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Attention: All Independent & Undecided Voters

October 7, 2008


This video is in response to the allegations made by John McCain and Sarah Palin that accused Senator Obama of being either a terrorist, or a terrorist sympathizer.


This issue, as well as the issue of Reverend Wright, was adequately addressed and put to rest during the primary election, when Senator Obama was in competition with Senator Hillary Clinton.


However, The McCain Campaign, realizing that they are in deep trouble because of the economic catastrophe that we are currently facing, (which is partly due to John McCain’s support of the polices that created it); is now trying to create fear and loathing of Barack Obama by using allegations that have already been disproved.


This video is from the Obama Campaign, and it is about the scandal that Senator John McCain was a part of that created a similar economic crises to the one that we are now experiencing.


In fairness to Senator McCain, Senator McCain was not charged with anything as far as criminal charges are concerned.


However, he did receive a reprimand for the part that he played in this scandal, which indicates that he did have some involvement in it, although his involvement was not deemed to be criminal.


As has been my experience, Senator Obama would rather talk about the issues as opposed to mud slinging.


So this video is not an attack, it is a defense against the McCain Campaign in order to call attention to his skeletons, which is something that everyone has.


The Obama Campaign, and all of us who are supporters of the Obama campaign, will not sit by and watch John McCain and Sarah Palin, (at the direction of John McCain), attack our candidate with lies and innuendos.


We will fight back McCain.


Don’t forget to watch tonight’s crucial debate tonight; starting at 8:00PM.


Yesterday was the last day to vote for most states in the U.S.


Please don’t let the opportunity to change the government to benefit the majority of people in this country. If voter registration is still available in your area, please register to vote now.


Please register to vote now



Greg Coleman





Insult On The Intelligence Of The American People

October 6, 2008




As we draw closer to election day, we are witnessing an accelerated program of inaccuracies, half truths, deceptions, and just plain old lies from the McCain Campaign, designed to return to the character assassinations of Barack Obama, as opposed to discussing the real issues that confront the majority of the American People; namely our economy, and the expensive and deadly Iraq War.


Not only are they counting on the stupidity of the American Voters, but they are also counting on Sarah Palin’s ability to tell a lie with a straight face to their republican base, hoping to obtain converts along the way.


I am amazed at how they are deliberately trying to deceive the American People, by saying that Barack Obama will raise taxes on everyone including the middle class.


It is a fact that corporations and individuals who are earning more from the American Economy will have to pay more taxes on those earnings under a Obama/Biden Administration, but the regular working person will pay less taxes, which is the reverse of what John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to do.


They will not “change” anything.


What they are going to do is keep the same failed policies that have put us in the predicament that we are currently in.


We are still spending 10,000,000.00 billion dollars a month on a war that has failed so badly in it’s original purpose, that they have had to change the purpose of the war 5 or 6 times, to take the minds of the American People off of the original purpose, which was to capture and kill Osama Ben Ladin in response to the attacks on 911.


However, now you never even hear anything about this original purpose anymore.


This is because the original purpose was a lie, and they have succeeded in effectively taking the minds of the American People off of the truth.


And these are the same type of things that John McCain and Sarah Palin are doing now, before they even get into the Whitehouse.


And one would hope that this is obvious to the majority of voters who are not in a position that would allow them to benefit by a McCain/Palin Administration.


They are also reverting back to trying to make Obama into the people that he has been associated with during his lifetime.


Today, Sarah Palin called him a terrorist by association, and I am sure that it won’t be long before she will call him a racist by association; so be on the look out for this one.


The fact of the matter is, that if Barack was such an Anti-American figure in this country, as they are trying to make him out to be; he would not even be allowed by the many agencies and offices of the American Intelligence Community to be in the U.S. Senate, or let alone, run for President of the United States of American.


He would be in jail.


We have put 7,000,000.00 billion dollars into a bailout plan last week, and now the DOW is plunging as I am speaking to you.


As of right now, our national deficit is at a staggering total of  $10,160,225,779,116.22; that is $ 33,327.66 of shared debt per person in this country.


And Sarah Palin at the direction of John McCain, is trying to connect Senator Obama in some major fashion to a man who blew something up when Barack Obama was 8 years old.


So to all of you, who have still not made up your minds, please use it to separate lies from the truth, fact from fiction, and reality from fantasy.


Here is the truth.


Anyone who will do or say anything to get into the Whitehouse, will do or say anything to stay in the Whitehouse, rather those things benefit the American People or not. And once they’re in, it’s too late, as we have witnessed with the Bush Administration, even to the brink of criminality.


John McCain and Sarah Plain have absolutely no interest in building this country back up for the benefit of all Americans; they are only interested in obtaining the powers that go with being President and Vice President, so that they can continue with policies that do not benefit the average working person in America.


They want to continue with the large tax breaks and other welfare for the rich policies, along with weak or no regulation on Wall street, and major corporations, which is what we have had for the last 8 years, which is what has brought us to the 700,000,000.00 billion dollar bailout that was signed into law last week.




And just to prove to you that what I am saying about John McCain and Sarah Palin is true, as I sit here writing this, the Dow has just dropped 500 points.


Now what kind of responsible, concerned, public servant would not want to talk about that? The kind who does not care, and probably wont care once they have gotten the job.



Such is the case with John McCain And Sarah Palin.


Greg Coleman



Today is the last day to vote for most states in the U.S.


Please don’t let the opportunity to change the government to benefit the majority of people in this country.


Please register to vote now







Last Night’s Debate

October 3, 2008


Last Night's Debate

Last Night

First of all let me confirm that I am an Avid Barack Obama Supporter.




However, unlike the majority of the people in this country, I do not rely exclusively on my candidate of choice to convey the 100% uncolored data that I need to make an informed decision about who I want in a particular position of power, especially when it comes to the position of President of the United States of America.


So with that said, I think that last night’s debate was far more exciting and energetic then the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama last week.


This was partly due to the reason that both candidates treated each other with dignity and respect; the kind of dignity and respect that is due another human being who is not violently threatening you in any way.


And last night, Senator Biden and Governor Palin did exhibit this respect, as did Senator Obama in the debate against John McCain last week.


However, the lead man on the ticket, John McCain, did not exhibit this type of respect and consideration for Barack Obama.


So respect for the opponent was definitely refreshing, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sarah Palin did not duplicate the behavior pattern of the grumpy old man; and for that, I applaud her.


Now before I go any further, I need to know why the bar is set so low for Sarah Palin.


We have a woman who has been chosen by a 72 year old man, with a history of severe medical problems who does not want his potential predecessor to face the public, the opposition, the media, or to be placed in any other difficult position where she would have to exhibit strength and intelligence.


Is such a person who is sheltered, who has to have her boss jump in and answer her questions for her during interviews or questions from the audience what this country needs for the 2nd. In command who has a high probability of becoming the first in command?




So why was it that Joe Biden had to be so very careful about what he could, or could not say to her.


Why is this, such a major issue for Joe Biden?


As long as Joe Biden did not exhibit behavior that is unbecoming to a man in his position: why couldn’t he get tough with her, as the boys got tough with Senator Clinton during her campaign.


I don’t understand how Republicans who are concerned with putting country first, can be okay with a potential president who is being treated like a weak, unintelligent person.


Is this putting country first?


Now with that being said; I think that Sarah Palin did much better then expected, (even by her supporters), and definitely more then I or other Obama supporters thought that she would.


But was just doing better enough?


It was enough for the people who are already going to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin no matter what; lies, deceptions, distortions, misstatements, etc that the McCain Campaign has consistently been caught in.


But I do not think that her performance, (as good as it was, relatively speaking), packed enough punch to convince the voters who are still undecided to vote for John McCain.


I think in some cases, her performance worked the other way around, which was to get people who were leaning towards McCain, to turn around and choose Obama.


Now I am not taking away from Palin’s performance last night, because as I said before, I was quite impressed with how she handled herself against the Veteran Joe Biden


But it appears to me that Sarah Palin and John McCain are preaching to the choir every time they speak.  And for some reason, the McCain Campaign is making the dyer mistake of repeating the same old empty rhetoric that excites their base, but that turns the undecided voters off.


And, the undecided voters are the ones who will decide this election.


And last night was no exception.


I still did not hear what their plan for the nation is.


And even though Palin was pretty much flawless in her delivery, there did not seem to be very much content in what she delivered that would convince the undecided voters to vote for John McCain for president, unless they had already decided to vote for John McCain for President.


On the other hand, Joe Biden continued with the same 1,2,3, A, B, C, approach that Barack Obama has been using since he began campaigning for the general election; and he did it with common courtesy and respect for his opponent.


However, Sarah Palin continued on with the same vague concepts that are thrown out by John McCain on a daily basis: “Change is coming to Washington”, “There is only one man who has fought for you and has the scars to prove it”, “ She’s been a mayor”, “she’s been a governor”, “She’s been a mayor”, “She’s been a governor”, “she’s a member of the PTA”, “Did I mention that she was a point guard for her basketball team?”


This is the kind of small talk that their republican audiences cheer so enthusiastically for, although it does not answer the question: What specifically are you going to do to correct the damage that has been done to our economy and our country over the last 8 years?


Then again, how can you answer that question, if you cannot acknowledge the damage that has been done over the last 8 years, because you support the same principals and policies that your predecessor does?


As a matter of fact, last night Sarah Palin, on several occasions tried to take the nations attention off of the past by accusing the Obama Campaign of focusing on the past, when they are telling the nation that they are concerned with the future.


This was a nice political dodge that once again, only brought a positive response from the republican base.


Because those who do not learn from their past mistakes, repeat their past mistakes.


So the past performance of the last 8 years cannot be overlooked.


 She also could not overcome her propensity towards not answering direct questions.


On more then one occasion, she actually ignored the question of the moderator, and said, “let’s talk about this instead”.


And on more then one occasion, Joe Biden brought the debate right back to the topic.


Joe Biden also addressed each and every standard campaign misstatement; (lie)- that the McCain Campaign has become known for, not letting her get away with anything.


So coming from the non-emotional, logical, non-partisan part of me, if I had to pick a hand down winner, I couldn’t.


But if I had to pick a winner, I would have to say Joe Biden.


And that is coming form a guy who was so fed up and hateful of politicians before I stood still and listed to Barack Obama’s Message of Change; that I was considering not voting at all.


And just for the record, for all of you republicans who may be so far under the spell of John McCain and Sarah Palin that you may have not noticed;  “The Message of Change” that Barack Obama is currently preaching, is the same message that Barack Obama started with and stayed with through out his entire campaign; (even while John McCain’s message was “Experience Verses Inexperience”). John McCain started using “The Message of Change” as if it was his own original creation, shortly after he chose Sarah Palin, before the Republican National Convention.


This is not consistency and focus of purpose.



This is not what America needs.



Greg Coleman




(Only) Around Election Time










Let’s Play Sarah Palin Bingo Tonight

October 2, 2008

To play, go and get your cards at:

Whenever Sarah Palin says a word or phrase in one of your boxes, check it off.

Greg Coleman

Good Luck!