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Can You Here Him Now?

August 29, 2008



Tonight I watched my president of the United States of America: Barack Obama, put to rest all of the artificial concerns that the Republican Party had been raising about his patriotism, his character, his experience, his judgment, and his courage.


After tonight’s speech, I know that what he said was plain and simple and straight to the point. And the point is that just because John McCain has been in Washington for a long time, does not necessarily mean that he is the most competent candidate for president to bring about the positive changes that we are in dire need of in this country.


Doing something wrong for a long time does qualify as experience, at doing something wrong.


Barack Obama made it clear tonight that this is the kind of experience that we do not need.


We cannot solve modern problems with antiquated methods, which is exactly what the Bush Administration has been doing for the last 8 years. And these practices are what the man who has supported George Bush’s decisions 95% of the time, is trying to tell America, that he is not a part of now, and has never has, been a part of.


The damage that the Republicans have caused to this country in financial strength, respect, security, for your family, and hope for the future of us all, is very apparent to anyone who does not have a hidden agenda, or a mental deficiency.


America needs to understand that the Republican Party has both, and has verified this over the last 8 years by their reckless spending, behavior, and their lack of desire to listen and understand what the American People want and need.  And are now they are insulting the intelligence of the American People again, asking you to trust them for another 4 or 8 years.


John McCain, I don’t think so.


The fact that the Republicans are asking you for another chance after their poor performance in the last 8 years shows that they have no respect for your hopes, your dreams, or your needs.


My fellow Americans, in spite of the perfect speech that Barack Obama delivered to the United States of America, and to the world tonight, very soon you will have John McCain trying to tell you that you really did not see what you saw, and that you really did not hear what you heard, and that their negative record of the past 8 years, was just a product of your imagination.


Why would they say this?


Because the only thing that can change the truth is a lie.

And that is all that the Republican Party has to fight with during this election year.


I am asking you for the sake of us all, to not fall for these lies when the truth is as plain as the nose on your face.


In money spent, time spent, loss of respect in the world, human suffering and death, and hope for the future.


What you saw and heard tonight was not a product of your imagination.


It was more genuine then anything that you will hear next week at the Republican Party’s convention.


Vote for Barack Obama on November 4, 2008, for President of the United States of America.


Because I Know That You Hear Him Now!


John McCain, This Song’s For You.









Congratulations Barack Obama

August 28, 2008

Congratulations To The First Major Party African American Presidential Nominee: Barack Obama.

What we just witnessed is something that I was told by my parents that we would never live to see in our lifetime.

Well! My immediate family did not live to see this day, but I would like to thank my grandparents Mr. Lester Dickerson, Ms. Mildred Dickerson, and my adopted brother Leonard Dickerson, for taking me in, and taking care of me so that I could live to see this day.

Now is not the time to relax.

Now the real work begins.

Don’t let the deaths of all of the people that who died for this moment be in vain.

Don’ t get tired.

Don’t get scared.

Don’t get fooled

Get Busy!

Let’s educate those who are not educated, let’s register those who are not registered to vote, let’s do all that we can do to elect Barack Obama:  The First African American President of The United State of America.


August 26, 2008


A Poem By Greg Coleman














SHE MAY REACH 3,5,10, OR 11



Greg Coleman




Don’t Believe The Hype!

August 26, 2008



Hello my Fellow American Obama Supporters.


This notice is not just for African American supporters of Barack Obama, but for all of his supporters.


In the last few hours, the negative campaign tactics have been escalating on both sides of the fence.


They’re coming from John McCain’s camp in response to Obama’s VP choice. And, they are coming form the Obama camp in response to John McCain’s lame attacks.


Things are pretty much the same now as we approach the general election, as they were when we were involved in the primary election; Obama has still conducted a non-attack campaign, choosing to take the high road by defending rather then attacking.


So although he has been accused of being too soft on his opposition, I recognize this as just an attempt to keep the campaign as positive as is politically possible, which he has done.


As far as the new polls are concerned that have Obama and McCain in a dead heat, ignore the polls, and pay attention to what we have to do.


America, (not just Black America), is in one of the most vulnerable positions that it has been in since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, or the stock market crash on October 29, 1949.


The value of our dollar has dropped to dangerous levels, and our volunteer military is stretched beyond capacity because of the present administration’s insistence on spending dollars and lives on perceived threats, as opposed to those that have been clearly demonstrated to be actual threats.


I read that the Iraq war is costing the U.S. about 100,000 dollars per minute.


And this is just the cost in dollars and cents. This does not take into account the more then 50, 000 lives that have been lost for the “war on terror” and “weapons of mass destruction”, to helping the Iraq people establish a democratic government like we have here in America.


And after all of this loss, we still have not destroyed the ringleader who proudly took credit for the 911 catastrophes.


Before John McCain became the republican presidential nominee, George Bush had his full support for this war, and after he won his primary election, he said that he did not care if the war in Iraq went on for 100 years.


After this, he and George Bush bashed Barack Obama for wanting a timetable for ending the war, which all but a few extremists in this country want for the benefit of the country, and to avoid not loosing any more family, friends, and countryman to the war that never really accomplished what is was supposedly designed to do.


And now George Bush and John McCain are talking timetables for ending the war, as if it was their original idea, and they are counting on your stupidity to pull it off.


So as I said before, do not pay attention to the polls, or to the Republican Campaign Strategies.


Although you have heard a lot about the race for president being in a dead heat, and getting worst for Obama, because of the fact that so many of Hillary’s Die Hard Supporters have vowed to vote for John McCain; what they are not telling you is that on the other side of these statistics is the fact that 42% of Republicans do not like John McCain, and a large portion of these people are voting for Barack Obama.


So don’t let the twisting of the numbers cause Obama to loose the race, because they have convinced you that the elections have been decided.


We have a long way to go, and we cannot let up until the last vote is counted, whenever that is.


And don’t forget to be alert for the voter irregularities like the ones that we had in Florida, and in other places in the country, when George Bush won his second term after a long drawn out dispute.


Just do what you need to do, and spread the word to others who are not doing so, and please explain to them what is at stake in this election.


The senseless continued loss of life in Iraq


Our economic security


The loss of our jobs


The further devaluation of our currency


And the possibility of mindlessly creating World War III


We have seen where the last 8 years have taken us.


Starting from that point, project into the future, and decide if you want to continue on this path, or try something new.


If you want to try something new, do what you have to do to get something new.


Don’t believe the hype!


 Vote for the Obama/Biden Ticket in the General Election on November 4, 2008, and in the mean time, put forth the efforts necessary to learn enough about the process to explain to those who don’t, why they should do so as well.


Greg Coleman













Toby Keith, Another White Expert On Black People

August 9, 2008

Expert On Black Language

Expert On Black Language





Well folks! We have another white expert on black people.


They have always been around since the beginning of time. 


However, since we now have a promising black presidential candidate, they seem to really be coming out of the woodwork with more knowledge and wisdom about our customs, traditions, attitudes, hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations, skills, shortcomings, assets, and histories, then we as black people do.


And now they even know how we are supposed to sound when we talk.


This time its linguistics expert/country western singer/ black cultural expert/old-fashioned racist, Toby Keith.


Before we go any further, let’s just give the expert the floor.


Also read the article about Toby’s Lynching Anthem, which he is now performing on national TV shows.


Now do you remember the statement that Barack Obama was almost crucified for by Hillary Clinton and her supporters during the primaries?


Let me refresh your memory.


You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, a lot of them — like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they’ve gone through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Well! This is what he was talking about when he made the statement.


And this is why the hell I did not see a need for an apology for telling the truth.


However, politicians, white or black, need to be politically correct.


He is talking about Toby Keith, (which is the rich version), and the thousands of poor Toby Keith’s that are still very much a part of American Culture, although you will hear many socially ignorant people, including some hypothetically intelligent right wing commentators make statements to the contrary.


So you see why black people still see racism?


It’s because it still does exists, and is a major factor in the current presidential election.


The only difference is, now we have closet racists, who are still racists, who are trying to cover their racism by saying that, “its just politics”. A lot of the things that Barack Obama has endured since he made a decision to run for the President of the United States, has not been just politics.  Some of it has been racism.


On the very few occasions when a black presidential candidate entered the race, and it appeared that he might be a serious contender, the candidate, (by the very nature of the racial climate in America), is attacked on 2 levels, instead of 1, like their white counter parts.


For a white presidential candidate, it is just politics.


However, for a black presidential candidate, especially Barack Obama who has done so well, he is treated much like the black female in this country.


She is black, (Strike 1). And she is a woman, (Strike 2)


Barack Obama is black, (Strike 1), and he is running for the most powerful position in the world: President of the United States of America, (Strike 2). So in addition to being attacked politically, he also has to deal with being attacked racially, 


Because of the Anglo Saxon nature of America, the white presidential candidate only has to deal with politics and his own personal demons. And the white woman has to deal with only the fact that she is a woman. Add a 4th dimension for the black candidate. 


And this statement by Toby Keith validates the fact that racism is a large part of this historical election.


Whenever a black man or woman attempts to achieve something that is considered off limits for a black man or woman to do, the culture of white hatred comes to the foreground.


Willie Mays suffered physical and emotional abuse from his teammates, the fans, and the teammates on the other teams


Althea Gibson was discriminated against by the tennis establishment,  because she was black, and because she was a woman.


The tennis establishment did not accept Arthur Ashe when he first decided to use his GOD given talents in the sport that he loved.



Hank Aaron received death threats as he moved closer to breaking Babe Ruth’s Homerun Record.


And remember how the tennis community viewed the Williams Sisters as too colorful for the game when they first came on the scene.


And of course, Tiger Woods received death threats when he became a world-class golf player at the club, and the club was adamantly opposed to his presence.


So, now we have Presumptive Presidential Elect, Barack Obama, running for the President of the United States of America, and there are those who are still clinging to the lie that their distaste for the man has nothing to do with his race.


Hey! The human evolutionary process does not work that fast. So don’t tell me that we as black people are just calling everyone who disagrees with Barack Obama racist.


No we are calling people racist, who we detect as being racist, and no one knows better who these people are, then the people who have had to live with this bull-shit all of their lives.


So Toby! How do black people talk?


Is BET the only cultural education that you have received on black people?


Well! Let me tell you, BET is not representative of all of the black people in America.


However, in order to validate your hatred and your ignorance, I am sure that you are comforted by the negative portrayal of black people that you see in the videos.


And because of your ignorance, you think that we are all ignorant too, and that we do not consider Barack Obama to be acting like a black person, because he can articulate his speech. He can speak in complete sentences. He has a very comprehensive vocabulary.

He can stay on topic, and oh yea! He is the democratic nominee for the President of the United States of America.


Just to let you know Toby, we have several different classes of people in the black race, as you do in the white race, everything from complete idiots and assholes, to geniuses like Barack Obama, and the majority of us are proud as hell of him, and give him our full cooperation, respect, and support. And we do this because, he is a very intelligent black man, and we recognize him as such. And, because we think that he is the best choice, of our very limited choices, for the country.


And one more thing Toby, do you know that you bear the name of a very famous slave?


You may want to go back and check your bloodline.


You just might be part brother- Brother!


Greg Coleman




Playing The Race Card???

August 7, 2008

Playing The Race Card???

Playing The Race Card???




There are a significant number of white people in this country who speak about the racism that we as black Americans are supposed to be guilty of.


However, I consider this the kettle calling the pot black.


How can the creator of a problem, turn things around to the point where the victims become the accused.


They seem to be looking in the mirror when they are talking about our sins, and despising what they see.


What they see is the hatred and disrespect that they unleashed on the black people of this country, who they brought here as slaves, and continued to dehumanize decades after slavery was legally abolished, and as quiet as it is kept; many of us still experience being treated different then other people of other races, in many business and social situations. 


They seem to forget the laws of physics when they are trying to turn the tables by condemning us for the despicable things that they have, and are still guilty of.


 You know like, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the law of cause and effect, for every cause, there is an effect.


They seem to forget the causes for these attitudes on the part of the black people in this country, which causes them to try and transfer the hatred and loathing that they imposed upon us, on us.


All of a sudden, the victims of the hatred and dehumanization become the perpetrators of the hatred. Oh my how the tables do turn!


They forget all of the background information, and the events that led to these negative feelings, (or they would like to).


Some white people say, “Stop playing the victim!” “ Get over it”. “Slavery is over”.


Yes slavery is over; but racism is not.


Further more, it is not up to you to tell the victims of a crime, how they should or should not feel, or how long they should feel it, as a result.


I often hear this these types of statements about black people who had to endure the pain and suffering of slavery then, and racism, discrimination, and exclusion now


However, I rarely hear society telling the Jews, that they should just forget the pain and suffering that their people experienced during the Holocaust. Why is it that white society wants us to forget what was done to us, and to overlook what is still being done to us, and then move on.


Do you not know that atrocities such as slavery or the Holocaust, affects these people for generations and generations to come.


The damage that was done to the black race is apparent.




A recent example of this foolishness is the accusation from the McCain campaign that Barack Obama is playing the race card because of his recent commercial where he points out the fact that he is unlike any president in history, and that he does not look like any of the presidents that you currently find on our U.S. currency.


These are of course historical facts, and have been the basis for many of the attacks that Obama has experienced during the race to the White House since the beginning: “He has a funny name that sounds like Osama”. “He’s an African American and therefore unqualified to be president of the United States of America”. “He looks like a terrorist”. “Why do you think they call it the “White House”?” And the list goes on and on.


So what Obama did, was point out what in reality are facts, and what in reality are points of view that have been used to discredit him as a viable presidential candidate.


And as a result of this, the McCain Campaign has now accused him of playing the race card.


Of all people in America, a white “Conservative”, “Maverick”, “Republican”, is accusing a black man of racism.


John McCain proclaimed to reporters when he made this accusation against Obama, that he has spent most of his life supporting civil rights. However, when confronted by a reporter who asked him what he had actually done to support civil rights, he searched in vain for an answer.


Hmm! I wonder why he could not give an account of all of his civil rights support activities.


Now this term, “Playing The Race Card” has been prevalent in our society every since Johnny Cochran’s defense of O.J. Simpson, and it is now viewed as a very negative thing for black people to do.


However, the fact of the matter is, once again, that there is something that has occurred and that continues to occur in this country that makes playing the race card necessary at times.


Playing the race card is not an attack mechanism, but a defense mechanism, like so many of the devices that the black race has adopted to insure it’s survival, after centuries of dehumanization and abuse.


Now how in the hell is Obama playing the race card by stating the same facts that many white Americans have been stating every since he decided to run for president?


This is another example of white people trying to imply that black people are over reacting to imaginary racial attacks that have never ever occurred, or that are not occurring presently in this country on a daily basis. And everyone black or white, who is aware of this countries racial climate, knows that this is just not the case.


I am also tired of hearing this bull-shit about anyone who does not vote for Obama, or agree with his policies is classified as racist by his black supporters, “and that’s not fair”.


“ We don’t know who he is or what he is about”. Solution:


Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, by Barack Obama


The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, by Barack Obama


Hopes and Dreams: The story of Barack Obama, by Steve Dougherty


Barack Obama in His Own Words: By Barack Obama


Barack Obama: Working to Make a Difference: (Gateway Biographies), by Marlene Targ Brill




The people, who say that they do not know who he is, or what he is about, are just using this as an excuse.




Because there are too many white people faced with this very important decision that will have long term effects on our country as a whole, who will not even make an effort to hear what he has to say, read what he has written, or read what has been written about him.






It is because their decision not to investigate, consider, or vote for Barack Obama, goes no deeper than his skin.


However, let it be known that, when a man or woman chooses a mate for the wrong reasons, they will surely run into trouble with that decision in the future. So it will be with this all-important decision for our country. The stakes are high, and choosing wrong, either way, may have dyer consequences. Those who choose a president, or not choose a president for the wrong reasons, will have to live with the consequences of their choice.


A decision that carries as much gravity with it as the one that we have to make on November 4, 2008, should be investigated thoroughly, and should not be made based on surface judgments, (a candidates skin color).


I personally know that there are some honest White Americans who just do not believe that he is the best man for the job, and it is not about his race. However, let’s be honest.


Of all of the white people who think that he is not the right man for the job, how many of them did not need to look any further then his skin to make this determination?


Based on the racial climate in this country, which has improved, but that is far from being perfected, as some would have you believe, I venture to say that the first scenario is the exception, and that the second one is the rule.


So to make it clear to the people who say this shit; I say to you, that there is more evidence to support the fact that their reasons for rejecting Obama is most likely due to racism, then there is to support the view point that it is not.


This is based on U.S. History, past, present, and probably future, if we do not all work together to destroy the artificial human barrier, known as racism.


So the next time you hear about a black person playing the race card, remember the laws of physics; for each action, there is an opposite and equal reaction, and the law of cause and effect; for every cause, there is an effect.


What I am simply saying is, reverse discrimination is a by product of discrimination, and could not exist without it’s predecessor. Racism practiced by many in the black community, is a reaction to the racism that has been practiced against us for hundreds of years, and yes! Even to this day. And as far as playing the race card is concerned; there would be no reason to play the race card, if the deck had not already been stacked against us in the first damm place.


Vote for Barack Obama in the November General Election, not because he is black, but because of the very limited choices that we have, he is the best candidate from the party who does not have a negative 8-year track record for tearing this country down.


Greg Coleman