Sarah Palin’s Clothes

Soccor Mom-Movie Star Attire

Soccor Mom-Movie Star Attire

Much has been said about the attacks that Sarah Palin has been subjected to as a result of her outlandish clothing budget.


Her supporters are accusing the media, and everyone else, who have made even the slightest negative comment about Sarah’s clothes, of being sexist.


John McCain became extremely agitated when confronted by the media in reference to this issue; and John McCain’s supporters as well as Sarah Palin’s supporters are so very upset at the thought of someone questioning their idol’s actions, behaviors, and intentions in reference to the clothes, or any other questions about their actions during this campaign for that matter.


And this goes to show the level of ignorance and shallowness that is found among McCain supporters.


Because what all of these people have in common is their inability to recognize the fact that the people who are observant enough to pose these questions about the clothes are not really concerned with the clothes, which are materialistic.


They are concerned with the intangibles like hypocrisy, lies, deception, fraud, truthfulness, justice, fairness, and right and wrong.


Most of the people that are questioning the clothes are really questioning the morals, principals, values, and integrity of the people who are accusing others of being elitist, while they are running across the country posing as just regular folks who are just like the folks whom they want to represent in Washington, DC.


Because most of the people who question these hypocritical behaviors are really not concerned with the price of the clothes. (Although, everyone who has contributed to the public funding program for presidential campaigns), do have a right to question how the money is being spent in any campaign.


As Obama Supporters, we are not losing any money because of Sarah Palin’s Clothing budget, because we are funding our candidate directly, but it does seem quite strange for a “Soccer Mon”, “Average Joan”, or a representative of a guy named “Joe”, to be running around spending $150,000.00 dollars on clothes.


So in reality, it is not about the clothes, what we are questioning is John McCain’s and Sarah Palin’s intentions, motivations, and level of integrity; and since these are the kind of values that they are claiming to have a monopoly on during this election, then they should be able to stand up to the scrutiny that occurs as a natural result of the suspicious behaviors that they have been exhibiting during this campaign.


The fact that they cannot, just validates the fact that there is more hidden behind what they are saying to their supporters then meets the ears, and there is more hidden behind what they are doing then meets the eye.


The questions are the result of the fact that only small portions of Americans are blindly, following and supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin without question.


The majority of Americans are observant; and they know that what John McCain and Sarah Palin are saying is inconsistent with what they have, and continue to do on the campaign trail.


These are legitimate concerns, and the majority of Americans who have chosen to seek the truth as opposed to settling for a lie, will continue to pose them.


Count on it!


Greg Coleman


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