A Message For All Hardcore Barack Obama Supporters

On April 22, 2008-Barack Obama’s Campaign experienced an expected loss.


The loss in Pennsylvania was something that we as Obama supporters knew would come.


The reason for the loss was beyond the control of us as supporters, and for the campaign strategist who work for Barack Obama.


You see, in order for Obama to win in the counties that he lost in Pennsylvania, he would have to become white.


This of course has nothing to do with his qualifications, his genuine spirit, or his devotion to bringing this country together to solve the problems that so called “Experienced Politicians”, like Hillary Clinton, have been ineffective at solving for any considerable measure of permanence.


Do not fall into the negativity that you may hear that would lead you to believe that Barack’s bid for the White House is over.


I have heard several devoted supporters of Barack Obama, including radio talk show host: Michael Baisden, starting to make contingency plans for supporting Hillary Clinton, if Barack Obama does not win the nomination.


This is premature.


The loss in Pennsylvania was expected and planned for.


As a matter of fact, the polls had Obama loosing by as much as 20 points. And, because of the aggressive campaigning done by Obama in the weeks leading up to the election, he was able to cut that lead down to 9 points, although, someone thought that it would be more detrimental to Obama to round it up to 10 points.


Anyway! – If you consider what Obama had to face in Pennsylvania with the So called, “Blue Collar Workers”, (Racist), who do not see the issues or the candidates, but instead, they see white and black faces; then you should continue to recognize what a powerful force Barack Obama is.


This man won 11 consecutive primaries, which is quite phenomenal for a non brand name politician. And in spite of his past or present associations, his shortcomings and faults,(which any man or woman running for the office of president will have), I still feel that his intentions are of a more genuine nature, and are humane in nature as opposed to just being political in nature.


So please do not buy into Hillary’s excitement over wining Pennsylvania. She finally won a contest after several losses, and she is trying to act as if she has won the White House. Hillary is just doing what she always does: Lying.


But she can only hurt Barack’s chances of getting to the White House, if we, his true supporters buy into her lies.


We cannot worry about those who would vote white no matter what; because they will vote white no matter what.


We cannot concern ourselves with the people who are not tuned into the deceptiveness of the Clintons. Because, they are already blinded to the truth about her “Politics As Usual” approach.


We cannot worry about the Right Wing columnist, commentators, and talk show host, who are conservatives; because their title is very descriptive. Their job is to conserve things, and if it were up to them, we would still be working for free on the plantation, but since they have lost control over this issue, they now have a new agenda to worry about, and that is to keep the White House white.


This is true rather we have a qualified black candidate available or not.


Barack Obama did not want this race to become a racial issue.


As  a matter of fact, before these issues began to surface, he never ran for president as a black candidate, but as a qualified and devoted candidate. But, there are those who will not let race not be an issue, therefore, it is impossible to not revisit the racial issues in this country that have never been resolved; only concealed for many years.


So if we want to see our qualified candidate bring the people of America together, which is the only way to make America live up to it’s creed, then there are some things that we can and must do. I recommend taking the following steps.


These are just one person’s idea. If you have any  that you would like to add to this list, please do so, and carry them out, and encourage other Americans to carry them out as well.


Here are the remaining primary elections schedules:


May 2008


May 6: Indiana, North Carolina

May 13: Nebraska, West Virginia

May 20: Kentucky, Oregon

May 27: Idaho (R)


June 2008


June 3: Montana, New Mexico (R), South Dakota




  1. Continue to contribute to the campaign. Give according to your means. Don’t let Hillary make you feel hopeless because of the spectacle that she put on after her victory about how great her financial contributions have been since her win in Pennsylvania. Keep in mind, that she will say or do anything (right or wrong) to win. Do not get discouraged.
  2. Please use the Free Internet Classifieds List to post the Warning on Hillary Message. See message below. Also, please change the selected cities on the ad pages to match the appropriate states listed above in advance of each political contest.
  3. If you have friends or relatives in any of these states, please touch base with them, and talk to them about voting for Barack Obama, and if they are computer users, ask them to post to the classifieds also.
  4. Visit http://www.barackobama.com , to see if there are any tasks that you may be able to complete, that will assist in making Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America.
  5. Please keep in mind that the candidate has done everything that he can to take race out of the race, but that it is virtually impossible to do so, because there are others (both black and white), who will not let the race element not be a part of the race. Please do not blame Barack Obama for this. It’s just the way America is.
  6. Also, keep in mind that White People, Black People, Asian People, Latin People, Republicans, Democrats, nor Independents, can solve the problems that we face as a country alone; it will take as many people who want the same positive changes for America that Barack Obama speaks of , from all segments of the country to do this.
  7. To all African American Supporters: Don’t let anyone put the idea in your mind that Barack Obama is not experienced enough to be the next president, or that the country is just not ready for a black president. We have bought into this lie for far to long, and, we must realize that there will be people, (black and white), who will say this until the day that they die. Just look at the current state of the union, and the many times throughout American History, where white presidents did less then perfect jobs at running this country. And the current president, (who is white), which is tradition, has brought this country to a near disastrous condition. It’ is time for a change.
  8. Please recognize that the media is not going to let the Reverend Wright controversy die, since he has become an albatross around the neck of Obama, and has become quite effective at undermining this man’s bid for the presidency. And there are many who are deliberately using his past relationship with Wright for this purpose. As true supporters of Barack Obama, we must recognize that this “Pimp In The Pulpit”, is an enemy to our cause, and must not be promoted to the world as such. Reverend Wright is only concerned with Reverend Wright, and how much more of a fortune he can amass, (Pimp In The Pulpit).
  9. Don’t for get the spiritual aspect of this presidential race After you have done all that you can do in the physical world, be sure to contact your higher power and pray that the enemies of change will not win.
  10. Please call, and let the staff and volunteers at Campaign Headquarters know that you want to see a more tough and aggressive Obama. Please let them know that we appreciate the fact that Mr. Obama is a kind and considerate gentleman. However, this is war. Obama is doing battle with someone who will lie, cheat, steal, and GOD only knows what else, to win. And in order to be effective at winning against someone with this type of character, you must lower yourself to the occasion. Please let them know that we as Hardcore  Barack Obama supporters, have no problem with taking this witch down to the lowest depths of hell, so that we as a country can be raised up as a result of an Obama Victory.


Short Version: The full article will not fit into most classifieds:


(Copy and Paste message below into the classified ad forms)



  Good Morning America!


Here is my warning to you:


Anyone who will say or do anything to be elected President of the United States will say or do anything to keep the office once elected. This will be true rather their actions benefit America or not.


This is what you have now.


Is this what you want next?


Read the full article at:  http://www.gregcolemanmusicpublishing.webmaxstudio.com/warning.html



End of meesage————————————————————————————–



Note: If you do not see a link to click on to take you to these websites, please copy and paste the addresses into your browser and then hit enter.




Classifieds List




  1. http://evansvillehenderson.kijiji.com/
  2. http://fortwayne.kijiji.com/
  3. http://indianapolis.kijiji.com/
  4. http://southbend.kijiji.com/
  5. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Anderson
  6. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Bloomington
  7. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Evansville
  8. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Fort-Wayne
  9. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Indianapolis
  10. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-South-Bend
  11. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Terre-Haute
  12. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=Indiana-Tippecanoe
  13. http://bloomington.craigslist.org/
  14. http://evansville.craigslist.org/
  15. http://fortwayne.craigslist.org/
  16. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/
  17. http://tippecanoe.craigslist.org/
  18. http://muncie.craigslist.org/
  19. http://southbend.craigslist.org/
  20. http://terrahaute.craigslist.org/
  21. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/anderson-in
  22. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/bloomington-in
  23. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/evansville-in
  24. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/fort-wayne-in
  25. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/indy
  26. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/south-bend-in
  27. http://www.topix.com/city/terre-haute-in
  28. http://www.topix.com/city/tippecanoe-in


North Carolina


  1. http://asheville.kijiji.com/
  2. http://charlotte.kijiji.com/
  3. http://fayettevillenc.kijiji.com/
  4. http://greensboro.kijiji.com/
  5. http://hickory.kijiji.com/
  6. http://outerbanks.kijiji.com/
  7. http://raleigh.kijiji.com/
  8. http://wilmingtonnc.kijiji.com/
  9. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Asheville
  10. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Boone
  11. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Charlotte
  12. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Eastern
  13. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Fayetteville
  14. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Greensboro
  15. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Outer-Banks
  16. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Raleigh-Durham
  17. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Wilmington
  18. http://www.internetclassifieds.in/USA/index.asp?locality=North-Carolina-Winston-Salem
  19. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/asheville-nc
  20. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/boone-nc
  21. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/charlotte
  22. http://www.topix.com/city/fayetteville-nc
  23. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/greensboro-nc
  24. http://www.topix.com/city/raleigh-nc
  25. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/durham-nc
  26. http://www.topix.com/classifieds/wilmington-nc


For more advanced users, here are 2 political blogs that I found in the states of Indiana, and North Carolina. See if you can post to them.



  1. http://www.leftyblogs.com/cgi-bin/addrss.cgi?addto=indiana
  2. http://www.leftyblogs.com/cgi-bin/addrss.cgi?addto=northcarolina

If you are indeed a Barack Obama Fan, please post “A Warning About Hillary Clinton”, or one of your own personal commentaries in support of Barack  Obama.


It’s free!


You don’t have to travel out of state.


And although sometimes posting to these sites can be somewhat tedious, it’s a small price to pay for a chance at making a significant change for the better in Washington, DC, for you and those who are important to you.




Greg Coleman


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