Hillary, If Racism Does Not Exist-Then Sexism Cannot Exist Either


Hillary Rodham Clinton is complaining about being a target for sexism during the current primary election.


I personally do believe that she is a target for sexism, because she is a woman running for president, as I believe that Barack Obama is also a target for racism, because he is a black man running president.


However, according to many of the conservative commentators, black people who recognize and point out the fact that a lot of the things that are happening to Barack Obama are racially motivated are dismissed as hateful race baiters.


We agree that some of Obama’s past associations deserve an explanation.


We agree that some of the misstatements that he has made during the campaign need clarification.


And, we agree that Obama is not perfect; and neither are the politicians that he is in competition with.


We as black people get that.


However, there seems to be an intense focus on the negative aspects of Senator Obama-just that little something extra that the other 2 candidates do not receive.


I wonder what it is?


John McCain has had questionable associations and suspicious financial dealings involving his wife and her company, and her company jet. And, even though she is the wife of a man running for President of the United States of America, she still contends that her tax returns, (which are also his tax returns), is her personal business.


I haven’t heard a hell of a lot of opinions about this.




He also was closely associated with a preacher that hates Jews who has endorsed him: John Hagee.




He also has another preacher problem. Rod Paisley wants to destroy all people who disagree with him on his system of faith by practicing the Islamic system of faith.




However, this does not play out over and over and over again, like Obama’s Reverend Wright nightmare did.


Once an attempt was made on McCain’s part to explain his relationship with these man away, the controversy just faded away. And now that he has stated that he is not accepting these preacher’s endorsements, let’s see if we will hear about this for the next 10 weeks, like we did about Reverend Wright.


I also wonder if the question will be posed to him about; why it took him several weeks to denounce these men? Which is the repeated question that Obama had to answer.


And now his physical and emotional health has come into question, and he has released all of his medical records. Now let’s see how long this, and his other issues are allowed to haunt him.


I bet the answer is, it won’t haunt him for long.




Now we all know that Hillary Clinton has been involved in some very shady business and political dealings with some very shady characters.  Among these, is an excessive amount of cumulative income during her husband Bill’s presidency. -An issue that aroused the suspicions of many who were examining her tax returns, which she would have not released if it did not become absolutely necessary to protect her bid for the presidency.


But we only heard about it for about a week, and then it too was gone.


However, America would not let The Reverend Wright issue die. Even after Obama gave, (what most of his supporters believe was a sufficient explanation).


Even when he finally had to overlook his past relationship with, and his feelings for, the Reverend Wright, he was still attacked every time Wright decided to grab the spotlight for himself.


And to this day, people are still questioning Senator, Obama about his personal and business relationship with Bill Ayers. Which, once again, he has already addressed on several occasions over several weeks.


Once Obama had denounced Reverend Wright, he had publicly disconnected himself from him, and did not have any control whatsoever over what he did after that. As a matter of fact, he had no control of Wright before that.


Wright is an American man in a free country, which I believe allows him to speak from the perspective of a black man who is not just making it all up, but a man who experienced what he is talking about, and or knows of other black people who have.


John McCain has made it clear that he has rejected Hagee’s and Paisley’s endorsements, and now everyone seems content with this.


I don’t think that you are going to hear as many complaints about what John Hagee or Rod Paisley says or does post John McCain’s denouncement of them.




However, every time that Reverend Wright makes a public appearance, which is what he chooses to do, the conservative media tries to convict Obama of doing something wrong again.




In addition to this, Obama is accused of being a communist because sometimes he chooses to not wear a flag pin. If every American who does not wear a flag pin were a communist, then there would not be very many patriots in this country. As a matter of fact, there are certain segments of American Society that would call a man who wears any kind of jewelry pin, a “Pinko”, a “Commie”.and a “Fag”.


And one more thing especially for you Laura Ingraham, and for any other conservative commentator who is shocked by the fact that a large majority of the African American Community believes most of the things that Reverend Wright proclaims.


The reason for this is: we have witnessed and lived through the things that Wright talks about. And this is something that you Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and any of you other  “Conservative” commentators, are not qualified or authorized to understand or speak about.


We have a bar owner in Georgia selling T-Shirts that depict Senator Obama as a monkey with a banana. 





We have X- Presidential Candidates making jokes about Obama ducking because he is being shot at; which is, what I think, wishful thinking on the part of many White Americans.




We have another incident in Georgia concerning a newspaper article with a picture of Senator Obama in some white person’s rifle sight on the front cover. Once again, this is wishful thinking, which is a result of White America’s collective consciousness and propensity towards racism- in action. 




In spite of all of these incidents and all of the evidence-we have, what are supposed to be intelligent white people, who will totally deny that America has a race problem, and that black people who say that we do, are just hateful race baiters.


 I hear this time and time again from FOX News Commentator Bill O’reilly.


He continues to proclaim that the racism Reverend Wright speaks of is a product of his imagination, and that none of these conditions exist in America today.


And he has a Resident African American who validates his points of view on issues of race by the name of Juan Williams.


Fortunately for us, Mr. Williams is not representative of, nor does he have any influence with, the black community; not because he disagrees with the majority of black people on this subject, but because he cannot be black if he has never experienced or has not witnessed any of the racism that Reverend Wright speaks of.


And one of the craziest things I’ve heard this week on FOX, came from Conservative Commentator, Laura Ingraham, who said that the U.N. should not send investigators to America, to investigate racism, because they should be focusing on the earthquake victims in China, and the cyclone victims in Myanmar.


She believes that this investigation is a waste of time and money, because racism in American is not a reality. Well Ms. Ingraham, I have two questions for you.


1. How long have you been black ?


2. What type of mind control have your peers used on you to make you clearly see the sexist attacks launched against Hillary Clinton and yet be totally blind to the racist attacks launched against Barack Obama?


Every human wants to see people who are suffering like this helped. However, as CNN’s Commentator Jamal Simmons pointed out, the U.N. is not initiating this American Inspection on Racism instead of taking care of the victims in China and Myanmar, they are doing it in addition to.


 Oh speaking of racism!


Isn’t it funny how America is trying to force aid on a government that does not want it all the way over in the Philippines, and yet, the people in New Orleans, which is right here in America, did not receive any aid for a week or so after that disaster. And to this day, the government has not completed the job of supplying aid to certain areas that were destroyed.




Anyway! –This statement,  was made by a white woman with racism written all over her face.


This is why I am beginning to believe that “Conservative” is a code name for “Racist”.


You could hear the hate for, and contempt of, Barack Obama in her voice, and you could see it all over her face. And I see it every time she appears on FOX.


It does not matter what the level of validity of the guest’s arguments are, her goal is that of all conservatives; keep the White House White, even if there is a black qualified candidate available.


And why in the hell do you and Bill O’Reilly need guess anyway?


When they don’t agree with you, you wont let them talk, and when they are steadfast in their viewpoints, you cut to commercials.


So in spite of all the incidents, evidence, and coded racist dialogue; the general conservative viewpoint of the average conservative commentator, and the black cohorts who attempt to validate them is that racism does not exist in America, because America does not have any problems, and that black people who recognize the fact that there is, are either crazy, hateful, or just saying it to keep the illusion of racism in this country alive.




So sorry Hillary, if there can be no racism, there can be no sexism.


So stop imagining things.


Greg Coleman












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