Reverend Michael Pfleger, Please Do Not Apologize For Telling The Truth

Please people! – Stop apologizing for telling the truth.


The fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton did feel entitled to be the democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America.


She was the First Lady.


She is a Senator


She is a career politician


She has brand name recognition.


She is a part of the business as usual politics in Washington, DC.


And oh yes! – She is white.


All of these advantages have slipped into the background since the emergence of Barack Obama onto the national political scene.


A virtual unknown in the world of professional politics has upset the balance of things to come for Senator Clinton.


This was indeed a shock to the system of Hillary Clinton.


This is why the level of lies have escalated to the point where the lies (for those who are not under her spell), are clearly visible.


The statements by her husband accusing Barack Obama of playing “The Race Card”, which is a total lie. Just because supporters of Barack Obama may be playing the race card does not mean that he approves of this practice.


And now the biggest and most evil statement of truth of all, which is that she is still in the race, because she is hoping that Senator Obama is murdered, so that she can get the nomination.


These kinds of public displays of non professionalism by a professional politician is a sign of desperation, and shows just how off balance she has been thrown off by the successful campaign that Barack Obama has conducted.


These are definite signs that she expected to walk away with the nomination without a fight. And now that she has won on her hands, she is having a very hard time coping with it.


This is not indicative of a person who new that they were not automatically entitled to the prize. This is a sign of a person whose bubble has been burst.


This is why I say to you Reverend Pfleger, and to the many people who are like you, (you know, the people who speak unpopular truths), which are truths none the less, and need to be shared with those Americans who have open minds and hearts, and who do want to know the truth about very important issues.


Please do not confuse yourself with the politicians running for office.


Barack Obama and John McCain, have to say things that are comforting and uniting, not divisive, rather there true or not. This is just what politicians do.


If your wondering why I didn’t put Hillary Clinton on the list, it’s because in my opinion, she has been making evil, hateful, untruthful, and divisive statements since the beginning of her campaign. And I think as of today, she has said more then enough to prove to the American People who are alert; that she would not make a good president.


So to all who are speaking the truth about things that need to be said, please realize that your audience is there for you, and that your audiences are there listening to you so that they can hear the truth, and that is rather it is pretty or not.


Please do not loose your audience by trying to be popular to the masses, as opposed to speaking the truth to the few, who are capable of looking past the propaganda assaults that we have to face on a daily basis, to see the truth.


Thanks to all of you.



Greg Coleman






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