14 Days And Counting

Your Choices On November 2nd. Could Have Long-term Dyer Consequences

14 Days And Counting

We are now 14 days away from the mid-term elections that most people are taking for granted.

If you are one these people, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you satisfied with the results that the Republicans achieved in the previous 8 years when they were in power?

Are you satisfied with the murder of over 4400 Americans in Iraq as a result of a war for which the necessity has yet to be determined, or announced?

Are you satisfied with the war that continues to rage out of control in Afghanistan? A war, which President Obama actually implemented an exit plan for, instead of staying indefinitely and losing more American lives, while making military contractors richer at the expense of our citizen’s lives.

Are you satisfied with the fact that the Republicans are selling you out, by shipping jobs overseas, so that they can save their rich buddies money on labor cost-leaving our economy in ruins, and our citizens unemployed on a massive scale?

Have you noticed who has been taking drastic actions to try and reverse all of the damage that has been done by the Republicans during their control of the Whitehouse?

And have you notice who has been building up brick walls in order to block every progressive legislative agenda that President Obama has proposed?

It has been the “Party of No”-The Republicans. Which is also now known as the “Party of Nuts”, since the insertion of the Tea Party, who only represents the few nuts who are like them, and no one else.

This is why they cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the “Main Stream Media”, which is where most Normal Americans go to get their news.

Yes! For those of us who voted for President Obama, much is expected, and this is a fair expectation, based on Mr. Obama’s campaign.

Before you get mad about the success that we have not achieved yet.

Please do so after considering the fact that this is not a Dictatorship, and that President Obama has been opposed and betrayed on both sides of the political fence at ever turn.

That is what these Mid-Term Elections are all about.

Removing the people from power who are constantly blocking the progress that we need to make in order to get this country and it’s people back on track. And replace them with people who are willing to work together as a cohesive unit, (Democratically Speaking), in order to return our nation to the nation that it is meant to be.

Equal justice, fairness, and opportunity for all who are willing to work hard and to sacrifice for the things that they need and want in their lives, and in the live of their families.

Please remember all of the failures that we have had to overcome just to maintain, and save our country from financial ruin.

The amount of time that it takes to get out of a ditch depends on how deep the ditch is.

The ditch that the Republicans dug for our country through racism, separatism, fear mongering, exportation of our jobs, and war for profit schemes that hurt so many; just so a mere few could benefit and profit, is indeed very deep.

We are heading in the right direction, contrary to all of the lies that the Republican’s tell about the Stimulus Plan being a complete and total failure, while cutting ribbons celebrating successful projects made possible by the Stimulus. These hypocrites are even writing letters begging for the very Stimulus Money that they all unanimously voted against.

Do not let them fool you!

Unless own a major corporation or are in the top 2% or wealthy people in this country. And I am not talking about those who would like to be there, so much so, that they are kissing the asses of those who are. I am talking about you, who know that you do not fit into the category of wealthy.

If this is you; then you need to vote early wherever and whenever possible, and you need to vote for all Democrats who support Democratic Causes.

Don’t turn this country of to selfish, greedy people, who do not care about anything other than profits.

Vote Democratic on November 2, 2010. PLEASE!


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