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Finally! Someone Asking "The Question" That Needs To Be Answered

Finally! Someone Asking "The Question" That Needs To Be Answered

One Nation March

The One Nation March is over. It was a very moving experience to stand on the same hallowed ground where Martin Luther Jr, made his I Have A Dream Speech On August 28, 1963. This is also where President Barack Obama, launched his presidency on January 20, 2009.

The thing to remember rather you were able to attend the march or not, is the fact that, your attendance and your vote for Democrats on November 2, 2010, in every race across this country, is an absolute necessity.

We must not listen to “The Poles”, (that are manipulated to discourage those who would not be motivated enough to vote in the first place). FOX News, The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine, or any of our Socially, historically, Politically uninformed friends, neighbors or family members; (especially those who do not exercise their right to vote anyway).

Many good people from all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds have fought and died for this right for woman and for African Americans and other minorities.  And on November 2, 2010, we need your vote in order to replace the members of the House and the Senate, (both Democrat and Republicans), who are trying desperately to set this country back to the 1920’s, when only a chosen few were allowed to participate in our country’s Democratic Processes, and in the distribution of wealth and power.

President Obama has made significant progress forward; even though his most racist critics will try to convince those who do not know any better, that the current economic recession which we are in the middle of, (which usually take years to create, and even more importantly, to reverse; (no matter who the current president is), is all his fault, and that it just recently occurred as a result of his election to the Whitehouse.

This is a blatant lie.

This recession is the result of the Wars For Profits Schemes of The Bush Administration during their 8 years of attacks and deceptions against the many people of this country, in order to benefit just a few.

So here are your choices:

To return to the practices and policies that only benefit The Chosen Few: The Republicans.

Or, the practices and the polices that are designed to benefit the majority of people in this country who are not rich or powerful, and who are either just average middle class working people, children born into poverty, the sick, the elderly and the poor: Democrats.

Please Vote for the Democrats on November 2, 2010. Don’t be fooled into moving backwards.


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