Who Is Currently On Your TV Communicating With America?

It is the President of the United States of America. He is talking to American Citizens; utilizing the medium by which the majority of Americans get their news and information from:  “The Mainstream Media”; about National Security Issues that he has to deal with today and everyday in order to protect this nation and its people from another major attack.

The people who we select to govern our country must have the intelligence, experience, intuition, foresight and the ability to love and protect all of the people of this country that they have been given the privilege of governing-Not just a select few.

President Obama has not chosen to talk to just his favorite American People, or to the only people that he considers to be Americans. Neither has he chosen to talk to just the people who look like, sound like, think like and act like him.

No! He is talking to all of the people of the United States of America as one, in order to inform them, comfort them and to make them aware, (to the greatest extent possible), taking into consideration classified and national security concerns about what exactly is going on with the threats of attacks that our enemies are trying to inflict upon us.

Fast forward past Tuesday.

Do you want people to govern our country that do not have the qualities listed above?

Do you want a leader or a Political Party that does not have the social skills, the civic skills or the social education and complex thought processes that it takes to deal with the kinds of security, economic, social, public health, public education and so many other demanding and complex issues that we are currently facing as a nation?

If you answered No!

Say no this Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 with a vote to keep the current party in power.

Is it perfect?

No! Absolutely not.

But do you honestly believe that these people who do not even want to talk to the “Mainstream Media”, which is where most Americans get their news and information from-And who do not even want to talk to; talk for or talk about anyone who is not just like them-Which is why they only want to talk To FOX New, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly and others who are just like them- Do you think that they could effectively deal with situations such as the ones that we are dealing with at this very minute, and that we as a nation will be continuing to deal with after Tuesday’s Election.

If you know that the answer is no.

Then say no to The Republican/Tea Party on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 with a vote for Democrats.

They used to say, “Don’t change horses in the middle of the stream”.

Stay on the new horse with new insights, ideas and approaches.

Don’t go back to that old broken down horse from the 18 and 1900’s.

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