Don’t Believe The Hype!



Hello my Fellow American Obama Supporters.


This notice is not just for African American supporters of Barack Obama, but for all of his supporters.


In the last few hours, the negative campaign tactics have been escalating on both sides of the fence.


They’re coming from John McCain’s camp in response to Obama’s VP choice. And, they are coming form the Obama camp in response to John McCain’s lame attacks.


Things are pretty much the same now as we approach the general election, as they were when we were involved in the primary election; Obama has still conducted a non-attack campaign, choosing to take the high road by defending rather then attacking.


So although he has been accused of being too soft on his opposition, I recognize this as just an attempt to keep the campaign as positive as is politically possible, which he has done.


As far as the new polls are concerned that have Obama and McCain in a dead heat, ignore the polls, and pay attention to what we have to do.


America, (not just Black America), is in one of the most vulnerable positions that it has been in since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, or the stock market crash on October 29, 1949.


The value of our dollar has dropped to dangerous levels, and our volunteer military is stretched beyond capacity because of the present administration’s insistence on spending dollars and lives on perceived threats, as opposed to those that have been clearly demonstrated to be actual threats.


I read that the Iraq war is costing the U.S. about 100,000 dollars per minute.


And this is just the cost in dollars and cents. This does not take into account the more then 50, 000 lives that have been lost for the “war on terror” and “weapons of mass destruction”, to helping the Iraq people establish a democratic government like we have here in America.


And after all of this loss, we still have not destroyed the ringleader who proudly took credit for the 911 catastrophes.


Before John McCain became the republican presidential nominee, George Bush had his full support for this war, and after he won his primary election, he said that he did not care if the war in Iraq went on for 100 years.


After this, he and George Bush bashed Barack Obama for wanting a timetable for ending the war, which all but a few extremists in this country want for the benefit of the country, and to avoid not loosing any more family, friends, and countryman to the war that never really accomplished what is was supposedly designed to do.


And now George Bush and John McCain are talking timetables for ending the war, as if it was their original idea, and they are counting on your stupidity to pull it off.


So as I said before, do not pay attention to the polls, or to the Republican Campaign Strategies.


Although you have heard a lot about the race for president being in a dead heat, and getting worst for Obama, because of the fact that so many of Hillary’s Die Hard Supporters have vowed to vote for John McCain; what they are not telling you is that on the other side of these statistics is the fact that 42% of Republicans do not like John McCain, and a large portion of these people are voting for Barack Obama.


So don’t let the twisting of the numbers cause Obama to loose the race, because they have convinced you that the elections have been decided.


We have a long way to go, and we cannot let up until the last vote is counted, whenever that is.


And don’t forget to be alert for the voter irregularities like the ones that we had in Florida, and in other places in the country, when George Bush won his second term after a long drawn out dispute.


Just do what you need to do, and spread the word to others who are not doing so, and please explain to them what is at stake in this election.


The senseless continued loss of life in Iraq


Our economic security


The loss of our jobs


The further devaluation of our currency


And the possibility of mindlessly creating World War III


We have seen where the last 8 years have taken us.


Starting from that point, project into the future, and decide if you want to continue on this path, or try something new.


If you want to try something new, do what you have to do to get something new.


Don’t believe the hype!


 Vote for the Obama/Biden Ticket in the General Election on November 4, 2008, and in the mean time, put forth the efforts necessary to learn enough about the process to explain to those who don’t, why they should do so as well.


Greg Coleman













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