Change You Can Believe In Becoming A Reality

President Continues The Fight

President Continues The Fight



And The Republicans Don’t Like It!


The election is over, and the battle for justice and equality for all continues.


To all who supported Senator Barack Obama during the election, do not stop supporting President Obama now.


The election was just the first step in a very long succession of steps that will need to be repeated over and over again, probably for the rest of our lifetime, and the lifetimes of our offspring before we see the much needed change to government in Washington, DC and throughout the country.


Please keep your signs on your lawns, on your cars, and in your windows. Please keep wearing your President Obama buttons, T-shirts, jackets, hats, and any other apparel that you have that shows the world that you are supporting this president.


A president who has hit the ground running to do the things that he said he would do during his campaign, and is actually making a sincere effort to make justice and equality for all a reality, rather then just warm and fuzzy words that have no practical application in the lives of normal everyday people.


He began making  “Change” the focus of his election 2 years before it even looked like he may become president, he continued with this message throughout his campaign, and he has now moved into the Whitehouse as president, and the consistency of his message of “Change” continues to ring out even though the election has ended.


This in itself is the first indication of change coming to our government.


The standard practice of politicians here in the U.S. is that during the election, they always say what they need to say in order to be elected to the office they seek, and then once they are voted in based on the lies that they have told, they do nothing.


Only Around Election Time


The fact that President Elect Obama accepted and admitted to his humanness and his limitations as a man was demonstrated when he said, “ I am going to make mistakes. There will be false starts, set backs and problems, but I promise you that I will always tell you the truth about where we are”.


And in spite of the fact that Republicans  (as usual), are trying to capitalize on the mistakes made in the vetting process of Tom Daschle to head the Department of Health and Human Services, who failed to pay back taxes of over $100,000 dollars for a car and driver that was lent to him by a friend, Nancy Killefer, Obama’s appointment to oversee budget and spending reform, who cheated on her taxes; Timothy Geither, another Obama appointment, who cheated on his taxes; and Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico another Obama appointment (Commerce Secretary) -who sold his soul for state contracts to campaign donors.


However Nancy Killefer withdrew her nomination first, followed by Tom Daschle on Tuesday, and Bill Richardson withdrew his nomination several weeks ago.


President Obama has accepted all of these people’s resignations and has admitted and apologized to the American People for his errors. President Obama said, “I think I screwed up”.


This is also a new and refreshing change for government in this country.


Even though it is now, and has been for quite some time, a well-known fact, have you ever heard the 43rd president of the United States, or any before him admit that he was human and that he had made mistakes?


Hell No!


You have not seen this unless you are old enough to Remember President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. This was the last time that an American President offered a public apology to the American People.


John F. Kennedy apologized to the American People for this miserable failure.


Seeing a President, or for that matter any politician who makes a mistake apologizing for it is unheard. Most refuse to admit it, because they think that you the American Public are stupid enough to believe that just because a mortal being wears the title of President of the United State of America, that he is somehow divine and show how immune to human error, which anyone with the slightest amount of common sense knows is a lie.


Even one of our greatest presidents “did not have sex with that woman Monica”. Lewinsky.


President Obama’s apology is a good thing. Because it shows that he is human just like the people who chose him to represent them, it also shows that he cannot do it all alone. He needs his staff, and the American People who supported him during the campaign, and the people and leaders from nations around the globe to continue to do so.


That’s change we can believe in, and should give us hope that the positive change that we have always needed in government is finally becoming a reality.


Obama Admits That He Screwed Up


The fact that President Obama has remained consistent in his message and purpose before, after, and doing the campaign, and now in the Whitehouse as President, indicates that a much needed change is coming to Washington politics specifically, and national politics in general.


However, even thought these changes are becoming quite apparent at the highest levels of government, we must remember that it will take a more time and effort for this change to filter down to our local corrupt leaders.


The Republicans, who are now in an uproar about the fact that they are no longer in a position to do big favors for all of their rich and powerful friends, are so desperate that they will do and say anything to have that power back.


Remember, power concedes nothing without a fight, even after an election.


Although the majority   of the American People made it perfectly clear that they no longer wanted to live under a system of government where it is okay to give Welfare to Wall street CEO’s, and other rich and powerful Corporate and Bank Executives, enter into wars and kill thousands of innocent Americans without any other motive except to create profits for theirs and their friend’s business interests, break the law and call it Executive Privilege, and a host of other Anti-American Acts smothered under the cover of false patriotism.


And after all that they have done for their rich friends, these same people don’t care rather or not poor people have food for their children, milk for their babies, housing to protect them from the elements, and worst of all, they want to deny people a way out of poverty.


These people could care less if poor people’s children receive an education that gives them the chance to compete at any level that they are willing to work hard to compete for.


And they hate and despise anyone who is willing to make an effort to see that the poor people in this country have an opportunity to change their destiny, or that average middle class citizens will be paid fair wages, and receive adequate benefits to take care of themselves and their families, thereby giving them the power to change their destiny, and rise to whatever station in life they are willing to work hard and sacrifice to get to.


Please be aware that this is what the Democratic Party represents, and that now the leader of the Democratic Party is President Obama. So, the Republicans are now on a mission to capitalize on each and every honest mistake that the president and his staff make, in order to persuade as many people who are not on guard or aware of what their mission in this country is truly all about, to not give their support to the president if they have not, and to have those who do support the president withdraw their support.


Do not let this happen.


The closer we come to making this country everything that all the precious documents say that is should be, the more resistance you will see coming from those who want to continue to be the elite who receive special treatment in this country, (even when breaking the law in the name of love for country).


You have already seen evidence of this:


Dick Chaney is practicing fear mongering from the sidelines, attempting to induce fear of terrorist attacks in the American People as a result of President Obama’s new approach to dealing with foreign countries with diplomacy and tact, as opposed to just militarism.


Mr. KKK, David Dukes, (the racist’s racist), has emerged from obscurity this week, calling the new Leader of the Republican Party, Michael Steel a racist.


Isn’t it amusing when the racist come out and call other people racist?


There will be more on Michael Steel later.


We also have Republicans crying foul about every program that is in the stimulus package that relates to helping Poor, or Middle Class Americans, while in the same breath, they are still crying out for massive tax breaks to Corporate America, which is exactly the approach that was taken over the last 8 years, which has proven to be the main contributing factor to the collapse of our financial system.


Now they are still looking for ways to allow the rich and powerful to become even more rich and powerful.


They are calling President Obama a socialist, a Marxist, a socialist, a communist and or a nationalist because he is proposing a salary cap of ½ million dollars for their buddies on Wall street, but what they refuse to acknowledge is the fact that President Obama didn’t make this a nationalist proposition, the companies that are in trouble who came begging for a bailout using tax payers money made this a nationalist proposition.


What they want is to take taxpayers money without any system of accountability. 


They do not want to play by the rules, they want to be treated special when they receive welfare, and they don’t want the people who need welfare to receive it at all.


Don’t they know that Claudine had to throw out her man, and hide her toaster to keep her welfare benefits?


What the hell makes them think that they are going to get welfare without any restrictions?


Pay attention.


The better President Obama becomes at his job, the more attacks you will see launched against him and that segment of society that continues to support him.


President Obama and the people, who voted for him, represent everything that this group of elitists hates.


And the reason that they are so mad and becoming increasingly agitated and dangerous on a daily basis is, because these are the things that they have been getting away with for hundreds of years, and not they just cannot accept the fact that the free ride is coming to an end.


And one other thing, listening to Republicans cry about the people who President Obama has chosen to appoint to his cabinet, and accusing him of choosing people who are from the school of thought that does thing the same old way , which (they say), does not look like “Change” is truly hypocritical.


Don’t you think?


The reason that Obama cannot find honest experienced politicians to fill the posts that he needs filled, is because he has set the bar higher then it’s ever been set before, and there are just not enough of them to go around.


So President Obama has to take the best-experienced people that he can find because the tasks are so crucial, and try to teach old dogs new tricks.


So although the Republicans are citing the many appointments that President Obama has made that are from the same old school, the fact of the matter is that he needs experienced people to do the job, and he is the new sheriff in town, and has made it clear to these people, and the American People,  that they will function and perform under a new kind of government.


This is why President Obama needs every body’s support that wants this country to be the place where everyone truly has an opportunity to create the kind of life that they want for themselves and their families through hard work and sacrifice.


If this is what you believe in, then please continue to actively support President Obama, and his appointments.


And communicate with the Government, it is yours, and this is what President Obama wants us to do.


That is also change that we can believe in, a government in the United States that listens to its people.


Talk To Your Government.


Love And Peace Is What The World Needs Now (Barack Obama Chant)


Greg Coleman














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