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Obama’s Mini Documentary On Wednesday

October 31, 2008


This mini documentary was excellent.


It was well produced, and in addition to polish and production, the message was extremely clear and powerful to the point of bringing out so much emotion about those people who are suffering, until I had to fight back the tears, (being a man and all).


However, Barack Obama’s message in this production was clear, consistent, and powerful, as it has been since the inception of his campaign.


And it is important to note that Senator Obama’s message after many months of campaigning is in the last six days, as it was in the beginning: “Change”.


This is proof positive of his concentration, focus, and intensity towards realizing his dream of a “New America”, that benefits all of it’s citizens.


Whereas his opponent, (John McCain), has experimented with so many different themes since his campaign began, until I, and many other American Citizens, still have not been able to determine what he has to offer this country to repair the damage that has been done in the past 8 years.


Well! In all fairness, I must say that in the last 3 weeks, John McCain and Sarah Palin have finally come up with a solution to solving all of America’s problems:


It’s “Joe The Plumber”!


Thank you so very much John and Sarah; we feel so much better now.


 Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Barack Obama Chant


Greg Coleman


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Barack Rocks West Philly

October 28, 2008

Barack Obama In West Philly

Barack Obama In West Philly


On Saturday October 11th. Barack Obama swept across Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where he did 4 rallies in one day.

 We caught him at his last stop at the Rally in West Philly.

 We have included a photo album in this article that highlights the positive energy levels, the excitement and the hope for a better tomorrow that permeated the crowds as thousands of Americans came together for one common purpose: To get energy from, and give energy to the next President of the United States of America: Barack Obama.

 As you look through the photos, you will see a true picture of what America is truly made up of.

 You will see people of all races, ages, sexes, incomes levels, occupations, religions, and stations in life, all coming together for one purpose: And that purpose is to work towards the America that is described in all of the precious patriotic documents that were produced by the Founding Fathers of this nation, that makes this a nation of inclusion, and not one of exclusion.

Contrast what you see at this rally, with what you see at the McCain/Palin Rallies, and you will see that America is far more diverse and colorful then the McCain/Palin Rallies would have you believe.

The people at this and the other Obama rallies are a true representation of all of America.

 Barack Rocks West Philly Photo Album


Greg Coleman







African American War Hero Painted As Racist By The Right

October 23, 2008

Rush is Conservatisim
Rush is Conservatisim


The rightwing media led by the orally fixated Rush Limbaugh who sucks on a cigar during his radio show because he has to wait until he gets off work to suck what he really wants to suck; has accused African American 4 Star General, and former Secretary of State Collin Powell, (a republican), of being a racist, because he has made a common sense decision to endorse Senator Obama for President, as opposed to endorsing the madness of Senator McCain.


Chris Matthews On Rush Limbaugh



This fascist, racist, fat funky ignorant blowhard is one of the foulest Americans that I have ever seen.


But did you notice that in spite of all of his shortcomings, I still acknowledged his citizenship?


This is something that the McCain/Palin Ticket has failed to practice at their rallies lately.


They have made certain towns and certain states that support their stupid agendas, and their mindless rhetoric, into havens of Patriotism and Americanism, while the towns, states, and the people who see through their bullshit, and who are not afraid to call them on it are now foreigners to this country, because they somehow have convinced themselves and those who blindly follow them, that here in America, they have obtained the power and authorization to take other people’s citizenships away for disagreeing with them.


This is an ongoing problem with the Republican Party, and the Right Wing Idiots, who are under the mistaken impression that the world revolves around their ideas, opinions, philosophies, politics, morals, and religious viewpoints, and that they have the God given right to impose this shit on everyone else.


But I am here to tell you that they do not; and the polls are bearing this out.


Rush Limbaugh is everything that the current administration represents.  And he also represents the continuity of stupidity, lies, deception, hatred, and yes racism that is being promoted by John McCain and Sarah Palin at their rallies here of late.


And these are the people that ignorant idiots are now worshiping, as opposed to listening to common sense polices that involve fairness and equality for every American.


Idiots who think that they can fail or succeed alone in this country, (even after witnessing the current economic crises that has hurt us all), and some who still believe that there really is a white heaven where they can go to be with John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, and other famous conservatives, and where black people only live for the purposes of servitude.


Rush Limbaugh is not a freak of nature or an oddball when it comes to Republicanism and Conservatism, (as some would have you believe).


People like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingram, G. Gordon Liddy, and a multitude of others are exactly what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and those who support their ideals are all about.


They are the rule, not the exception.


And the thought of this Intelligent, Accomplished, and Successful Black Man of Stature, being labeled as a racist because he endorsed the right presidential candidate, that just happened to be black, is just another example of the double standard that equals racism, that has been accepted as the norm in America for too God Dammed long.


Collin Powell



Guess What?


That fucking norm is dead.


As I said many times before; anyone who will say or do anything in order to win the Whitehouse, or any other powerful office, will say or do anything to keep it; and the things that they do, will not necessarily be what is good for the American People.


So to all of you Rightist Fans, continue to blindly listen to people like John McCain and Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, and of course, Good Ole Rush Limbaugh.


And continue to believe the bullshit about Senator Obama being an Arab, a Muslim, a Terrorist, and a Socialist, and Colin Powell being a racist because he endorsed the right guy, which just happens to not be the white guy.


You have a right to believe these things that are being taught by your leaders, because this is America; and America does exist in places other then at John McCain and Sarah Palin Rallies.


You Better Believe It! Cause It’s True.


And we Americans, who are not blinded by skin color, names, social standing, lies, deceptions, the place in life where we start, and hatred, will continue to remain enlightened and informed, and educated, and therefore create and live in the kind of America that is fair to all of it’s citizens, not just the rich, powerful and the privileged, but for all people who are willing to work hard, make the necessary sacrifices, face discrimination and racism and beat it, and achieve “The American Dream” like Former Secretary of State, Collin Powell, and Senator, Barack Obama.


Former Secretary of State, Collin Powell



Senator, Barack Obama.



Greg Coleman



Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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Here is another one just like the other one.

October 21, 2008
Hello All.

15 days to go before the most important and historical election of our time.


If you did not register to vote, then it is too late for you to be a part of the most important and historical election of our time.


However, if you did register, please do not let this great opportunity to vote for Senator Obama for President of the United States of America, pass you by.


There are far too many important issues that must be decided to insure the safety and growth of our communities, and our country.


Speaking of plants.


Here is another one just like the other one.


The other one being James T. Harris


I am not running for president, therefore I do not have to worry about being politically correct.


The Reverend James David Manning.


Check This Bastard Out!


There is a vast difference between the “Uncle Tom” of olden days, compared to the “Uncle Toms” that have come out of the woodwork to politic for John McCain in this most important election of our time.


What’s the difference?


The Uncle Toms of olden days, were that way because they had not choice.


There are many black people who use this term in a very negative fashion still, who are not socially aware of why these Uncle Toms were so important to us as a race.


You see! Had it not been for those Uncle Toms, we would not be alive today to exercise our right to vote for a man who is potentially the first Dark Skinned President Ever, in the United States of America.


Had it not been for these people who were raped, beaten, spit on, set afire, drowned, dehumanized, and denied all of the things that a human being needs to be happy, healthy and productive in life; (you know all of those unalienable rights that we’ve heard so much about in school), that were contained in the United States Declaration of Independence; the same one that allows Senator Obama  to run for President of the United States of America, in spite of the racial and prejudicial hated that still exists in this country, to a greater degree then  most racist even would like to admit.


So you see! Those people were that way because of necessity and survival; and that is why we are here today to vote. 


Whereas, the modern day uncle toms that we have been seeing on the campaign trail these days, do have a choice.


However, rather then promoting the politics that would not only benefit their people, but also that would benefit the average working person, woman who are working, people who are sick and need healthcare, and people who are working hard to break the chains of poverty, but because of the current tendency of the Republican Party to focus on the privileged, and to make the underprivileged disappear, they would rather support a candidate from the party that not only has historically not benefited the black race, but not woman, not poor people, and not uneducated people, not small business start ups, or any other cause that does not involve those who are already rich and powerful.


So although I respect their right to choose, I am exercising my right to say that these Sucker Ass Uncle Tom Mother Fuckers are the lowest form of life on earth; and by saying that, I am not suggesting that they should not be alive, or that anyone should take their lives because of their political viewpoints.


 I am just suggesting that everyone remember who they are, and what they have done, and if they ever try to return home because they find themselves to be victims of the system, I think that they should not be allowed to return home, (like we allowed O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson to do).


To all who find this issue one that needs attention, please visit The Reverend James David Manning and let him know just how the fuck you feel.


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


Greg Coleman









John McCain And Sarah Palin’s Campaign Manager

October 17, 2008


Which Campaign Are You Working For?

If you are working for Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Click Below To See Whom The Other Team Is Working For.

If you are working for John McCain and Sarah Palin

Click Below To Report To Your Supervisor.

Click Here To See The Campaign Manager For  The McCain Campaign


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


Greg Coleman








FOX News-A Lot To Do About Nothing

October 15, 2008

Chief Asshole At FOX

Chief Asshole At FOX

And A Little To Do About A Lot


FOX News; known for it’s blind devotion to right wing idiots, no matter how immoral, illegal, corrupt, abrasive, untrue, or racist, (Conservative), they may be, is utilizing the same techniques that they have always used to try and destroy someone who does not agree with their ideology.


Now before I go any further, let me just point out the fact that Senator Obama and his family have been subjected to a barrage of untrue, unfair, and unsubstantiated claims of being a socialist, a terrorist, a racist, a communist, a Marxist, a Muslim, an Arab, and anything else that could be used by these Right Wing Racist to destroy the character of a well qualified African American Candidate for President of the US. 


And the reason that it works so well is because of the fact that Barack Obama is a Black Man, running for President of the United States of America.


If he were a white candidate, these lies would be a lot harder to sell to the pocket of Die Hard Racist in this country, most of which reside within the McCain/Palin Campaign.


And now FOX News is trying to blame Senator Obama, because he was not available to dress 4 adults who decided to wear T-Shirts that proclaimed that Sarah Palin is a Bitch.


Now even though this statement can be viewed as misogynistic, many people in this country, (including me), view this as a fact.


As a matter of fact, I personally believe that she is a lying bitch, and I know why even though her and John McCain have been consistently lying to the American People since he picked her as his VP.


 I know what visible and invisible force allows them to continue to have as many people supporting them in spite of this.


Here are two reasons why this is so.


They are not black; and they are white.


Now I just want to acknowledge and show my appreciation for the good honest white citizens of this country who are voting for Barack, and the ones who are not voting for Barack because of something other then racism.


I applaud all one of you.


Now back to you FOX NEWS.


And the 3rd. reason is that:


FOX News is inundated with a bunch of ignorant racist/fascist who think that the world belongs to them, and that any other points of view, opinions, cultures, and any other elements of this society that is not in total agreement with them is invalid.


They are quick to point out one, (1) negative incident coming from the audience at an Obama Rally, but they totally ignore the many incidents of hatred and racism that have been coming from the McCain Rallies led by John McCain and Sarah Palin.


Hatred so intense that John McCain himself, (the leader of the ticket), gets booed by the crowd when he has to reverse the lies that he has been spreading about Senator Obama being an Arab, a Muslim, and a Terrorist, and call himself a liar by changing his tune to accommodate the fact that Senator Obama is just a decent human being, unlike what

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been behaving like for the last few months.




You let the Wright and Pfleger stories linger on and on, but you refuse to address the fact that Sarah Palin has a witch hunter preacher for a spiritual and a political advisor.


You have repeatedly jumped to report the association of Bill Ayers to Barack Obama.


But, you don’t want to talk about the racist organizations that John McCain has been a part of, and the extremist political group that Sarah Palin and her husband are a part of that wants Alaska to be removed as one of the 50 states in the union.


This is your MO, and we are well aware of how you operate.


Bill O’Reilly is famous for claiming that the FOX News Network is number one, and that they are the yardstick for truth and justice in America, (no spin zone my ass), and that none of the other networks can compete.


This is a lie within itself, but just like the Republicans, FOX News knows that if they repeat a lie enough times, that it will be accepted by those who are uneducated, socially ignorant, and who are too lazy to look beyond what someone tells them, and dig for the truth behind the lies.


Well guess what FOX?


Your network is not the yardstick for truth and justice; it is a vehicle for allowing people like John McCain, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others like them, to break laws and call it executive privilege, tell lies, steal from the American People, keep their rich friends rich, and the average person poor, and attempt to drive division between people of like minds who do not want to be crooked elitist, and who don’t want to be liars, or racist.


And there are a lot more of those people then there are of you, as witnessed by the fact that there is only one FOX, but there are many, (as you call them), liberal nuts on TV in this country, who refuse to fall into the bullshit traps that you set for unsuspecting victims, by making the truth into a lie, and a lie into the truth.


So you want some fucking truth FOX?


Here it is:


At least the T-Shirt did not speak of or promote violence such as “Kill Him”, “Behead Him”, or such explosive political terminologies as “Treason”, “Arab”, “Muslim”; And oh yea! I almost forgot, nigger. And, did you mention the monkey on a rope with Senator Obama’s name on it at one of these rallies this week.


I guess not; because, it was not one of your rich friends who helps to line the pockets of those who continuously perpetrate fraud in support of them, who were under attack.


It was a man who represents the average working person, who does not make ½ million dollars or more per year, and we all know that you consider these people to be not worth your time and respect, and if they are a minority, you hate and despise them.


And for all of you black assholes that are attending these events who do not have the balls to ask the question: Why are you unfairly attacking this black man?


And for those who do not have the intelligence to pull away from this madness, recognizing that there is nothing in John McCain and Sarah Palin’s plans that will benefit poor or disadvantaged people, (which is where the majority of minorities co-exist), then I, and many of my fellow Average People, which include a significant number of White, Black, Yellow, Red and Brown Americans, don’t care for you either.


How do I know this?


They tell me every time I visit Obama Headquarters.


Listen FOX News; there will not be any more attacks against Barack Obama or his supporters that pass through without an immediate response that is equal to, or greater then the attack that we are responding to.


Your white privilege is no longer functional, and the house niggers that you have working there with you, have no say, no respect, and no authority in our communities.


As a matter of fact, they are not even considered to be one of us. And neither are the political plants that are paid for by the McCain Campaign to try and convince black people that McCain has our best interest at heart, which is the bullshit that we witnessed last week.


So to all of you assholes at FOX News: Your bullshit is not working.


John McCain is trying the same tactics that the Hillary Clinton Campaign tried to use against Senator Obama, which are the same tactics that George W. Bush used against him in 2000; techniques that the American People, (not those few white people at the McCain Rallies), but the majority of Americans that happen to include more then just one race of people), has told you all, that they are sick and tired of.


Yet the gang, (and I do mean gang), at FOX News continues to represent and protect the people who continue to do what Americans have made clear that it does not want.


What the T-Shirt said just happens to be true.


The only problem that I have with the shirt is that it left FOX NEWS Out.


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


But don’t let this lead you to believe that we will not launch a fucking attack against you, when being attacked.





Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Video

October 13, 2008

Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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John McCain Hires A Token Nigger To Represent Him In Wisconsin

October 10, 2008
Today,  James T. Harris, a plant, hired by the McCain Campaign to take the heat off of the racially under toned statement in Thursday night’s debate, in which McCain pointed to Senator Obama, calling him “That One”, and the other total disregard and disrespect shown towards his colleague in both of their debates, was most likely handsomely compensated for his performance.

 Senator McCain’s attitude towards Senator Obama has been viewed by most of the genuine black people in this country as racist.

It is one thing to be competitive; but to be totally disrespectful of a colleague in the senate who has showed nothing but honor and respect for you, is totally unacceptable and smells like a racist who is mad, and does not think that a black man should be where Senator Obama is.

But in spite of all of their best fucking efforts; he is there; and he is going to stay there.

And all of the lies, hatred, racism, prejudice, treachery, deceit, and hired actors are not going to change that.

And as far as your racism is concerned, please be advised that Senator Obama would not be there without a significant number of white people who are also sick and tired of hearing politicians lie year after year, and never deliver on their promises.

They are also tired of hearing about the guidelines and the principals outlined in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights that are supposed to allow for the fair and even treatment of all Americans, but yet, only the rich, the powerful, and the well connected get treated well in this country; and others because of their humble beginnings, their names, the color of their skin and their lack of connections are left to fend for themselves.

So the McCain Campaign can continue to try and turn this election into a racial competition simply because of the fact that the frontrunner just happens to be an African American, and they can hire all of the black actors that they want to try and bring home the point that John McCain is the best candidate for the job.

So on top of all of the dirty tricks, lies, and the total disrespect and disregard for this black man who has come from a place where he should not have even survived, and who has risen to such great heights in spite of the odds; the McCain Campaign is trying to tear him down, which is what we expected.

What John McCain and Sarah Palin are doing, (in spite of all of the data available to prove that this is not what the people of American People want or need), is not good for the McCain Campaign, the people of America, or for politics.

They are trying to make an election in The Great Democratic Society known as America, into an election like the ones that they have in Iraq or other unstable countries.

This is very dangerous for America, and does could not be coming from people who are putting “Country First”.

He is putting winning the election first with all of his stupid, erratic decisions and behaviors, and now they are trying to instill transferring this bullshit to their audiences.

But here’s a little tip for America.

Anyone who thinks that a fucking racist, schizophrenic, psychotic, megalomaniac, erratic warmonger is better for this country then a considerate, intelligent, accomplished political law scholar who also truly believes in the true potential of this nation and All, of it’s people, is out of their fucking minds.

This election is about the issues for most of the people in this country, (you know, the ones who don’t own or represent major corporations, the health care industry, the oil industry, or the pharmaceutical industry),  so there are a large number of people from all races that have nothing to gain by feeding into the divisive politics being practiced by John McCain and Sarah Palin.

And as far as you are concerned Mr. Harris, I hope that you were adequately compensated for the performance that you gave today in Wisconsin at the McCain Rally today, and I hope that it will help you to promote your radio program, which is probably suffering from a lack of listener ship.

I will do everything in my power to see that you get all of the recognition that you deserve.

And as far as Senator McCain and Governor Sarah Palin is concerned, I think that there are only 2 kinds of people that have a blind allegiance to them, and the dangerous brand of politics that you are practicing in place of good common sense politics that involves sticking to the issues, and discusses how to fix what is wrong with America, and they are either rich powerful and corrupt, and stand to benefit from your policies because they have already bought you, or the ones who are poor, and are too ignorant, prejudiced and hate filled to know that the Republicans in the White House have never benefited the poor and helpless, or the middle class who bust their asses everyday trying to live the “American Dream”; and having John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House will turn that dream into a nightmare. 

You can see his performance on the Homepage of Mingle City at:

Please contact Mr. James T. Harris to share your opinion of his performance today at the rally.

 Email him at:

 And visit his website at:

 Greg Coleman






Hatred And Racist Attacks At McCain Palin Rallies

October 9, 2008


On September 5th. 2008, I posted a blog entitled: “They Don’t Care About You Black Republican”.


And now I want to reinforce this message to all of the African American John McCain Supporters, along with an additional warning about your safety at their republican rallies.


There have been several incidents at a few of these rallies where the crowds have become disrespectful, unruly, hateful, and potentially dangerous.


There have been several reports of audience members shouting, “Treason”, “Kill Him”, (apparently directed towards Senator Obama), and other volatile phrases including a verbal assault on an African American Cameraman from one of the news organizations, who was repeatedly called “Boy” and of course, “Nigger”


And these crowd reactions are the result of the politics that John McCain and Sarah Palin are currently practicing at their rallies which involves painting Barack Obama as a terrorist, racist, socialist and any other negative pharase that evokes fear in ignorant white people and others who are looking for reasons to hate.


This is their strategy for dealing with the current economic crises that has caused a 90-year-old woman to shoot herself rather then being evicted, and a distraught father to take the lives of his entire family, and then his own life.


All over the country and all over the world, we are facing one of the most severe financial crises that we have ever had to face; and because the McCain/Palin team have no solid workable plan to fix it, they are trying to take the American People’s attention off of it by spreading lies, hatred and fear.


You see! They love their country and their countryman so much until they would rather tell lies to win an election, as opposed to accepting their share of the responsibility for our current crises, and then discussing ways to put our country back on track


We are currently involved in a war that is costing this country $10,000,000.00 billion dollars per month.


We are struggling to fight a war in Afghanistan that is terribly under funded and under equipped because we are still fighting in Iraq to catch and punish those responsible for the 911 attacks, and we have not met this goal after 5000 deaths, and as I said, $10,000,000.00 billion dollars per month.

We have racial tension and division as a result of Barack Obama;s decision to run for president, (which is his right to do as an American Citizen).


And we have John McCain and Sarah Palin now trying to capitalize, (at the expense of the American People), on this very potentially dangerous and deadly environment.


And John McCain wants to continue along this same path if he is elected to lead this country.


So listen up black McCain supporters.


Your leaders John McCain and Sarah Palin have yet to denounce this type of behavior as unacceptable, so apparently this is alright with them.


And if they do not let their crowds know that this is not what they should be doing, then they will continue, because it appears to them, and to many other people that, this is the way they want their supporters to behave at their rallies.


So my question to you is:


Is this all right with you?


If it is not; then you may want to change your allegiance to the team who does not discriminate.


Choose the team who is not preaching racism and hatred, and who wants all of the American People to be successful regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation. And that team is: The Obama/Biden team.


It should be clear to you that these people do not have your best interest at heart, and you should withdraw your support from them.


However, if you still decide to follow them blindly, and continue to show them your love and support by attending their rallies; just remember that (through lies, deception and fear mongering), they are inciting hatred, racism and fear towards Barack Obama, who is African American, and just because you wear the republican label, when they are mad and want to hurt Obama, if they cant get to him, they will get to the next best thing:




And if you think so little of yourself that you would want to be somewhere that you are not wanted, then whatever happens, happens.


But you have been warned.



Greg Coleman







Last Night’s Presidential Debate #2

October 8, 2008

Point 1. I am not your friend.


I used to be, but now I don’t know what happened to the John McCain that I used to know and respect.


Point 2. Why wouldn’t the black guy know about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before now?


Point 3. Who is that one? What is that one? What word was “one” a substitute for?


Last night’s debate was slightly better then the last one, which is not really saying much.


Just like the last debate, no one knocked it out of the park.


 However, both John McCain and Barack Obama were much more concise then they were in the first debate, and John McCain did everything in his power to refrain from the character assassination of Barack Obama; and he succeeded.


Not that I think that John McCain has had a change of heart towards Obama, because he clearly has very little respect for this man, (if any), but he does have great disdain and contempt for Obama.


But he kept it in check last night, because, I guess he is tired of saying to the American People: My name is John McCain. I’m an idiot.  Don’t vote for me.


To engage in personal attacks, (which he and Sarah Palin have been trying to do on the road), as opposed to dealing with the issues, would have been committing political suicide.


However, at moments he was still very condescending and arrogant to Senator Obama, and at one point during the debate, he seemed to be condescending to one of the audience members who asked a question, and in his answer, he told the guy that he probably never even heard of Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac until now.


As I said above, why wouldn’t the black guy know about these major lending organizations? – Because he lives in Public Housing, maybe?


You know arrogance and condescendence is something that the Republicans have been known for, for quite some time.


However, it seems as if John McCain and Sarah Palin are taking this to another level.


And as far as my man Barack is concerned; he was still professional, dignified and presidential in his behavior last night, which is how he has been conducting himself since day one, (and I don’t care how many lies they tell on him), or how viciously he has been attacked, he has remained focused and firm.


My main complaint with Obama was the same as the one that I had with McCain; and that is that neither one of them clearly communicated to the American People, the level of difficulty that we can expect to encounter as a result of the present economic crises.


I think that in the next debate, the winner will be the one who most effectively tells the American People the truth about where we are, and what we are going to have to sacrifice in order to get to where we want to be.


This is even more important for Obama then it is for McCain, because of the fact that,  (even though McCain stole the “Change” theme from Barack Obama when he had to abandon his “Experience verses Inexperience” theme, because of his choice of Sarah Palin), everybody knows that of the two of them, Senator Obama is recognized more so for the potential of change then Senator McCain is.


Since Obama has come on the national political scene, he has raised awareness of politics to a new level.


And a byproduct of this new awareness is the unwillingness of voters to put up with the same old political practices of not answering questions, not leveling with the American People, and not admitting to one’s mistakes.


So with him being the catalyst for this new movement, I am sure that he knows that he is going to have to step up and measure up to the new politics that he has been promoting since he entered the race to be president.


As for last night; winner by decision: Barack Obama, but he did not knock John McCain out.


Then again! He didn’t have to.


Greg Coleman