Instead Of Dealing With The Issues


What is the world coming to?


When we have people losing their jobs at an alarming rate.


When we have people who are losing their homes the same way that they are losing their jobs.


When we have a financial crash on Wall Street


When we have a financial crises on main street, which actually led to the financial crises on Wall Street, but the Republicans insisted on not helping the people on Main street, because it was not government’s job to bail out people who took out loans that they knew they could not afford; and then the Whitehouse called on the American People, (whom they did not want to bailout), to bailout Wall Street.


We have people who are attempting suicide because they are about to lose everything that they have worked hard for all of their lives.


We have people chaining themselves to their homes, in the hopes that this desparate act will prevent the bank from taking their homes from them.


We have spikes in crime rates as a result of these conditions.


We had one man in this country that became so hopeless that he felt the only way out was to kill his entire family, and then himself.


And we have wars, conflicts, and rumors of wars all over this planet, as well as a war that this planet is waging against man in retaliation for the abuses that we have imposed upon her with our environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels.


And the response to all of these potentially disastrous conditions is:


Concern about which baseball team Senator Obama has pledged his allegiance to


Being upset about an interruption of a baseball game for a commercial that discusses one of the most important decisions that the American People have ever had to make.


Accusing people of being Terrorist, Arabs, Muslims, Marxist’s Socialist’s Communist’s, etc, and then having to act as if they did not say these things when confronted about them.


Lying about their sins


Accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of, (and in some cases), their transgressions are far more severe then those of the innocent who are being accused.


Failing to really work hard to prepare a plan with substance to solve some of the problems that we are facing as a country


And then lying about putting country first


None of these counter productive activities coming from John McCain and Sarah Palin over the last several months resemble anything that is capable of solving these problems for the people of America.


And what is even more frightening is the fact that they have as many people showing up to worship them as they do.


We have people who are claiming to be all about putting the country first, who are lifting up people who have lied, cheated, and stolen from the American People, and who are laying plans to continue to do this in the next administration.


We have people worshiping people who are promoting racism, hatred, and violence against an American Citizen who has exercised his right to seek the office of President of the United States of America, and the people who support him.


We have people who are trying to anoint certain people as “True Americans”, because they are blindly following them, without any real knowledge or understanding of what is really happening.


And now we have people who are seeking the highest office in the land that are putting a self serving, lying, unlicensed plumber who lied about buying a business that he knew he did not have enough capital to purchase, and who is so patriotic and loving of this nation, that he refused to pay the taxes that he owes to it, up on a pedestal for all of their followers to see; and they have fallen for this farce, (as they have for all of the other meaningless and empty rhetoric that is spilling without conscience from the mouths of John McCain and Sarah Palin.


They have done all of these evil meaningless things predicated on the lie that they are putting the country first.


When in reality, if they truly wanted to put the country first after all of the offenses that they have committed against their opponent, his supporters, and the American People in general; they would withdraw from the race in shame and dishonor.


However, I have enough political smarts to know that this is not going to happen.


So instead, they will continue to use “Joe The Plumber”, to help them fool


Cindy The Clerk


Nancy The Nurse


Carl The Carpenter


Ben The Barber


William The Waiter


Billy The Bus Boy


Shirley The Seamstress


Wendy The Waitress


Jerry The Jock


Harry The Handyman


And even Tom The Token


And they will do all of this instead of dealing with the issues, because you see! They really do not have a plan.


They thought that just because they were white, they would not have to seriously prepare for this election, because this election was a given for them, simply because they were running against an African American Candidate.


Well! This is Greg The Guitarist saying,


I would expect no less from John The Jerk


And Sarah The Slut


I have 1 word for you:




Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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