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I Tried To Rest After The Election-But I Can’t

December 20, 2008

Trying To Chill

Trying To Chill


I have been trying to get as much R&R (Rest and Recuperation), as I could after witnessing and becoming an active soldier fighting against the very dirty campaign run by the Republicans, (Standard Practice For Them), against the candidate who I considered to be the most qualified and honest choice for President of the United States of America; Barack Obama.


And based on the election result, we can attest to the fact that most Americans agreed, and were not deceived by the bullshit that was coming from the John McCain/Sarah Palin Camp.


The negativity and stupidity of this campaign was intensified by the ignorant few who fought tooth and nail to try and remain privileged and preferred by American Society rather they deserved to be or not, and by those who preferred hatred, division and backwards thinking as opposed to positive change and progress for our nation; people who still believe that they can succeed in America even though there are too many people failing in America who are really trying to make it..


And although it was a tough, dirty, and at times hateful fight, it was worth it, because the results of this election restored my faith in the Spirit of America and the inherent good of it’s people.



Up until 4 weeks ago, I was content to just refocus on my music, sit back, relax., and enjoy the hope that I found in Barack Obama’s victory, and just become a casual political observer.


However, the events over the last few weeks have re-ignited that political spark within me, to the point where I just have to speak up about the things that I have been observing over the last few weeks.


The first thing was the 700 billion dollar robbery of the American People right in front of their eyes.


First Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson spoke on Capital Hill about the urgent financial collapse that we would be facing if we did not turn over 700 billion dollars to him immediately without question, without stipulations, and without any type of guidelines or oversights.


He said that it was absolutely necessary to act immediately in order to avoid a major economic catastrophe for our country which would occur if he did not get the money today.


However now, (as opposed to then) when George W. Bush demanded immediate approval of his plans to wage war against Iraq, and Saddam Husein), the people, and as a result, our elected leaders were not willing to blindly and stupidly without question, approve the foolish demands made by the Bush Administration that benefit only the members of the Bush Administration.


So a week later, after the American People said hell no, and as a result, so did their elected officials, the economic catastrophie that Paulson predicted, did not occur.


So then Paulson sensing that the days of the “Bush Free Ride” was over, then said that he would be open to discussing some type of oversight, and that he had automatically assumed that the Representatives would add the oversight stipulations into the original document, which I believe was only 3 pages long for 700 billion dollars..


Although he originally said give me the damm money, and give it to me now, and don’t ask me any questions, he changed his tune when the first con did not work.


He then got the money, changed the terms of the bailout without reporting the change of terms to the person or persons responsible for that oversight, and then refused to explain where a very large portion of the money went.


Now I am no genus, but something stinks of theft here, and they did it right in front of the faces of millions of American People.


They stole the money to take care of all of their cronies on WallStreet, and for other reasons that are still to this day unclear to me.


And when they finally got the money into the banking system so that the banks would have money to start lending again, the banks just held on to the money, and did not start making loans. This was the main reason for the bailout.


Later it was discovered that the trips to the spas, the bonuses and other perks that these executives on Wallstreet, and in the banking industry received in good times, continued to receive them even though the times had really gotten bad, mostly as a result of their poor performance, and mismanagement of funds.


And the American People who are already suffering, had to foot the bill.


This is ridiculous.


Conservative Republicans are adamantly opposed to charity and welfare, or anything that will benefit the average working person or the needy, but are more then willing to give charity and welfare to the people who need it least; the wealthy.


What Hypocrisy?


What selfishness?


What Bullshit?


But guess what?


This has been the American Way for centuries, and if we the American People continue to let them hide their dirt in plain sight, this is how it will remain.


The greatest hope that we have found in Barack Obama as President, is the hope that the Government will finally respect and assist everyone who puts forth the necessary efforts, and makes the necessary sacrifices to try and build a better life for themselves and their families, not just those who are already rich.


And the other story that was sad and funny at the same time, was Sarah Palin’s pardoning of a turkey while the one behind her was being slaughtered as she continued to talk in circles without saying anything that had any true meaning, which is what she has become famous for.


In addition, as a testament to the inability of Republicans to adjust and to adapt to changing times; inspite of the fact that America has said no to negativity in campaign messages, Sarah Palin still continues to blame the media, and everything and everyone else for the failure of their negative campaign.


She blames the media for portraying her and her subordinate, Senator John McCain, ( who was really supposed to be her boss), as dirty, negative, and divisive politicians.


In other words, she is blaming the media for accurately reporting on the negative spirit, content and nature of their campaign which was inundated with desperate lies, accusations and subliminal and overt racism.


The media did not distort the truth, they reported it., and here is another example of the American Politicians bull-shit, John McCain said during his campaign, that Sarah Palin was the best thing since sliced bread. But now, when asked, “would he support Sarah Palin as the leader of the Republican Party in the future?”, his response was something like this: there are many other bright potential leaders of the Republican Party that should be considered. In other words, Hell No!


Now we have the Bailout of the Auto Industry to deal with.


The same Republicans who were quick to jump and give 700 billion dollars to the banking industry and to Wall Street without question, are now trying to place enormous restrictions, conditions, and oversight on the Auto Industry, at the risk of (regular working people) losing thousands more jobs, because they believe these workers are earning too much money and receiving too many benefits to not be elitists like them.


Now I really hate the idea of how reckless and irresponsible the executives of this industry have been, and how far behind the times they are when it comes to engineering; and I really don’t give a damm about them, just like I don’t give a damm about the executives on Wall Street and in the Banking Industry who have stolen, conned, and ripped off the American People, but unfortunately their irresponsibility should not cause thousands of people who are responsible for other people’s lives to lose their jobs, and face a true economic catastrophe.


I do feel bad for them, and fearful of the effect that this will have on the nation overall.


Now I don’t know if the loan is the answer, or if bankruptcy is the answer, I just know that we need to see some definite actions on the part of the same people who were so damm willing to bailout Wall Street.


There are children, spouses, elderly and or sick people attached to these auto workers, and the effects that the demise of the auto industry will have on them is something that they should care about, just like they cared about the Fat Cats on Wall Street, and those in the Banking Industry.


Once again, there is that familiar theme:


Let’s make it easy for those who do not need help to get it, and let’s make sure that those who are in dire need of help don’t get it.


It is definitely time for a change.


Last and certainly not least is: Exiting President George W. Bush, who is now traveling accross the country and around the world trying to justify his questionable actions during his presidency.


I think that these attempts by President Bush to rewrite history in order to cover up his multitude of fuck ups during his 8 years as president will fail miserably with the majority of Americans, but I guess he has to give it the old college try, just in case there are a significant number of people who are willing to help him distort the truth.


The fact of the matter is, that him and his cohorts should be in jail right now for abuse of power, war crimes, lying to the American People, and GOD only knows what else. they have been doing over there at the Whitehouse for the last 8 years.


Mr. Bush has said to hell with the people of America on many issues including The Iraq War.


The time to give a damm about what we thought about Mr. Bush was when he was president; it is far too late for him to change the opinion that we hold of him now; which is definitely not good.



And of course there’s Governor Blagojevich.


Greg Coleman