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Sarah Palin Accepts Dinner Invitation From A Community Organizer.

January 31, 2009

Oh The Hypocrisy!

Oh The Hypocrisy!

Oh The Hypocrisy!


Oh it is such a blessing that the historical campaign and the subsequent successful election of Barrack Hussein Obama as the First African American President Of The United States of America, has truly raised the political consciousness and awareness of normal everyday American citizens to heights never reached before in the history of  American Politics.



There are many things that would have slipped pass even the brightest of Americans who would not normally utilize their deductive powers of reason, and their long-term and short-term memory for details on the actions and behaviors of politicians, due to the fact that they would be too involved in the everyday struggles that we must face in order to survive.


However since this is not the case as a result of the 2008 Presidential Elections, I am seeing a preponderance of evidence that supports my theory that Republicans have severe learning disabilities including Attention Deficit Disorder,  in addition to their Multiple Americas Philosophy  their “To hell with poor people and little people attitudes, and their almost robotic, idiotic defenses of some of the most selfish, ridiculous foolish, inaccurate, and unsubstantiated lies known to man, told by their Fellow Republicans.


Case in point: Alaska’s Governor,  Sarah Palin, who insulted the dignity and importance of Community Organizers in our nations growth, improvement and development, has now said that she is very excited to have dinner with one of  the most famous Community Organizers in the world, Barack Obama.


Sarah has gracefully accepted this invitation thinking that the American People who voted for Barack Obama do not remember the extremely negative statements made by her and her assistant, John McCain against then Senator Obama,  during the Presidential Campaign of 08.


In addition, she is also having dinner with a man who’s contempt for America runs so deep that he pals around with terrorist.


And, being a “Maverick” and all, I find it quite surprising that she would consider attending the “Alfalfa Dinner”,today which is a dinner attended by only a small group of Elite Washington Insiders.


You see! What this indicate is that she is and will always be and do what Republicans do best. Lie!


After the Presidential Election, I thought that there would be nothing else of interest going on that demanded attention in the Political Arena, However I , like so many other Americans were wrong.


Since the battle for the Whitehouse by a Black Man has awaken the imagination, inspiration, and the interest of people all over the world, politics and politicians seem to be acting out in some very interesting, and sometimes very strange and funny ways.


Sarah Palin’s acceptance of President Obama’s dinner invitation, is just one small example of what I say about politicians and people in general:


“Don’t listen to what they say! Watch what they do!”


If you take advantage of the heightened awareness that we as a country experienced as a result of witnessing the First Serious African American  Candidate do battle for the Whitehouse, ( a battle that he and the American People subsequently won), you will continue to see many strange and wondrous, sometimes funny,  but often times dishonest, hypocritical, ridiculous, and sometimes illegal behaviors exhibited by politicians in general, and Republicans specifically.


Stay tuned, because even though President Obama is now in the Whitehouse handling the people’s business, quite effectively I might add,  his success and the  future of our country still depends on our ability to detect, dissuade, and fumigate BS.


And be sure to continue to pay attention to Governor Sarah Palin’s bid for the Whitehouse in 2012.


We Must Never Let This Happen. Never!


Remember this political fact: The way they run, is the way they govern.


If you see dishonest, hypocritical, immoral, or illegal behaviors during the campaign, it will continue to exists once they are in office.


Keep your ears, your eyes, your heart, and your mind open always.


There is a lot at stake.


Alaskan Lawmakers Concerned About Sarah Palin’s Focus On Alaska


History Of The Alfalfa Club


Greg Coleman


































The President That Looks Like Me

January 22, 2009


Mr. President

Mr. President

A Poem by: Greg Coleman
Hello Everyone!
I know it’s been awhile
But since the people elected Obama
I’ve had no time for ideological arguments
Because I’ve got my reason to smile
A humble honorable man
Who truly puts his country first
He satisfied the desire for change
For which the people thirst
Constantly attacked by people
Who tried to sow the demon’s seed
He ran because of his love for the American People
Not for power drunkenness, dishonesty and greed
And to all who still don’t understand
What the majority of people see in this man
I guess you never will
Because of where you stand
You see millions of Americans
Who just could no longer cope
Saw in this man
The power of hope
And people who were suffering
Who were deep in despair and pain
Saw in this man
The potential for change
But the message that he brought to us
Is really nothing new
But the people at the top
Just seemed to have lost the view
Because this is the United States of America
Not the united states of a few
Many white conservatives called black people racist
Because we whole heartedly supported this man
But it wasn’t because he’s black
It’s because he had an actual plan
To save our nation
And serve it’s people well
To lift this nation up
Out of the depths of hell
So I come to you today
To let you know that America made the right choice
A people united with a common purpose
And a common voice
For Barack Obama is the first black president
Of the United States
But he is the president of all of the people
No matter what their race
He comes highly recommended, qualified, and thoroughly educated you see
So I make no apologies, no excuses
For The President That Looks Like Me





Barack Obama Is the 44th President Of The United States Of America

January 21, 2009

Congratulations To President Obama


Congratulations To Vice President Joe Biden


Congratulations To The American People



Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Barack Obama Chant


Celebrate! Dance To The Music!

President Obama

President ObamaPresident Obama




Let’s Keep The Spirit Of  Today Alive In Our Hearts Forever


What This All Means To Me

January 20, 2009


Equality For All

Equality For All

As someone who has personally experienced, and who continues to experience racial discrimination at the hands of unsupervised racist who have been given too much power to discriminate at will, in the allocation of resources, services and funds to the disabled citizens of Maryland, namely DORS, (Division of Rehabilitative Services), and their contracted cohorts, RISE, (Reach Independence Through Self Employment), the inauguration of Barack Hussein, (yes that’s right Hussein), Obama gives me hope that after 6 years of fighting with these agencies, and filing complaint after complaint, with federal, state, and local officials to no avail, (including the Justice Department in Washington DC), that we will finally have someone in the Whitehouse who will see to it that when guidelines are set and met, rules and regulations are followed to the letter, and that the client, (that is me and other people of color), who have complied with all of this will not have to suffer endlessly because these racist are allowed to lie, cheat, and change the rules at their whim in order to keep African American Clients from receiving the technical, moral, and financial support that they have qualified for, and that there will not be separate qualifications for one segment of society, and another set for others.


In spite of the fact that I have been fighting to obtain funds for my business since 2003, after successfully passing the tests, completing the classes, and following the guidelines set forth by these people, (which they change at will), no one with whom I have filed a complaint with has recognized the fact that it is very strange that none of the African Americans that I attended class with were approved for funding after completing the requirements, and that 2 white clients had meetings set up for them by the instructor of the class with bank officers for funding, weeks before the class had even ended. 


I am not the only victim of this kind of obvious discrimination.


There are many people of African American Decent, who have, and continue to experience these kinds of double standards while pursuing services that are supposed to be available to all citizens who meet the requirements for these and other  types of programs, which in theory are designed to serve the people whom they are supposed to represent.


It is my hope that this president will make justice and equality for all Americans more then just a warm and fuzzy notion that has no practical application to the millions of people (such as myself), who have been denied access to these resources and services by unsupervised racist who are protected by more unsupervised racist, in order to keep certain segments of society from being treated fairly, simply because they can, because it is allowed.


There is no logical explanation for the fact that since 2003, none of the representatives of DORS, or the RISE Program, or for that matter, CAP, (The Client Assistant Program), which is the program that is supposed to be responsible for resolving problem cases such as this, have not been effective in doing so.


At the very least, they should have been able to determine if they could help me or not; but this has not been accomplished by them, by the many politicians, bureaucrats and department heads who have repeatedly received my reports on this issue.


These kinds of smoke screens have existed for years. Even going as far as denying people who have fought and or died for this country the benefits that they have rightfully earned. And many of these deceitful and hateful acts continues on the watch of many local, state, and federal authorities including , mayors, governors, congressman, senators, and presidents who are supposed to care about the people they represent.


It is my hope that with the cooperation of the American People who want a better country, and a better world; The Obama Administration will bring about the positive changes necessary to seek out and remove these types of people from agencies that are charged with allocating resources and services that have long term effects on people’s lives.


 Greg Coleman

Happy Birthday To A King

January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Jan 15 1929-Apr 4 1968

G.R.C. Records would like to wish Martin Luther King Jr, a Happy 80th. Birthday.


Thank you for sacrificing GOD’S Greatest Gift, (Life), so that our lives would be better than the lives of those who came before us.



Martin Luther King, Jr.


Greg Coleman





The Obama Whistle-stop Tour

January 19, 2009


Thanks to President Elect, Barack Hussein Obama II, for taking the time to retrace the route of Abraham Lincoln’s Historical Whistle-stop Tour, on his way to Washington DC, where he will be sworn in this Tuesday, January 20th. 2009,as the nation’s 44th.President, (and the first African American President), in this nation’s history.



From Philadelphia to Washington DC, and all stops in between, thousands of people full of love, hope, and pride lined the route to either hear President Elect Obama speak, or to just catch a glimpse of him, his family, and his Vice President and family, as they slowly rolled by.


Thanks to the over 1500 people who showed their love and respect for the new president in Edgewood, MD. I know that it was dangerously cold and uncomfortable, as I was standing with you on this historical occasion.


And I am so proud of the people of Baltimore, (my home town), who demonstrated how much this new administration means to them by filling up the War Memorial Plaza, and the Inner Harbor by the thousands to show support of the new president, and to be a living part of American History.


Even though there are those who are still afraid, full of fear, and in some cases hate for the new much needed changes that are currently taking place in our country, even they cannot dampen, downplay, or deny the power that is clearly in full force as the result of this movement created by the people of the United States of America, in conjunction with President Elect, Barack Obama, and Vice President Elect, Joe Biden.


Thanks to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the people of the United States for standing up to the powers that be, and the status quo, in order to bring about the positive change that this nation needs in order to insure it’s survival.


Above all else, I thank GOD that he saw fit to let me live to see these times.


Greg Coleman