A Final Thought For The Right Wing Fascist

Hello Right Wing Fascist:


I have been busy working with those of my kind.


You know!


They are the kind that will not refuse to vote for the best candidate because of skin color.




I am not a closed minded democrat, but I do know bullshit and dishonesty when I see it, especially after being on the receiving end of it for over 50 years.


And the smell of it in the McCain/Palin Campaign is very intense.


Now before you ask, yes I do detect bullshit coming from the Obama/Biden Ticket also.


However, that is what politicians do, rather they be democrat or republican.


However, this year’s prize for bull-shit, as well as the prize for the last 8 years goes to the Republicans headed up by George W. Bush, and now headed up by the aspiring McCain/Palin Ticket.


And the only people who would approve of these types of Anti-American behaviors would have to be closed minded people.


Now let me tell you why I believe that I am not closed minded about John McCain and Sarah Palin.


I know for sure that if Obama and Biden were trying to pull off the same shit that McCain and Palin have been doing, which is being orchestrated by the same people who pulled off the bull-shit that allowed George W. Bush to defeat John McCain in 2000; I would not vote for them either, (Black or No Black).


That is unless they were more down to earth, and clearer about their plans for the country then their opponents were, which is clearly the case.


You see!


You cannot create “change” by hiring the same people to run the same dishonest, inaccurate and deceptive campaign that was run by the man that you are claiming you are not similar to.




In addition, I am not closed-minded because, I don’t believe that it is my place to tell a woman what choices she should make for her own body, and her own life when it comes to such a delicate topic as abortion.


I don’t think that GOD approves of my sins, or cares about my political views over that of anyone else’s,


I don’t,  think that the free exchange of ideas should be destroyed by removing certain books from the library.


 I don’t become tongue tied when questioned about the qualifications of my chosen candidate.


I don’t have a problem discussing slavery, and the constitutional changes that had to be made in order to abolish it.


And I definitely did not want to impose my views on you; just share them with you for your consideration.


 But I can tell that my views have been striking a chord with you, judging from the intense responses that I have been getting from you, and people like you out in cyberspace.


And in spite of what you have been saying to try and excuse, ignore, support, and get people like me to except what John McCain and Sarah Palin have been doing, I don’t care what color ass holes come in; they are still ass holes to me, and John McCain and Sarah Palin definitely fall into this category.


So in the last few hours of this vigil on the direction that America is going to take in the next 4 years, I won’t be answering your comments on my blog posts.


Instead, I will be spending all of my time with those of my kind.


 Those of my kind being, those of like minds, (be they black or white), who recognize the fact that I have stated, and will continue to state, and that is: that anyone who will do or say anything to deceive the American People, specifically for the purpose of getting into an office as important and as powerful as the Presidency of the United States, is the wrong person for that job.


Because once they are in office, they will also do anything, (legal or not), (honest or not), (or good for the American People, Or Not!), in order to keep that office.


Prime Example!


George W. Bush.


So you may feel free to ignore my commentary, and not let me impose my broad-minded view of politics and racism on you, (which the right wing media just started to admit to as a problem in the last few months of this race); but it is something that I have been mentioning since day one; and I will continue to mention racism long after this election is over, because of the fact that it is a reality for everyone except for those who are so accustomed to it, that they themselves are not even aware of the fact that they are practicing it.




Because I am broad minded and aware enough to not let people cover it up with highly technical and coded words and definitions like, “small town”, “blue collar workers”,  “conservative”, or “working class”, and now “Appalachia”.


All of these codes wind up meaning the same thing, “Racist People”.


So the next time you see my commentary, do what I do when I see messages like the ones that I have seen coming from John McCain, Sarah Palin, and other people like you throughout this campaign.


Ignore them!


And in return for your ignorance, I will continue to work even harder to make sure that Americans, (of all races, and of all kinds, everywhere), who are not blinded by narrow mindedness, sexism, fear mongering, war mongering, artificial inflation of unknown politician’s qualifications, inaccuracies, racism, sexism and down right lies, continue to not be blinded by these things


The majority of the people in this country have not benefited by the actions of the Republicans over the last 8 years; only the rich and powerful, and those who are poor that (for whatever reason), cannot or will not acknowledge this fact.


Therefore, there is no logical reason for the majority of the people in this country to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin, a politician who supported the actions of George W. Bush over 90% of the time, to lead this country further into the ground; no matter how good John and Sarah think they are at the “Art Of Deception”.


The only reason that this election is not a total landslide, is because of the fact that one of the candidates involved is an African American, and there are still too many ignorant white people, and some black, and some foreigners who are trying so very hard to be a part of the in crowd in America, who are more receptive to the lies of the white candidates, instead of being receptive to the truth of the black candidate who is accompanied by a white candidate.


So after 22 months of watching you, and hearing you, I have come to the conclusion that it is futile to try and impart any inkling of the truth to you about where America is, and where it needs to be, and about how we need to get there, because you are not interested in the truth.


You are only interested in the “self-serving”, “me first” and “me only” attitudes that you think that John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to be able to protect should they be elected.


But the fact of the matter is, that when the middle class suffers in America, all of America suffers.


 It is so scary and amusing to talk to voters, (some black), (but most white), who are concerned about this so called wealth distribution that Senator Obama is proposing.


When I ask them if they are concerned about Obama taking away some of their wealth, they have been saying, “No! I don’t make enough for it to affect me”.


So unless they are expecting a great windfall profit; why in the hell are they concerned with a tax increase for people who earn over $250,000 dollars or more per year, while they are totally ignoring the fact that Obama’s tax rollback on the wealthy will put more money into their pockets.


Could it be that they would rather bite the Black Hand that feeds them, as opposed to supporting the black candidate that will benefit them?


Obama is not increasing taxes on anyone, he is simply rolling back the tax cut (taking back the gift), that the Bush Administration gave to the wealthiest Americans in this country in order to give a tax cut to the regular working person, which is just the opposite of what the hell we have had for the last 8 years that has not worked.


And the fact that you are still blind to this reality after all of these months of foreclosures, job loss, recession, inflation, and a $700,000,000 billion dollar bailout for Wall Street, shows me that there is really no hope for you.


There are still many undecided voters as of today, November 3, 2008. And there are still many who do not understand this phenomenon.


There are only 3 explanations for this.


  1. You have not been listening and doing your research all of these months.
  2. You find it very difficult to make major decisions in life, period.
  3. You are waiting for Senator Obama’s Skin Color to change to white.

For all number 1’s. Shame on you! This is inexcusable with all that is at stake in this most important election of our lifetime.


For all number 2’s. This has nothing to do with either candidate. This is something personal that you will have to work on, not just for the election, but also for everything else in your life.


For all number 3’s. You will most likely be undecided even on Election Day, or you will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin, because you don’t have to wait for them to turn white.


It is so ridiculous to see that so many people are worshiping people who are doing nothing more then lying to them, speaking empty shallow words that have no meaning, and introducing more liars into the mix to do the same. And I am so amazed that these people are still cheering and applauding this foolishness, which has absolutely nothing to do with healing our nation and repairing the damage that has been done as a result of the same types of behaviors that are being exhibited by John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their supporters. 


In the final analysis:


There is really nothing we can do about the people who are blinded by hatred, prejudice, racism, and skin color.


The success of this election for Barack Obama, and the future of this country will depend on our ability to reach out to people who are still receptive to, and searching for the truth about our nation, and to those who already share our views, and who have a strong desire for a better America for every American Citizen; not just the rich, the powerful, or the white.


We have to look for these people, and pull them all together to work like hell to support and get Senator Obama elected, a President who cares about everyone, not just the rich, and the powerful, the white, or the black.


On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, we will learn how effective we have been in doing this. And we will also learn if this country is truly making progress on its quest for fairness and equality for all, which is its strongest selling point, or if it is still stuck in racial prejudice, blind hatred, and ignorance.


I sure hope that the latter is not true.


Barack Obama for President of the United States of America.


Greg Coleman


Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


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