FOX News-A Lot To Do About Nothing

Chief Asshole At FOX

Chief Asshole At FOX

And A Little To Do About A Lot


FOX News; known for it’s blind devotion to right wing idiots, no matter how immoral, illegal, corrupt, abrasive, untrue, or racist, (Conservative), they may be, is utilizing the same techniques that they have always used to try and destroy someone who does not agree with their ideology.


Now before I go any further, let me just point out the fact that Senator Obama and his family have been subjected to a barrage of untrue, unfair, and unsubstantiated claims of being a socialist, a terrorist, a racist, a communist, a Marxist, a Muslim, an Arab, and anything else that could be used by these Right Wing Racist to destroy the character of a well qualified African American Candidate for President of the US. 


And the reason that it works so well is because of the fact that Barack Obama is a Black Man, running for President of the United States of America.


If he were a white candidate, these lies would be a lot harder to sell to the pocket of Die Hard Racist in this country, most of which reside within the McCain/Palin Campaign.


And now FOX News is trying to blame Senator Obama, because he was not available to dress 4 adults who decided to wear T-Shirts that proclaimed that Sarah Palin is a Bitch.


Now even though this statement can be viewed as misogynistic, many people in this country, (including me), view this as a fact.


As a matter of fact, I personally believe that she is a lying bitch, and I know why even though her and John McCain have been consistently lying to the American People since he picked her as his VP.


 I know what visible and invisible force allows them to continue to have as many people supporting them in spite of this.


Here are two reasons why this is so.


They are not black; and they are white.


Now I just want to acknowledge and show my appreciation for the good honest white citizens of this country who are voting for Barack, and the ones who are not voting for Barack because of something other then racism.


I applaud all one of you.


Now back to you FOX NEWS.


And the 3rd. reason is that:


FOX News is inundated with a bunch of ignorant racist/fascist who think that the world belongs to them, and that any other points of view, opinions, cultures, and any other elements of this society that is not in total agreement with them is invalid.


They are quick to point out one, (1) negative incident coming from the audience at an Obama Rally, but they totally ignore the many incidents of hatred and racism that have been coming from the McCain Rallies led by John McCain and Sarah Palin.


Hatred so intense that John McCain himself, (the leader of the ticket), gets booed by the crowd when he has to reverse the lies that he has been spreading about Senator Obama being an Arab, a Muslim, and a Terrorist, and call himself a liar by changing his tune to accommodate the fact that Senator Obama is just a decent human being, unlike what

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been behaving like for the last few months.




You let the Wright and Pfleger stories linger on and on, but you refuse to address the fact that Sarah Palin has a witch hunter preacher for a spiritual and a political advisor.


You have repeatedly jumped to report the association of Bill Ayers to Barack Obama.


But, you don’t want to talk about the racist organizations that John McCain has been a part of, and the extremist political group that Sarah Palin and her husband are a part of that wants Alaska to be removed as one of the 50 states in the union.


This is your MO, and we are well aware of how you operate.


Bill O’Reilly is famous for claiming that the FOX News Network is number one, and that they are the yardstick for truth and justice in America, (no spin zone my ass), and that none of the other networks can compete.


This is a lie within itself, but just like the Republicans, FOX News knows that if they repeat a lie enough times, that it will be accepted by those who are uneducated, socially ignorant, and who are too lazy to look beyond what someone tells them, and dig for the truth behind the lies.


Well guess what FOX?


Your network is not the yardstick for truth and justice; it is a vehicle for allowing people like John McCain, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others like them, to break laws and call it executive privilege, tell lies, steal from the American People, keep their rich friends rich, and the average person poor, and attempt to drive division between people of like minds who do not want to be crooked elitist, and who don’t want to be liars, or racist.


And there are a lot more of those people then there are of you, as witnessed by the fact that there is only one FOX, but there are many, (as you call them), liberal nuts on TV in this country, who refuse to fall into the bullshit traps that you set for unsuspecting victims, by making the truth into a lie, and a lie into the truth.


So you want some fucking truth FOX?


Here it is:


At least the T-Shirt did not speak of or promote violence such as “Kill Him”, “Behead Him”, or such explosive political terminologies as “Treason”, “Arab”, “Muslim”; And oh yea! I almost forgot, nigger. And, did you mention the monkey on a rope with Senator Obama’s name on it at one of these rallies this week.


I guess not; because, it was not one of your rich friends who helps to line the pockets of those who continuously perpetrate fraud in support of them, who were under attack.


It was a man who represents the average working person, who does not make ½ million dollars or more per year, and we all know that you consider these people to be not worth your time and respect, and if they are a minority, you hate and despise them.


And for all of you black assholes that are attending these events who do not have the balls to ask the question: Why are you unfairly attacking this black man?


And for those who do not have the intelligence to pull away from this madness, recognizing that there is nothing in John McCain and Sarah Palin’s plans that will benefit poor or disadvantaged people, (which is where the majority of minorities co-exist), then I, and many of my fellow Average People, which include a significant number of White, Black, Yellow, Red and Brown Americans, don’t care for you either.


How do I know this?


They tell me every time I visit Obama Headquarters.


Listen FOX News; there will not be any more attacks against Barack Obama or his supporters that pass through without an immediate response that is equal to, or greater then the attack that we are responding to.


Your white privilege is no longer functional, and the house niggers that you have working there with you, have no say, no respect, and no authority in our communities.


As a matter of fact, they are not even considered to be one of us. And neither are the political plants that are paid for by the McCain Campaign to try and convince black people that McCain has our best interest at heart, which is the bullshit that we witnessed last week.


So to all of you assholes at FOX News: Your bullshit is not working.


John McCain is trying the same tactics that the Hillary Clinton Campaign tried to use against Senator Obama, which are the same tactics that George W. Bush used against him in 2000; techniques that the American People, (not those few white people at the McCain Rallies), but the majority of Americans that happen to include more then just one race of people), has told you all, that they are sick and tired of.


Yet the gang, (and I do mean gang), at FOX News continues to represent and protect the people who continue to do what Americans have made clear that it does not want.


What the T-Shirt said just happens to be true.


The only problem that I have with the shirt is that it left FOX NEWS Out.


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


But don’t let this lead you to believe that we will not launch a fucking attack against you, when being attacked.





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