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English Speaking (Only) Restaurant

March 24, 2008

I think that the owners decision to take orders in English only is a wise one, that needs to be followed by more businesses in America.I am very sick and tired of the U.S. Government allowing the take over of this country by people of other countries who do not want to abide by our laws, do not want to take the citizenship test, do not want to do what is necessary to become a legal citizen, and do not want to learn our language.I am also very sick and tired of calling a companie’s customer service department, only to have to ask for a representative that I can speak to in my native tongue, which is englilsh.This is America, and English is what is spoken here.If I expect to spend a large amount of time in France, I need to learn French. If I expect to spend a lot of time in Spain, then I need to learn Spanish; and if I want to spend a lot of time in China, I need to learn Chinese.I don’t see their countries trying to change their way of life for us.Why should we have to change our way of life for them?Especially since there is a certain segament of society who has been here for over 400 years, and are still not treated evenly, even though we have laws on the books saying that they should be.Besides, in over 400 years, I have not seen Swahili written on anything in America.