The President That Looks Like Me


Mr. President

Mr. President

A Poem by: Greg Coleman
Hello Everyone!
I know it’s been awhile
But since the people elected Obama
I’ve had no time for ideological arguments
Because I’ve got my reason to smile
A humble honorable man
Who truly puts his country first
He satisfied the desire for change
For which the people thirst
Constantly attacked by people
Who tried to sow the demon’s seed
He ran because of his love for the American People
Not for power drunkenness, dishonesty and greed
And to all who still don’t understand
What the majority of people see in this man
I guess you never will
Because of where you stand
You see millions of Americans
Who just could no longer cope
Saw in this man
The power of hope
And people who were suffering
Who were deep in despair and pain
Saw in this man
The potential for change
But the message that he brought to us
Is really nothing new
But the people at the top
Just seemed to have lost the view
Because this is the United States of America
Not the united states of a few
Many white conservatives called black people racist
Because we whole heartedly supported this man
But it wasn’t because he’s black
It’s because he had an actual plan
To save our nation
And serve it’s people well
To lift this nation up
Out of the depths of hell
So I come to you today
To let you know that America made the right choice
A people united with a common purpose
And a common voice
For Barack Obama is the first black president
Of the United States
But he is the president of all of the people
No matter what their race
He comes highly recommended, qualified, and thoroughly educated you see
So I make no apologies, no excuses
For The President That Looks Like Me





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