Debunking The Myth. Everybody Is Not In Love With Sarah Palin.


Not Everybody Loves Sarah

Not Everybody Loves Sarah





You know there are so many less of those who are members of the “Elitist Right Wing Movement”, that they cannot possibly overtake this country without voter fraud, deception, lies, and out and out criminal acts against the Democratic Process known as Voting.


Sometimes in an effort to do this, they resort to the technique of repeating the same lies over and over until others who are not educated and or informed, accept the lies as truth.


One such lie is that everybody loves Sarah Palin, especially back in her home in Alaska.


This photo album will help to debunk this theory proposed by the McCain/Palin Campaign, which they have been trying to sell to the American People since the introduction of this very unqualified VP Candidate.



The Biggest Protest In Alaska’s History Photo Album.



Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


A New Video By Greg Coleman

G.R.C. Records


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Barack Obama Chant




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