A Message To Annie Price Mills

This is for the African American Woman who CNN interviewed the 2nd, night of the DNC, after Hillary Clinton’s very fine speech, who was so emotionally distraught over the fact that Hillary Clinton’s speech was so presidential, and who thought that it was so unfair that she was not chosen by the Democratic Process, by which Barack Obama was chosen.


 I think that you were a plant, and that you were placed at the convention by the Racist Right Republicans, to demonstrate to America that in addition to the White Racist Hillary Clinton Supporters, (those who voted for Hillary simply because her skin color was lighter then Barrack’s}, that there were actually some African Americans who felt the same way towards Obama.


I think that you were placed at the convention by the conservative right to try and convince other African American Woman who were Clinton Supporters to turn against Obama.


Now we know that there are a few African Americans in this country who would foolishly vote for John McCain, or not vote at all, because Hillary did not win, However, I think that they are even fewer in number then the White Racist.


However, we still maintain that you were a plant.


In your interview, you made the statement that you could not connect with Barack Obama.


You as a black woman looked pretty stupid saying that you could not connect with or relate to a black man.


Who have you been relating to all of the years of your life?


In addition, I would have to agree with you that Hillary’s speech that night was fantastic.


However, it was one of many speeches, with the majority of them not being presidential at all.


Her behavior during the primary was not only, not, presidential; it was down right immoral and ugly at times.


The negative campaign that she insisted on running against Obama was inexcusable, and probably contributed to the fact that he did become the presumptive nominee.


Sending emails out to persuade people to believe that Obama is a Muslim, and should not be trusted.


Trying to cause his character irreparable damage because of the fact that he knew and worked with people who did not share the holier then thou attitude of the United States, and did not mind making it clear publicly that they did not.


And last and certainly not least, the most despicable campaign tactic of all; her public statement where she publicly wished for the Assassination of her fellow Senator,
Barack Obama, just so that she could win the election, at any cost.


This was an outrage to many people, those who were Obama supporters as well as those who were not.


This is just 3 of the many things that Senator Clinton did during the primaries that were not even considered to be playing by the rules; not by Obama supporters, not by the Democratic Party, and not by many of the Americans who were outraged.


And now you are upset because there were more delegates who did not approve of her behaviors, then there was that did.


This is why she is not the nominee heading into the General Election, and Obama is.


And if your zeal for Hillary is based on the Feminist Movement, you should know that the feminist movement was not created by, or for the African American Female, but by and for white woman, who viewed the man from their own race as so arrogant, and ignorant towards them, that they had to start a movement to rebel against them.


You as a black woman should know that black woman’s lives did not get better, until the lives of your black man got better.


And now we have a black man who is trying to make things better, not just for you, but also for all of the people in this country who want this. And you have the audacity to allow yourself to be pimped by the people who could care less the most about black people.


Shame on you Annie,


I hope that you will see the error of your ways before it is too late.


Who Is The Next President Of The US?



















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