Once Again! The Candidate Who Is Against Celebrity; Enlist One’s Help

More Mindless Rhetoric

More Mindless Rhetoric




Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain who is strongly opposed to (Senator Obama’s Celebrity), his campaign strategy, his fund raising abilities, his massive crowds at rallies, his TV coverage, his massive campaign budget, his youth, and his blackness, has now enlisted the aid of a celebrity to add to the cast of mindless characters that he and Sarah Palin surround themselves with.


Now in addition to Hank Williams Jr., That Racist from Georgia, Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, Tito The Builder, and Joe The Plumber, he has now added Arnold The Terminator, The Governor of Cali-fornia.


We’ve had Hank Williams Jr. singing about the false connection of Senator Obama to terrorist, we have had Westmoreland call the Obama’s Uppity, (while struggling viciously to not complete that statement with the word that usually follows the word uppity), we’ve had Tito The Builder who added to the nothingness in their rhetoric by making some kind of mindless statement because of his overwhelming desire to fit in, we’ve had Joe The Plumber, the self serving, lying, aspiring author, aspiring country & western singer, unlicensed plumber, and aspiring entrepreneur, who lied about buying a business that he could not even afford to buy, even after he gave himself an illegal tax cut by failing to pay taxes to the country that he loves so much; and now we have Arnold Swarzenager talking about the size of Senator Barack Obama’s skinny legs, rather then referring to his large mental capacity, or his rock solid plan for changing America for the better for all Americans.


Have you found anything in this mess that talks about how we are going to get our country out of the mess that it is in, and make it the great nation that it really is?


Hell No!


This is just another example of the lack of preparation, the un-clarity of message, the lack of a definite focused purpose, and the rank amateurism of the McCain Campaign.


Beginning with his choice of Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin, whom he thought would be his greatest asset, who is now his greatest liability.


As a matter of fact, word on the street is, that she is no longer interested in assisting John McCain’s Campaign; instead, she is preparing for her advancement into the national political spotlight.


And the funny thing about it is, we are hearing so much about the negative behavior of the Sarah Palin Team, but those on the McCain staff who are lodging these complaints, are trying to leave out the fact that John McCain was responsible for the decision that put her where she now.


So as I said way back when he chose her in my blog entitled: “A Question Of Judgment”,  as it was in the beginning, so it is towards the end.


It is still a question of judgment, and the cast of characters that he and Sarah Palin have surrounded themselves with, is an indication of the poor judgment that has been exhibited throughout the McCain Campaign.


And now in desperation, (which is what most of these last minute gasps for air are), he has now added “The Terminator” to the mix.


Well Senator McCain, not even the terminator can repair the damage that you have done to your own campaign, which was caused by your lack of judgment, poor taste, lies, implied racism, and all of the dirty tricks that you have tried that have back fired on you; and your biggest back fire of all, which is Sarah Palin.


It has been said many times, (and with good reason, and evidence to back it up), that you can judge how a presidential candidate would run the country by the way that he or she, runs their campaign.


If the way that you have run your campaign is any indication of how you are going to run this nation, then only a fool would want to move this country in that direction.


And I am counting on The American People on this Tuesday, November 4, 2008, to not be a majority of fools.


Come on America!


Vote for Barack Obama for President, and Joe Biden for Vice President this Tuesday.


And Senator McCain, “The Terminator” will be back; but you won’t.


Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Won’t Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


A New Video By Greg Coleman


G.R.C. Records


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Video















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