8 Days And Counting……..


We have 8 days to consider the fact that there are very dark and powerful forces at work, that not only want to take this country back to Pre-Civil Rights,  but they also want to go back to Pre-Woman’s Rights, Pre-Voter’s Rights, Pre- Disabled Citizen’s Rights, and in fact, Pre-Human Right’s, in favor of establishing a Plutocracy, where the only people who rule are the wealthy.

These forces have also fooled many of their uneducated followers, who are poor, and blinded by hatred against people who are different than they are, to support them in their efforts to do so, based on the “Us Against Them Fear Mongering” generated by the Right Wing Conservative Media Machine, led by FOX “News”.

We’ve come a very long way in this country as far as making this a nation of fairness and equality for all Americans no matter what their skin tone, beginning point in life, what they believe, (that does not endanger other citizens lives), or the size of their bank accounts, etc.

However, these forces do not want this progress to continue, and will do anything, (including buying elections), to not only stop it in its tracks, but to totally reverse it.

Please do your part to prevent this from happening by voting for Democrats Now!

Thank you,


It Is Time For Us To Unite To Fight Our Common Enemy Who Is Trying To Make Anyone Who Is Not Wealthy, Unimportant In America.


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