Hatred And Racist Attacks At McCain Palin Rallies


On September 5th. 2008, I posted a blog entitled: “They Don’t Care About You Black Republican”.


And now I want to reinforce this message to all of the African American John McCain Supporters, along with an additional warning about your safety at their republican rallies.


There have been several incidents at a few of these rallies where the crowds have become disrespectful, unruly, hateful, and potentially dangerous.


There have been several reports of audience members shouting, “Treason”, “Kill Him”, (apparently directed towards Senator Obama), and other volatile phrases including a verbal assault on an African American Cameraman from one of the news organizations, who was repeatedly called “Boy” and of course, “Nigger”


And these crowd reactions are the result of the politics that John McCain and Sarah Palin are currently practicing at their rallies which involves painting Barack Obama as a terrorist, racist, socialist and any other negative pharase that evokes fear in ignorant white people and others who are looking for reasons to hate.


This is their strategy for dealing with the current economic crises that has caused a 90-year-old woman to shoot herself rather then being evicted, and a distraught father to take the lives of his entire family, and then his own life.


All over the country and all over the world, we are facing one of the most severe financial crises that we have ever had to face; and because the McCain/Palin team have no solid workable plan to fix it, they are trying to take the American People’s attention off of it by spreading lies, hatred and fear.


You see! They love their country and their countryman so much until they would rather tell lies to win an election, as opposed to accepting their share of the responsibility for our current crises, and then discussing ways to put our country back on track


We are currently involved in a war that is costing this country $10,000,000.00 billion dollars per month.


We are struggling to fight a war in Afghanistan that is terribly under funded and under equipped because we are still fighting in Iraq to catch and punish those responsible for the 911 attacks, and we have not met this goal after 5000 deaths, and as I said, $10,000,000.00 billion dollars per month.

We have racial tension and division as a result of Barack Obama;s decision to run for president, (which is his right to do as an American Citizen).


And we have John McCain and Sarah Palin now trying to capitalize, (at the expense of the American People), on this very potentially dangerous and deadly environment.


And John McCain wants to continue along this same path if he is elected to lead this country.


So listen up black McCain supporters.


Your leaders John McCain and Sarah Palin have yet to denounce this type of behavior as unacceptable, so apparently this is alright with them.


And if they do not let their crowds know that this is not what they should be doing, then they will continue, because it appears to them, and to many other people that, this is the way they want their supporters to behave at their rallies.


So my question to you is:


Is this all right with you?


If it is not; then you may want to change your allegiance to the team who does not discriminate.


Choose the team who is not preaching racism and hatred, and who wants all of the American People to be successful regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation. And that team is: The Obama/Biden team.


It should be clear to you that these people do not have your best interest at heart, and you should withdraw your support from them.


However, if you still decide to follow them blindly, and continue to show them your love and support by attending their rallies; just remember that (through lies, deception and fear mongering), they are inciting hatred, racism and fear towards Barack Obama, who is African American, and just because you wear the republican label, when they are mad and want to hurt Obama, if they cant get to him, they will get to the next best thing:




And if you think so little of yourself that you would want to be somewhere that you are not wanted, then whatever happens, happens.


But you have been warned.



Greg Coleman







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