9 Days And Counting………

Don't Get Amnesia. Keep Your History Straight!


I went to vote yesterday at the Library in Be Air, MD.

Across the street from the election was a Republican/Tea Party.

Man! These people are crazy and dangerous.

I know we all have fun laughing at their ignorance and lack of social skills, but just remember that people laughed at Hitler initially also.

And we all have heard about how that went.


Vote against these fools while laughing.

People who want Freedom, Justice and Equality for all of America’s Citizens need to act to prevent these racist and social attacks against all of the people who are not just like them, including our president.

Vote while laughing on November 2nd, 2010-Or sooner if you can.

Thank you,


Still Watching The Racist Nature Of America Being Uncovered Before My Very Eyes.

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