Congratulations Barack Obama

Congratulations To The First Major Party African American Presidential Nominee: Barack Obama.

What we just witnessed is something that I was told by my parents that we would never live to see in our lifetime.

Well! My immediate family did not live to see this day, but I would like to thank my grandparents Mr. Lester Dickerson, Ms. Mildred Dickerson, and my adopted brother Leonard Dickerson, for taking me in, and taking care of me so that I could live to see this day.

Now is not the time to relax.

Now the real work begins.

Don’t let the deaths of all of the people that who died for this moment be in vain.

Don’ t get tired.

Don’t get scared.

Don’t get fooled

Get Busy!

Let’s educate those who are not educated, let’s register those who are not registered to vote, let’s do all that we can do to elect Barack Obama:  The First African American President of The United State of America.

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