John McCain! Obama’s Campaign Does Not Belong To You


Dear John:


This is the first of 2 Dear John Letters that I will be writing to you.


Based on your ineptness, incompetence, and your practice of putting politics first, and the American People last regarding your decision making process, it is totally logical and feasible that I will be writing the last one to you on Tuesday November 5, 2008 around midnight.


However, we do not know how fair and un-racially biased, and practical, America truly is on this, the 26th. Day of September 2008. 


But as I said above, based on everything that the American People have witnessed coming from your campaign, if there are enough people who are above sharing in your stupidity, then this election should be a done deal.


Anyway! – John:


I am just writing this letter to you to inform you of the fact that Barack Obama’s Campaign is his and his alone.


Why would anyone in their right mind allow you to dictate to them how they should run the most important and historical election campaign of their lives?


You are no longer responsible for maintaining your family tradition as slave masters.


You are not in charge of Barack Obama, or his campaign, so you need to stop whining about what you told Obama to do about some dammed town hall meeting.



Barack Obama does not want to participate in some free form town-hall meeting where you do not have to answer any direct questions about what you are going to do about the damage that was caused by your party, (The Republican Party).


Senator Obama is too smart for this.


However, you have shown your ignorance on several occasions, when you have talked or whined about Barack’s failure to comply with your demands for meeting with a couple thousand of your closest friends so that you can talk about your POW Experience, your wife, your kids, and other small talk.


This country is in deep trouble, and these kinds of conversations are not going to be effective at letting the American Voters know who to choose to pick this country up by it’s boot straps, and to restore it’s place in the world as the most powerful and respected, (not feared), nation on earth.


What we need is a debate forum, where both candidates are going to be asked tough questions about what specifically; they have in mind for solving the challenges that we are facing as a nation, which is what you have thus far, failed to confirm your attendance at, because you have decided that you are needed in Washington to solve a problem that you did not even study before you decided to inject your self into it (for purely political reasons).


After you insisted on this town-hall meeting, you then bashed Senator Obama for choosing not to participate in the traditional public funding method of financing presidential campaigns.


Once again! Senator Obama is much too smart to choose a method of financing that would place you both on even ground.


You only wanted him to choose this option because you knew that it would limit the amount of funding that he could receive as opposed to the revolutionary “Grass Roots Financing program” that his campaign has implemented.


So he did not say, as you lied about, that he would choose public financing, he said that it would be up for discussion, and after the discussion he decided not to choose public financing because it would severely limit his ability to raise money, and it would also make him accountable to an enormous amount of special interest, like you are.


And now, you pull this stunt with the debates, in order to avoid having to answer serious questions about the issues.


After your erratic, illogical and irrational behaviors during this campaign, including your choice for Vice President of this Country, (not considering what was best and safe for the country, but what was best for generating excitement and votes for your campaign), you chose Sarah Palin; someone who you are now protecting from an authorized investigation by her own state for abuse of power, and you are also hiding her from the media, which is how the majority of the American People learn about the people who they choose to lead.


After all of this, you have the unmitigated gall to continue to insist on being a consultant on Barack Obama’s Campaign, and Barack Obama continues to demonstrate to you, and the American People, that he is far to intelligent to fall for this.


Why would Senator Obama want to participate in activities that do not contribute to the success of his campaign, just because this is what you have done.


 One more thing John:


 I am also sick and tired of hearing about your proclamation that Barack Obama was wrong about the surge.


The fact of the matter is that he did not support the surge, because he did not support the Iraq war that made the surge necessary.


If Obama’s opposition to the Iraq war was shared by a larger majority of his fellow senators, congressman, and the American People, we would not be in the deep shit that we are in now.


If the Republicans and the Democrats had not written a blank check for President Bush for the Iraq War back then, like they are refusing to do now with the financial crises, (which the Bush Administration originally said would require $700,000,000.00 billion dollars to be controlled by one man without any oversight), then we would not be where we are today.


This proves one thing John: Barack Obama, although he is not older then you, and he has not been in Washington as long as you, does not mean that his judgment and skills as the leader of this country are weak or non existent.


It just proves that because you have been doing the wrong things longer then anybody else while holding a government position, does not mean that this is the kind of experience that this country needs to grow and prosper now and in the future.


It just means that you have more experience at doing things wrong then a new person with a new and fresher viewpoint and approach would have.


Listen up people!


Barack Obama was right in his judgment to oppose the Iraq War, as we have seen the results of this war, which are: over 4000 American solders dead,   $100,000,000.00 billion dollars spent per month, $700,000,000.00 billion requested by the same administration that is now spending $100,000,000.00 billion per month on a war that has yet to result in the capture and or death of the original lead terrorist who claimed responsibility for, and rejoiced in, the death and destruction, and the damage to the sense of safety and security of the American People that 911 caused.


 Dear John:


Your bullshit is not working.


But it’s okay for you to wait until the day after the election to find out, because I am a Barack Obama supporter.


Greg Coleman










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