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Change You Can Believe In

March 26, 2009

Doing The People's Business

Doing The People's Business




Change in Washington DC is a reality in spite of the naysayer.


There is evidence of dramatic positive change coming to the White House, and as a result the nation.


Although many people who have been benefiting from unearned recognition, unearned social promotions and privileges that they were unworthy of in the first place are denying this change because they are afraid that allowing all Americans equality and a chance to live the American Dream will somehow destroy their way of life.


These are the people who would not recognize change if it smacks them in the face, because it already has, and they continue to not recognize or acknowledge it.


Denying the positive changes that this new administration has began implementing in Washington DC, helps them maintain their sense of entitlement and superiority, and therefore their sense of security.


Now of course nothing or no one can satisfy all of the people all of the time, especially the President of the United State of America, (as we witnessed on November 4th. 2008), when the majority of the American People made it clear that they were tired of living in this country under Republican Control, because of the fact that this control had put us into an unnecessary war based on faulty intelligence and just plain lies, which were used to cover up the real reason for this invasion, which was to allow Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton, and some of their other rich friends and business associates to make massive profits at the expense of human lives


As far as Vice President Dick Cheney’s company  is concerned, in the regular business world, this would be viewed as a conflict of interest and would not be allowed. However when you and your cronies have the power to bend and twist the laws of the land and the truth in your favor, then robbing and steeling and killing Americans for profit can be achieved.


And when you have a small segment of society that blindly follows these people because they do not do their own research, and they just accept whatever these public servants say, (because that is what they are supposed to be, servants not masters), of the American People, then this is how they get away with this shit.


My discontent with George W. Bush began way back in 2001, way before the 2008 elections, when I already knew that he was going to war in Iraq simply because he wanted to; (maybe because of the assassination attempt on his daddy).


But whatever the reason, I had already detected that he was going over there irregardless of what the American people said, thought or felt, or what the people that we elected to represent us in Washington had to say.


As a result, we have had almost 5000 Americans die, billions of dollars spent with no return on investment, (except for those entities that I mentioned above), countless lies told to congress, the American People, and to anyone else who would listen including the Prime Minister of England Tony Blair.


And as a result of all of this death, destruction and deception, we have also inherited a potential massive economic catastrophe, which the new administration is doing everything humanly possible to correct, including implementing some very bold, innovative and revolutionary actions that have never been attempted before.


Hell this is what America has always been about isn’t it?


And yet, those who still want something for nothing, and who want to continue to wheel and deal behind closed doors in order to swindle billions of dollars, and rob ordinary citizens of the opportunity to adequately provide for their own needs and those of their families, simply because they do not have the advantage of being a member of this exclusive club; are trying to convince the world that change has not come as a result of the election of President Obama.


So we had all of these negative incidents occur under Republican Rule over the past 8 years, and now what do we have?


We have poor Caucasians who have been fooled into believing that Republicans are on their side, and that  they should fear the changes that the new administration is making, because these changes will cause them to lose the great wealth that they do not have.


And for some of these poor Caucasians, it is not just the fear of change, it is just the fact that the new president is black which intensifies their fear.


We have black Uncle Toms, who have so much self-hatred that they would rather be slaves, but since the plantations have been eliminated, they want to be slaves under a white master in the Republican Party, rather then to be free and acknowledge that they are a member of the black race; (a race of people who have been hated, despised and dehumanized by the very people who brought them here), who in spite of it all, have managed to survive, grow and prosper, and have created a lasting legacy of pride and accomplishment in this country.


That’s the bad news.


Here is the good news.





We have a president who is communicating directly online with millions of American Citizens, taking questions, answering questions and looking for solutions that will benefit the large majority of Americans who are interested in seeing this country become a  equal, prosperous, and respectful to all of it’s citizens, (not just those of a particular race, creed, color, national origin, or income level).


A president that does not like to talk about important issues without first knowing what the hell he is talking about. That’s a big change from George W. Bush, and many before him.


A president who has been working constantly from his first day in office to effect a dramatic and revolutionary change in the way government operates for the benefit of the American People; (all of them), not just the rich, powerful and the socially ignorant.


We also have people reaching out to people who they would otherwise be afraid of or despise in the past, who are now working together to make this country and this world a safer, cleaner and fairer place to live for everyone who is willing to work and sacrifice in order to fulfill a dream.


A president who listens to the concerns of the American People, and addresses those concerns to the best of his and his staff’s ability.


So to  all of you who are still in denial about the change going on around you, it’s okay, because change will continue with, or without you.


It always has, that is why plantations have been eliminated.



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Eliot Spitzer Gets Some Of What He Deserves

March 13, 2008

Once again, a politician has been discovered to be not what he appeared to be to the voting public.

This is such an acceptable phenomenon in this country, until I often wonder why the public takes so many of these crooks at their word, without investigating or challenging the promises and claims that they make during their election campaigns. 

Why do I feel that he has gotten some of what he deserves?

Why do I feel the punishment should definitely fit the crime?

Why do I think that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? 

Because anyone who deceives the voting public like he did under the guise of upholding and protecting the voters from crooked politicians and business people, and all illegal activities, and then turns out to be a hypocrite-should be.

 It’s not because he made a mistake in judgment. All of us as human beings do that from time to time.

It’s not because he went outside of his marriage and cheated on his wife with a prostitute. He is not the first man to do this, and I am almost 100% sure that he will not be the last, (not that this makes it right).

And it’s not because he broke the law.

It is because of his proud history of unmercifully stoning other human beings who had made the same or similar mistakes, or bad decisions in judgment like he just did.

If it is one thing that I hate, it is those who are so self righteous and judgmental of others who have made mistakes, and who are sincerely sorry for what they have done, and who want to not have the offended forget, but to at least have them practice forgiveness;(and I say practice, because forgiving is a process, and it is not something that will take place overnight for those who have been hurt). I know personally that it is a process, because I myself am still working through years of offenses that I have not yet learned to forgive.  And, one more important point: there are a lot of people who commit offences that say that people should forgive and forget. However, this is a statement of what should be, and not a request for the offended to forgive. So if you want forgiveness, it has to be requested.

Even GOD requires that you ask for forgiveness.


But anyway! – The main reason that I feel that he should pay dearly for his offense(s) is because of the many lives that he destroyed, not because he did his job, but because he overdid his job without the human element of mercy for the human being who committed the offense.  And I have learned (the hard way), that the only way for a person with no mercy for another human being can learn how that feels, is by showing them no mercy in return.

Hard people can only understand the pain that they inflict upon others when it is inflicted upon them. And guess what? It appears to me that those are the very people who cannot tolerate the same type of pain that they have been inflicting upon others. It’s funny that these same people suffer the most when faced with the punishment that they have been administering to others.

Eliot Spitzer, did not admit to any wrong doing in his initial statement to the public. It suddenly became a private matter, (according to him). However, he proudly made the pain and suffering of those that he prosecuted a matter of public record, and made sure that he displayed his trophies to the public so that they would be awed and amazed by his legal prowess, and his self righteousness

Eliot Spitzer is one among many powerful men who have put their righteousness on display for the public, and who have harshly judged others for being human, and prone to error, and have found themselves in the same positions as those that they were willing to crucify.  Some others are: Idaho Senator, Larry Craig, Presidential Candidate, Gary Hart, DC Mayor, Marion Barry, Florida Congressman, Mark Foley, New Jersey Governor, James McGreevey, and President Bill Clinton, (who did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky), and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, who insisted upon Bill Clinton’s impeachment as a result of his lack of moral judgment, and shortly after his insistence, his own skeletons came out of the closet to haunt him), to name just a few.

It seems to me that those who make the most noise about someone else’s shortcomings are the one’s who have the most sin to hide.

 And it is very important to note that politicians are not the only ones who have been found guilty of being immoral, or who have been caught committing illegal acts.

 Of particular interest are the “Men, (and woman), Of GOD”, who claim to have a direct connection to GOD that places them far above the common man or woman, and therefore not prone to sin like us mere mortals are: Reverend Jimmie Swagger, Jim Bakker, Tammie Fay Bakker, and now, faith healer Benny Hinn, Georgia megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar, and one of the nation’s most prominent women preachers Joyce Meyer are all under investigation by the Senate Committee because of their lavish spending. 

You see! – The point that I am making is that:  only GOD is perfectly righteous, and that you should be totally suspicious of any other human who claims to be; especially, politicians and preachers.

A brief study of history will validate this viewpoint.

Eliot Spitzer is a prime example of what I am saying now, and what I have been saying for years. Don’t listen to what people say. Watch what they do.

Eliot Spitzer should not expect to receive any lesser punishment then the punishment that he has insisted on inflicting upon others who he proudly prosecuted unmercifully during his career.

It’s the law of the universe. You get back what you put out.

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