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Rush Limbaugh Is What The Republican Party Is All About

March 16, 2009

Drugs Validated His Idiotic Point Of View

Drugs Validated His Idiotic Point Of View




Way back when, when John McCain first launched his racist, dishonest, and slander based campaign against Senator Obama, I was viciously criticized by republicans in cyberspace, (many who I know were racists), because they wanted to cling to the viewpoint that Rush Limbaugh did not represent the Republican Party’s viewpoints.


They tried to convince me that Rush Limbaugh was a Far Right Wing Idiot, (which he is), that had absolutely nothing to do with the Republican Party’s principals, activities, or their agenda for America.


Fast forward to the present after the successful election of the First African American President.


Who is running around saying that they hope that President Obama fails?

Rush Limbaugh.


Who is making decisions that all republicans seem to be bound by?

Rush Limbaugh.


Who is demanding that the President of the United States of America debate him on the radio, as if he is running for office?

Rush Limbaugh.


The running for office part may just become a reality in 2012.


But for the President to give this man even the slightest bit of credibility by granting him a debate session is a fucking joke.


Who was the chief speaker at CPAC? (Conservative Political Action Committee

(The Republican’s version of a Rock Festival, where all the Republican Rock Stars show up.)

Rush Limbaugh.


And who was it that the White Republican Leadership made apologize to their new leader, Rush Limbaugh?


The so called Black Leader of the Republican Party, who was running around talking about introducing the Republican Party to every neighborhood across the country.


How many republicans do you know that live in the projects?


And on top of this, he actually thought that the White Racist, who controls the Republican Party, was going to actually let him make them rub elbows with the raw realist from the World of Hip Hop.


So to all of you who tried to separate Rush Limbaugh from the Republican Party; let me introduce you to your new leader:


Rush Limbaugh.


Oh Yea! Former Vice President Dick Cheney says that Rush Limbaugh is not bad for The Republican Party.


That’s one hell of an endorsement folks!


And, just for the record, Rush Limbaugh Is what the Republican Party Is All About!


You all really need to get to know your party better.




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An Open Letter To Michael Steel

March 10, 2009

A Black Face On A White Organization

A Black Face On A White Organization

(New Chairmen of The Infamous Republican Party)



 Hello Michael:

It Takes More Then A Dark Face To Make An African American 

I wish I could say that I respect you like I used to when you were the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, but I don’t.
Your foolishness along with the foolishness and dishonesty of the Bush Administration, and Republicans across the nation who followed their lead, cost you and Robert Erlich the governor’s race, and then this same idiology that you tried to pass off to the African American Community in Maryland, caused your defeat in the Senate Race.
My personal opinion is mine’s and I am not going to deprive you of yours, because this is America, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, so let me give you mine’s.
I do not believe that any self respecting African American could be a part of, (let alone the leader of), any organization that has absolutely no consideration or respect for the black race as equal human beings, or who are totally inconsiderate of those who are less fortunate then they are, or who wants to continue to bend and twist the laws of the land to benefit the powerful and the wealthy and to oppress those who are already knocking on the door of death through systemized deprivation.
You are in the company of people who are members of all white golf clubs, all white country clubs, all white yacht clubs, and all white club clubs.
You Mr. Steel are nothing more then a black face for a White Conservative Racist Political Party that has become all but obsolete in today’s Modern American Society; a society where a person’s characteristics as given to him or her by GOD, are no longer a curse, a hindrance, or a reason to hate.
And for you to come on CNN, and support and validate the opinions of Rush Limbaugh just 2 weeks ago, (a known Right Wing Racist who every Self Respecting African American despises) in the name of protection of the race, and the survival of it’s communities, is the final measure of your treasonous nature, your self hatred towards your own people, and your desire to fit in where you do not belong.
And the one time that you did show some intestinal fortitude as the leader of the Republican Party, speaking against the idiotic, self-serving points of view of this racist jerk, you turned around and cow towed to the real leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh.
But you are not alone, there are too many like you who became political plants during the typical stupid, meaningless and dirty campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin, (you know, the kind of campaign that the republicans are famous for).
But here’s the deal, if you think that you are going to fool the African American Population in the U.S., when you could not even fool the African American Population in Maryland into adopting The Republican’s Conservative Doctrine, (conservative meaning no movement forward), then you are sadly mistaken.
As a matter of fact, if you think that the white racist leadership of The Republican Party, are going to set back and watch you take the Republican Party, (an elitist group), into every neighborhood in this country as you said you would at your acceptance speech, then you are even more disillusioned then I thought you were.
I hope you noticed that you did not get any positive feedback from that statement from your Fellow White Republicans when you made it, and I hope that you know that before they let you take the Republican Party into the projects and ghettos of this nation, they will fire you, and if necessary, start a whole new Conservative Racist Party.
The True African American Community, along with the Progressive, (which I think that Republican Racist, and other so called Conservatives call Liberal), White American Community, The Asian American Community, The Latino American Community, The Indian American Community, The Mexican American Community, and so forth and so on, (in other words, all of the beautiful colors of the rainbow), have become more galvanized for the common purpose of allowing each other to live and let live, marry and love whom ever one  chooses to,  not interfere with what consenting adults do sexually in the privacy of their own homes, and the freedom to make other decisions that affect the personal lives of the individuals making the decisions irregardless of what a political party that cries for less government, while at the same time trying to control the world through government, thinks.
I do not respect any of the Oreo Cookies who are trying to force themselves into a group that does not respect their race of people overall.
If you want to go back to the plantation, then by all means you will have to go by your damn selves.
There is only one Black Republican left that I truly have respect for, and that is former General, Colin Powell.
First of all, he had the good sense to remove himself, and distance himself from the criminally insane bunch of idiots that have had control of this country for the past 8 years, and who have brought this country to the brink of destruction and civil war.
And also, because he is not afraid to tell all of you when you are being stupid, divisive and exclusive, whereas the rest of you flunkies speak the same message that they have brainwashed you into speaking.
The dirty political battle launched by The Republicans that resulted in the election of President Barack Obama, has made even the least politically astute citizen in America more alert and acutely aware of all of the games that all of you so called “True Americans” play in the pursuit of trying to control everyone for the benefit of a few.
This new level of sophistication and awareness on the part of the American People means that your black face on a white organization will never work to recruit people who truly believe in Justice, Freedom, and Equality for all.  


And you my friend are just a dark face on a white organization, placed there to fool the few, who are unaware of what The Republican Party actually represents in this country.
That is why they made you chairman of the RNC instead of Colin Powell; because he would have corrected Rush Limbaugh, and any of the other Republicans who still practice mass stupidity, dishonesty and racism, and would not have swallowed his words like you did, in favor of a known conservative, (racist), pig like Rush Limbaugh.
Remember Michael; It Takes More Then Dark Skin To Make An African American.