There Are Too Many Dammed Unregistered Minority Voters In America

This Is Your Team

This Is Your Team

This is deplorable.

If you are a member of a minority group, you are already not considered to be a part of mainstream America.

So in reality, you have no voice.

That is until now.

The only voice that you will have,(and most likely will not have again for a very long time, that matters); will be the opinion that you voice on November 4, 2008.

This may be the last time that you have the power to effect such an important positive change in this country,(not just as members of a minority), but for the country as a whole,(even for the few in this country who are too ignorant, stupid, prejudiced, or hate filled to recognize it.

If you are not a member of the chosen few, which means you do not earn over $100,000 per year, you do not own a major corporation, you are not an executive of a major corporation, you do have adequate health insurance for yourself and your family, you do have your life savings intact, you do have financial worries, you are not totally prepared for your retirement, the retirement of your spouse, your children, and for generations to come; you do not have more money then you could ever spend in this and the next lifetime, and you are still making money hand over foot- If this is not you, then you really need to vote for Barack Obama for President, and Joe Biden for Vice President on November 4, 2008.

You see historically,(if you remove the racial element from this election), everybody knows that Republicans are known for enacting legislation, policies, and procedures that favor the “haves”, and not the “have-nots”, and just because the Chosen Democratic Presidential Nominee, happens to be darker then his predecessors, does not make this any less true.

So you need to know that when all of the rhetoric, lies, inaccuracies, closet racism, overt racism, coded racism, and all of the other practices that are designed to deceive the American People are over, then the fact still remains that the best candidate with the vision, the experience, the integrity, and above all else, the power to unite and organize people, and the sincere desire for true positive change in this country for all of it’s citizens, (not just the rich and powerful), then you need to register now,(if you are not already registered), because in most states you only have a few more weeks to take care of this, and once you are registered, you need to vote for the team that represents the average people in America, those who are not included in the top 5% at the top of the pyramid of wealth and power, and that team is: Senator Barack Obama, for President, and Senator Joe Biden, for Vice President.

This is a historical occasion, not just because of the fact that we potentially have the first African American President in America ever, but also because we have the potential, (as Barack Obama has demonstrated), to create a new kind of government that is truly by the people, for the people, and of the people, which has really just been words for hundreds of years.

You see! Now do not have to be billionaires to contribute to a political campaign, and now we do not have to be on the who’s who list to have our voices heard, which has been the case up until now.

It is also a historical occasion because of the fact that America is now in one of the most vulnerable positions that it has ever been in- physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, racially, economically, militarily, in energy dependence, and in ways that the public does not perceive, because of the fact that those who are in power, who want to remain in power, will do anything to keep this power, including lying, cheating, stealing, and killing.

So they are continually working behind the scenes in private, and right in your face subliminally.




This is why an election that should be a veritable landslide, based on the past performance of the current administration over the last 8 years, and historically in a situation like this, the poor, the working poor, and the middle class votes strictly democratic, be they black or white.


However, Barack Obama brings with him another element to this race. Race!


It is not something that he chose for himself.


It is not something that changes the quality of his message, his vision, his integrity, his work with people from the ground up, and his sincere love for America, and his desire to make it better for all Americans, but it is something that those who are in power are capitalizing on, mostly through codes, subliminal messaging, character assaults, and by making him one of the people that he was attacked for associating with.

Like many of our current politicians are not associated with white supremacy leaders, and other social misfits.


Some don’t even try to hide it.


But, they have managed to use this to their advantage.

However, now that the issues of the true condition of our nation are coming to the foreground, the lies, deceptions, and character assassinations of Senator Obama are becoming less and less effective.

Because the web of deception that they have weaved over the last 18 months or so, has lost it’s power to deceive the American People, because the problems that they have created, cannot be denied, and everyday, GOD makes it clear to the American People that something needs to be done differently, then the things that have been done before.

So there is much at stake here.

So I will say once again, if you are not registered to vote, register right now. And, on November 4, 2008. Vote for Barack Obama for President, and Joe Biden for Vice President.

Remember, we may be a minority in America as individuals, but when we combine Average White Americans who have not been blinded .to the truth, with African Americans, Hispanic American, and with the other beautiful people of America, we are the majority.

And as the majority, let’s not only clean house on election day, but let’s stop the next shift from moving in to continue the same destructive, selfish, irresponsible behaviors that got us in this mess that we are currently in.


So on November 4, 2008

Vote for the Obama/Biden Team-For Change- For America.


Go to:

Thank you, and GOD bless you, and GOD bless the United States of America, (all of it).


Greg Coleman





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