Last Night’s Presidential Debate #2

Point 1. I am not your friend.


I used to be, but now I don’t know what happened to the John McCain that I used to know and respect.


Point 2. Why wouldn’t the black guy know about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before now?


Point 3. Who is that one? What is that one? What word was “one” a substitute for?


Last night’s debate was slightly better then the last one, which is not really saying much.


Just like the last debate, no one knocked it out of the park.


 However, both John McCain and Barack Obama were much more concise then they were in the first debate, and John McCain did everything in his power to refrain from the character assassination of Barack Obama; and he succeeded.


Not that I think that John McCain has had a change of heart towards Obama, because he clearly has very little respect for this man, (if any), but he does have great disdain and contempt for Obama.


But he kept it in check last night, because, I guess he is tired of saying to the American People: My name is John McCain. I’m an idiot.  Don’t vote for me.


To engage in personal attacks, (which he and Sarah Palin have been trying to do on the road), as opposed to dealing with the issues, would have been committing political suicide.


However, at moments he was still very condescending and arrogant to Senator Obama, and at one point during the debate, he seemed to be condescending to one of the audience members who asked a question, and in his answer, he told the guy that he probably never even heard of Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac until now.


As I said above, why wouldn’t the black guy know about these major lending organizations? – Because he lives in Public Housing, maybe?


You know arrogance and condescendence is something that the Republicans have been known for, for quite some time.


However, it seems as if John McCain and Sarah Palin are taking this to another level.


And as far as my man Barack is concerned; he was still professional, dignified and presidential in his behavior last night, which is how he has been conducting himself since day one, (and I don’t care how many lies they tell on him), or how viciously he has been attacked, he has remained focused and firm.


My main complaint with Obama was the same as the one that I had with McCain; and that is that neither one of them clearly communicated to the American People, the level of difficulty that we can expect to encounter as a result of the present economic crises.


I think that in the next debate, the winner will be the one who most effectively tells the American People the truth about where we are, and what we are going to have to sacrifice in order to get to where we want to be.


This is even more important for Obama then it is for McCain, because of the fact that,  (even though McCain stole the “Change” theme from Barack Obama when he had to abandon his “Experience verses Inexperience” theme, because of his choice of Sarah Palin), everybody knows that of the two of them, Senator Obama is recognized more so for the potential of change then Senator McCain is.


Since Obama has come on the national political scene, he has raised awareness of politics to a new level.


And a byproduct of this new awareness is the unwillingness of voters to put up with the same old political practices of not answering questions, not leveling with the American People, and not admitting to one’s mistakes.


So with him being the catalyst for this new movement, I am sure that he knows that he is going to have to step up and measure up to the new politics that he has been promoting since he entered the race to be president.


As for last night; winner by decision: Barack Obama, but he did not knock John McCain out.


Then again! He didn’t have to.


Greg Coleman



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