in Washington, and across the country, please vote for Barack Obama, be you black, yellow, red, brown, or white.


Thank you,


Greg Coleman


























A Message For All Hardcore Barack Obama Supporters

May 3, 2008

On April 22, 2008-Barack Obama’s Campaign experienced an expected loss.


The loss in Pennsylvania was something that we as Obama supporters knew would come.


The reason for the loss was beyond the control of us as supporters, and for the campaign strategist who work for Barack Obama.


You see, in order for Obama to win in the counties that he lost in Pennsylvania, he would have to become white.


This of course has nothing to do with his qualifications, his genuine spirit, or his devotion to bringing this country together to solve the problems that so called “Experienced Politicians”, like Hillary Clinton, have been ineffective at solving for any considerable measure of permanence.


Do not fall into the negativity that you may hear that would lead you to believe that Barack’s bid for the White House is over.


I have heard several devoted supporters of Barack Obama, including radio talk show host: Michael Baisden, starting to make contingency plans for supporting Hillary Clinton, if Barack Obama does not win the nomination.


This is premature.


The loss in Pennsylvania was expected and planned for.


As a matter of fact, the polls had Obama loosing by as much as 20 points. And, because of the aggressive campaigning done by Obama in the weeks leading up to the election, he was able to cut that lead down to 9 points, although, someone thought that it would be more detrimental to Obama to round it up to 10 points.


Anyway! – If you consider what Obama had to face in Pennsylvania with the So called, “Blue Collar Workers”, (Racist), who do not see the issues or the candidates, but instead, they see white and black faces; then you should continue to recognize what a powerful force Barack Obama is.


This man won 11 consecutive primaries, which is quite phenomenal for a non brand name politician. And in spite of his past or present associations, his shortcomings and faults,(which any man or woman running for the office of president will have), I still feel that his intentions are of a more genuine nature, and are humane in nature as opposed to just being political in nature.


So please do not buy into Hillary’s excitement over wining Pennsylvania. She finally won a contest after several losses, and she is trying to act as if she has won the White House. Hillary is just doing what she always does: Lying.


But she can only hurt Barack’s chances of getting to the White House, if we, his true supporters buy into her lies.


We cannot worry about those who would vote white no matter what; because they will vote white no matter what.


We cannot concern ourselves with the people who are not tuned into the deceptiveness of the Clintons. Because, they are already blinded to the truth about her “Politics As Usual” approach.


We cannot worry about the Right Wing columnist, commentators, and talk show host, who are conservatives; because their title is very descriptive. Their job is to conserve things, and if it were up to them, we would still be working for free on the plantation, but since they have lost control over this issue, they now have a new agenda to worry about, and that is to keep the White House white.


This is true rather we have a qualified black candidate available or not.


Barack Obama did not want this race to become a racial issue.


As  a matter of fact, before these issues began to surface, he never ran for president as a black candidate, but as a qualified and devoted candidate. But, there are those who will not let race not be an issue, therefore, it is impossible to not revisit the racial issues in this country that have never been resolved; only concealed for many years.


So if we want to see our qualified candidate bring the people of America together, which is the only way to make America live up to it’s creed, then there are some things that we can and must do. I recommend taking the following steps.


These are just one person’s idea. If you have any  that you would like to add to this list, please do so, and carry them out, and encourage other Americans to carry them out as well.


Here are the remaining primary elections schedules:


May 2008


May 6: Indiana, North Carolina

May 13: Nebraska, West Virginia

May 20: Kentucky, Oregon

May 27: Idaho (R)


June 2008


June 3: Montana, New Mexico (R), South Dakota




  1. Continue to contribute to the campaign. Give according to your means. Don’t let Hillary make you feel hopeless because of the spectacle that she put on after her victory about how great her financial contributions have been since her win in Pennsylvania. Keep in mind, that she will say or do anything (right or wrong) to win. Do not get discouraged.
  2. Please use the Free Internet Classifieds List to post the Warning on Hillary Message. See message below. Also, please change the selected cities on the ad pages to match the appropriate states listed above in advance of each political contest.
  3. If you have friends or relatives in any of these states, please touch base with them, and talk to them about voting for Barack Obama, and if they are computer users, ask them to post to the classifieds also.
  4. Visit , to see if there are any tasks that you may be able to complete, that will assist in making Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America.
  5. Please keep in mind that the candidate has done everything that he can to take race out of the race, but that it is virtually impossible to do so, because there are others (both black and white), who will not let the race element not be a part of the race. Please do not blame Barack Obama for this. It’s just the way America is.
  6. Also, keep in mind that White People, Black People, Asian People, Latin People, Republicans, Democrats, nor Independents, can solve the problems that we face as a country alone; it will take as many people who want the same positive changes for America that Barack Obama speaks of , from all segments of the country to do this.
  7. To all African American Supporters: Don’t let anyone put the idea in your mind that Barack Obama is not experienced enough to be the next president, or that the country is just not ready for a black president. We have bought into this lie for far to long, and, we must realize that there will be people, (black and white), who will say this until the day that they die. Just look at the current state of the union, and the many times throughout American History, where white presidents did less then perfect jobs at running this country. And the current president, (who is white), which is tradition, has brought this country to a near disastrous condition. It’ is time for a change.
  8. Please recognize that the media is not going to let the Reverend Wright controversy die, since he has become an albatross around the neck of Obama, and has become quite effective at undermining this man’s bid for the presidency. And there are many who are deliberately using his past relationship with Wright for this purpose. As true supporters of Barack Obama, we must recognize that this “Pimp In The Pulpit”, is an enemy to our cause, and must not be promoted to the world as such. Reverend Wright is only concerned with Reverend Wright, and how much more of a fortune he can amass, (Pimp In The Pulpit).
  9. Don’t for get the spiritual aspect of this presidential race After you have done all that you can do in the physical world, be sure to contact your higher power and pray that the enemies of change will not win.
  10. Please call, and let the staff and volunteers at Campaign Headquarters know that you want to see a more tough and aggressive Obama. Please let them know that we appreciate the fact that Mr. Obama is a kind and considerate gentleman. However, this is war. Obama is doing battle with someone who will lie, cheat, steal, and GOD only knows what else, to win. And in order to be effective at winning against someone with this type of character, you must lower yourself to the occasion. Please let them know that we as Hardcore  Barack Obama supporters, have no problem with taking this witch down to the lowest depths of hell, so that we as a country can be raised up as a result of an Obama Victory.


Short Version: The full article will not fit into most classifieds:


(Copy and Paste message below into the classified ad forms)



  Good Morning America!


Here is my warning to you:


Anyone who will say or do anything to be elected President of the United States will say or do anything to keep the office once elected. This will be true rather their actions benefit America or not.


This is what you have now.


Is this what you want next?


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And although sometimes posting to these sites can be somewhat tedious, it’s a small price to pay for a chance at making a significant change for the better in Washington, DC, for you and those who are important to you.




Greg Coleman