Sarah Palin Accepts Dinner Invitation From A Community Organizer.

Oh The Hypocrisy!

Oh The Hypocrisy!

Oh The Hypocrisy!


Oh it is such a blessing that the historical campaign and the subsequent successful election of Barrack Hussein Obama as the First African American President Of The United States of America, has truly raised the political consciousness and awareness of normal everyday American citizens to heights never reached before in the history of  American Politics.



There are many things that would have slipped pass even the brightest of Americans who would not normally utilize their deductive powers of reason, and their long-term and short-term memory for details on the actions and behaviors of politicians, due to the fact that they would be too involved in the everyday struggles that we must face in order to survive.


However since this is not the case as a result of the 2008 Presidential Elections, I am seeing a preponderance of evidence that supports my theory that Republicans have severe learning disabilities including Attention Deficit Disorder,  in addition to their Multiple Americas Philosophy  their “To hell with poor people and little people attitudes, and their almost robotic, idiotic defenses of some of the most selfish, ridiculous foolish, inaccurate, and unsubstantiated lies known to man, told by their Fellow Republicans.


Case in point: Alaska’s Governor,  Sarah Palin, who insulted the dignity and importance of Community Organizers in our nations growth, improvement and development, has now said that she is very excited to have dinner with one of  the most famous Community Organizers in the world, Barack Obama.


Sarah has gracefully accepted this invitation thinking that the American People who voted for Barack Obama do not remember the extremely negative statements made by her and her assistant, John McCain against then Senator Obama,  during the Presidential Campaign of 08.


In addition, she is also having dinner with a man who’s contempt for America runs so deep that he pals around with terrorist.


And, being a “Maverick” and all, I find it quite surprising that she would consider attending the “Alfalfa Dinner”,today which is a dinner attended by only a small group of Elite Washington Insiders.


You see! What this indicate is that she is and will always be and do what Republicans do best. Lie!


After the Presidential Election, I thought that there would be nothing else of interest going on that demanded attention in the Political Arena, However I , like so many other Americans were wrong.


Since the battle for the Whitehouse by a Black Man has awaken the imagination, inspiration, and the interest of people all over the world, politics and politicians seem to be acting out in some very interesting, and sometimes very strange and funny ways.


Sarah Palin’s acceptance of President Obama’s dinner invitation, is just one small example of what I say about politicians and people in general:


“Don’t listen to what they say! Watch what they do!”


If you take advantage of the heightened awareness that we as a country experienced as a result of witnessing the First Serious African American  Candidate do battle for the Whitehouse, ( a battle that he and the American People subsequently won), you will continue to see many strange and wondrous, sometimes funny,  but often times dishonest, hypocritical, ridiculous, and sometimes illegal behaviors exhibited by politicians in general, and Republicans specifically.


Stay tuned, because even though President Obama is now in the Whitehouse handling the people’s business, quite effectively I might add,  his success and the  future of our country still depends on our ability to detect, dissuade, and fumigate BS.


And be sure to continue to pay attention to Governor Sarah Palin’s bid for the Whitehouse in 2012.


We Must Never Let This Happen. Never!


Remember this political fact: The way they run, is the way they govern.


If you see dishonest, hypocritical, immoral, or illegal behaviors during the campaign, it will continue to exists once they are in office.


Keep your ears, your eyes, your heart, and your mind open always.


There is a lot at stake.


Alaskan Lawmakers Concerned About Sarah Palin’s Focus On Alaska


History Of The Alfalfa Club


Greg Coleman


































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