America’s Bar Set Low For Politician Ethics, Behaviors, And Standards

America’s Bar Set Low For Politician Ethics Behaviors, And Standards


I’ve always recognized the fact that the American Public suffers with extreme short-term memory, and a very high tolerance for the bullshit that politicians have been getting away with for hundreds of years.


They make promises they know they cannot keep.


They lie and try to present themselves to the public as sinless demigods.


They use their offices for personal gains as opposed to for the benefit of the people.


And when they finally get caught, their associates with power help them escape just punishment.


However, all of this really struck me hard as a result of the political contest between Senator Barack Obama, and Senator Hillary Clinton.


I have been amazed at how people are saying how gracious Barack Obama was on the night of his victory, in spite of the fact that his closest competitor did not want to acknowledge his success.


The fact of the matter is, that Senator Barack Obama has always been nothing but a gentleman and a friend to Hillary Clinton, even when she was constantly disrespecting and insulting him unjustly and dishonestly.


He did not just start conducting his self as a decent human being on the night of his victory. He has been this way from the beginning to the end, And in the end, Senator Clinton, still chose to totally disrespect and dishonor this man and his accomplishments while speaking about how proud she is to have him as a friend.


And the day after the election, the number of people who complimented Hillary Clinton on the excellent, hard fought campaign that she had run overwhelmed me. Even the victim of her male bashing, (Barack Obama), was complementing her on such a great campaign.


And then it hit me again!


Bullshit is the acceptable norm for politicians in this country, which is the reason why everybody speaks about how much they are going to accomplish once they are elected, and then the problems usually only get worse. And at this point their primary function is no longer to help the people who put them in office, but, just to be elected and then be reelected. This is when they forget about and abandon all of the plans that they had to fix the country’s problems.


And you know what?


Some of these people get a chance to continue in office year after year after year. And that has to be because of our forgetfulness and our tolerance for the pain and misery they create by not doing the job for which they were hired.


How soon we forget that:


Hillary Clinton lied about the many widespread calls that she had been receiving, requesting that she drop out of the race.


Minimized the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. to the Civil Rights Movement


Lied about landing in Bosnia under fire


Insisting that Michigan votes would not count, and then calling those who would not count them, wrong for not doing so


Pledged that she would not campaign in Florida, and then called the people who stuck to the rules slave masters, and sexist.


Planted a misleading photo of Osama Bin Laden in one of her early anti Obama ads


Praised FOX News; even though they were insinuating that she was a murderer


Accepting Richard Melon Scaff’s endorsement and then laughing as you explained his deathbed conversion


Quoting the editorial predictions of Carl Rove


Approved the misleading 3:00Am Ad


Allowed Campaign Staff Person, President Clinton to compare the Obama Candidacy to the candidacy of Jessie Jackson


Allowed another Campaign Staff Person, Geraldine Ferraro to make the comment on National Radio, that Barack Obama would not have made it as far as he did, if he were not black.

This was a racist statement because it was designed to strip him of his validity as a candidate.



She created and disseminated lies and contradictions about the math that would make her the nominee.

Implied that the only states that were important in the primaries were the states that she was winning; to hell with everybody else


Exploited the actions of Jeremiah Wright as actions approved and supported by Barack Obama


Distorted the nature of Barack Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers


Insinuated that good hard working white people were voting for her, and not Obama


Praising Senator McCain to her detriment, the detriment of Barack Obama, and the detriment of the Democratic Party


And last and certainly not least, was the Freudian slip that uncovered her desire to see Barack Obama assassinated in June, like Bobby Kennedy was.


And she is proud to be friends with Senator Obama.


If the American people consider this to be a fine hard fought campaign, then American made need to re-examine what they consider to be positive verses that which they consider to be negative.


Because of her actions I think that she does not deserve to be Senator Obama’s Vice President. I also believe that she should never run again for President of the Untied States, unless she genuinely raises her standards, or America lowers theirs further.



When was the last time you, or somebody you know, compared what your candidates promised during their campaigns, with what they actually delivered once in office???

The answers may surprise you, and is the main reason that the problems that they have promised to solve year after year, have not only not been solved, but are now problems of epidemic proportions.

Think About It!


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