John McCain Receives An Endorsement From Another Shady Character

War Crimes Participant

War Crimes Participant

On Friday John McCain brought you Cali-fornia Governor, Arnold Swarzenager as an endorser.

Arnold is the latest addition to the other shady charters in his arsenal of bull-shit characters like Hank Williams Jr. singing about the false connection of Senator Obama to terrorist, Westmoreland who called the Obamas Uppity, (while struggling viciously to not complete that statement with the word that usually follows the word uppity), Tito The Builder who added to the nothingness in their rhetoric by making some kind of mindless statement because of his overwhelming desire to fit in, Joe The Plumber, the self serving, lying, aspiring author, aspiring country & western singer, unlicensed plumber, and aspiring entrepreneur, who lied about buying a business that he could not even afford to buy, even after he gave himself an illegal tax cut by failing to pay taxes to the country that he loves so much; Arnold Swarzenager talking about the size of Senator Barack Obama’s skinny legs, rather then referring to his large mental capacity, or his rock solid plan for changing America for the better for all Americans.


And as I said yesterday, I say again!


Have you found anything in this mess that talks about how we are going to get our country out of the mess that it is in, and make it the great nation that it really is?


Now adding to this list of shady characters that John McCain and Sarah Palin have surrounded themselves with; they now have a man, (who in a nation where no one was really above the law), would be in jail now; along with several others from the Bush Administration, including the boss himself, George W. Bush.


John McCain has officially received the endorsement of war crimes participant, Vice President, Dick Cheney.


Of course this endorsement is no surprise to those who have been following politics for at least the last 8 years.


As Senator Obama said, John McCain has truly earned this endorsement by giving his total support and devotion to the Whitehouse’s Movement to engage in a war with Iraq based on lies.


So once again, we have another character joining the McCain/Palin Campaign who is redefining patriotism.


These people are calling Racism Patriotism, they are calling Breaking The Law Patriotism, they are calling Lying To The American People Patriotism, they are calling Division Patriotism, and most amazingly, they have those who are blinded by racism, hatred, prejudice, ignorance, and a lack of desire to search for the truth; convinced that they have allowed over 4000 American Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, and people’s close friends, die in Iraq under false pretenses and lies, all in the name of  Patriotism.


This is not America at it’s best.


This is not putting country first.


This is what it is.


It is a sham to deceive the American People for the purpose of being elected so that they can continue to further the agenda of the very people who are speaking up for them on the campaign trail, who like them, are crooked, and who are redefining patriotism to mean beneficial to the corrupt few, as opposed to the innocent many.


On November 4, 2008, The American People are going to have to decide:


Will it be politics and policies that benefit only one race of people, only one class of people, and that deceives people who blindly accept everything that their politicians say as truth, so much so that they do not even recognize when they are being lied too by the very people who are supposed to love them so much?


Or will The American People choose a new kind of politics that considers every citizen to be an American, regardless of their race, creed, color, income level, or educational level?


Which one of these 2 visions correlate to what you have always heard about the United States of America?


If you answered vision number 1, proposed by John McCain and Sarah Palin, then you are accepting a lie.


If you answered vision number 2, proposed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, then you are in tune with what you have always heard about the United States of America.


Reject the lie about America by voting for the truth about America.


On Tuesday, November 4th. Vote for Barack Obama for President, and Joe Biden for Vice President.


Support The Truth About America.


Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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