Do Not Let Them Steal The Nomination From Obama

This is a warning to all Barack Obama Supporters, not just the white ones, or black Ones, but for all supporters.


Please keep you eyes and ears open, so that you will know when the movement to steal the nomination from Barack Obama begins.


There are many in America who say that they are all about Truth, Justice, and the American Way, The Golden Rule, Morals, Principals, Values, The Law, and other powerful concepts.


However, you would be surprised at how quickly these same people will totally ignore all of these things in order to get what they want at any cost.


Hillary Clinton is such a person.


Last year, the DNC panel imposed the harshest punishment it could render against two states after they scheduled primaries in January, even though they were instructed not to vote until Feb. 5 or later. Michigan and Florida lost all their delegates to the national convention, and all the Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign in the two states, stripping them of all the influence they were trying to build by voting early.


The ruling was made by The Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, a 30-member panel charged with interpreting and enforcing party rules.


The rules were broken by the democratic leaders in the 2 respective states.


Now!- Hillary Clinton, (for her own selfish benefit), wants the world to stop, and change this rule just for her, so that she can defeat Barack Obama.


Clinton has been arguing for full reinstatement, which would boost her standing. She won both states, even though they didn’t count toward the nomination and neither candidate campaigned in them. Obama even had his name pulled from Michigan’s ballot.


So much for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, The Golden Rule, Morals, Principals, Values and The Law.


You see! – Only an elitist would try to bend or break the rules in this manner, just so the momentum of the primary elections can be put back in her corner.


In addition to this, she would like to make the argument to the uncommitted “Super Delegates”- that she has won all of the states that a presidential candidate needs to win, and that because she has won all of these states, she would make the better candidate to challenge John McCain in the general election, no matter how the numbers favor Obama.


What Hillary has really done, was to make pretend that those who vote for Barack Obama  are not good hard working Americans. They are either unemployed bums or elitist intellectuals, who do not understand common working people like the ones who reside in the states that she has won.


Here’s the deal.


The states that Hillary Clinton won by large margins, are states that have a history and culture of racism and hatred for people who are not like them,  (especially African American People).


They hate people who are doing better in life then they are, who have more formal education then they do, and who earn more then they do, doing better jobs then they do.


These people are mad and constantly frustrated, because they think that these people should not be doing this good, because of the color of their skin.


There has been much discussion as to how much work Obama has to do to gain attention and consideration from these folks.


Well let me tell you: There is no amount of work that can change people who would rather die, then to vote for a qualified black presidential candidate.


And the scary thing about this is; there are many people who would agree that these states are the heart and soul of America, as Hillary has proclaimed.


These people are seeking power through Hillary Clinton to try and take this country back to where it was, pre civil rights.


So what I am trying to say is: If (in the middle of the stream), Hillary wants to change the rules to steal the nomination from Barack Obama; all Obama supporters should unite;  (black, white, brown, red or yellow), and fight her to the bitter end.


We need to start making plans for this scenario, because I have seen this one played out in America time after time: “Since they have learned how to play the game, and their winning; lets change the rules of the game”.


Don’t let this happen.


Unite and fight!




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