Attention: Obama Supporters, Palin Has A Preacher Problem

Sarah Palin's Witch Hunter

Sarah Palin

Hello Again to my entire fraternity of fellow Barack Obama Suppoters:


We have heard so much about Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Reverend Michael Pfleger


Jeremiah Wright


Michael Pfleger


And in return for this, I would like to return the favor by letting you know, and asking you all to get together and let the world know, (especially the world of FOX News, because it seems as if their research department developed a severe case of insomnia when they discovered Reverend Wright, and Revered Pfleger, and as a result, they just had to report on “Ombam’a Preacher Problem” 24/7, for weeks and months at a time.


However, now that Sarah Palin has a “Preacher Problem”, they have now developed a severe cars of narcolepsy, and cannot stay awake long enough to share Palin’s “Preacher Problem “ with the world.


Palin’s problem is a witch hunter named Pastor Thomas Muthee.


Pastor Thomas Muthee


Get Full Story Here


Pastor Muthee is famous in Africa for conducting prayer meetings and witch hunts resulting in the harassment of many innocent people, causing them to either run out of town, or be driven out.


And apparently, he has been, and still is a very important and influential spiritual advisor to John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice, Sarah Palin.


As a matter of fact, she credits him and his prayers with taking her from a small town Alaskan Mayor, to the Governor of Alaska, and now to the Vice Presidential Pick of John McCain.


What invisible power or force has she tapped into?


There is video evidence that proves the fact that she thinks that it is Pastor Muthee.


Now much of the world has been talking about this, but for some reason, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingram, and the rest of the gang over at FOX News have been very quit about” Sarah Palin’s Preacher Problem”


Since they have an excellent record for reporting on candidates who have a “Preacher Problem”, please let’s help them to keep this perfect record from being broken.


Please contact Bill O’Reilly, and the gang over at FOX News, to make sure that they are aware of the fact that Sarah Palin has a “Preacher Problem”.


And make sure that they continue to report it over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month, and so forth and so on.


Please do not let them down.


They would be very upset if they missed out on this “Preacher Story”.


Please let them know about this oversight.


Please call, email, blog, or write to the good people at FOX News to let them know that Sarah Palin has a “Preacher Problem” that they are failing to report.



Thank you,


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)



Greg Coleman












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