Obama’s Mini Documentary On Wednesday


This mini documentary was excellent.


It was well produced, and in addition to polish and production, the message was extremely clear and powerful to the point of bringing out so much emotion about those people who are suffering, until I had to fight back the tears, (being a man and all).


However, Barack Obama’s message in this production was clear, consistent, and powerful, as it has been since the inception of his campaign.


And it is important to note that Senator Obama’s message after many months of campaigning is in the last six days, as it was in the beginning: “Change”.


This is proof positive of his concentration, focus, and intensity towards realizing his dream of a “New America”, that benefits all of it’s citizens.


Whereas his opponent, (John McCain), has experimented with so many different themes since his campaign began, until I, and many other American Citizens, still have not been able to determine what he has to offer this country to repair the damage that has been done in the past 8 years.


Well! In all fairness, I must say that in the last 3 weeks, John McCain and Sarah Palin have finally come up with a solution to solving all of America’s problems:


It’s “Joe The Plumber”!


Thank you so very much John and Sarah; we feel so much better now.


 Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Barack Obama Chant


Greg Coleman


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