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March 14, 2011


Republicans ran on Jobs, they’re going to cut jobs. They ran on border security, they are cutting border funds?

Republicans ran on ‘creating jobs’, but their plans are actually going to cut jobs. They also ran on securing our border because according to them “the Feds are not doing their job”….even though they’ve deported over 400,000 illegal’s since Obama took over… but now Republican’s spending cuts are going to cut funding to border security.

We are going to be jobless and unsecured…….so what’s next on their agenda?…
House Republicans Trim Border Security Budget, Despite Calls for More Resources…
GOP’s Cuts Would Cost 200,000 Jobs

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@Go Go, Gov’t jobs or not! they are jobs that are held by Americans. What part of “Jobless Americans don’t you understand”?

3 days ago

Inca On Yahoo Answers

I could not have said it any better.

Might I add:

They are robbing the poor and disadvantaged of benefits that they need to survive so that if they ever had a chance at becoming self sufficient one day, they no longer will.

They are cutting programs that benefit the most vulnerable of our citizens; children and senior citizens.

They are toying with the idea of shutting the government down so that the gridlock that has existed for the past 2 years (that they created as the “Party of No”),can continue to escalate to near catastrophic levels.

They are waging war on woman’s rights.

They are attempting to make RAPE legal.

They are trying to take away a woman’s right to make decisions about her body and her womb-decisions that should be made between the woman, her GOD, her family, her clergyman and her doctor.

They are attempting to dictate and impose their lifestyles choices upon other people by intruding into their homes and their ways of life.

They are excusing all of the immoral acts that they commit or have committed as “Acts or Patriotism”. “I screwed around while married to one woman and  deserted the other one when she became ill, and married one of the woman that I screwed around with “But I did it all because I love my country”.

However, they are not so quick or so willing to give other human beings the same consideration and forgiveness that they seek.

They are continuing their insult on Black People,( including and especially the world’s most famous black person), President Obama.

They are trying to eliminate the Middle Class by creating a society where there are only 2 classes of citizens in this country:-Rich People and Corporations, and the Slaves that they own.

They are launching personal attacks against people of the Islamic Faith, while ignoring the fact that we have had Domestic Terrorist Attacks carried out by people of all races, creeds, colors and faiths, which have not resulted in the same types of hearings that Rep. Peter King has launched against Muslims

They are trying to take away the  Freedom from all of the people in this country who are not Rich or Powerful.

They are trying to eliminate unions that support the struggles of Average Working Americans which would eliminate the last line of defense between the American People and the “Powers That Be”.

They are trying to take away the right of young people who are in college to vote, because young people for the most part “Vote Liberal or Progressive”.

In addition, the attempts at “Union Busting that they are presenting to the American People as a “Means to Control the Deficit”, are really designed to take away the funds that will support the Democratic Vote in the 2012 Elections, so that they can steal the election with money that they are receiving from Exxon, BP, Shell and other major oil companies, the Koch Brothers and a multitude of millionaires and billionaires  foreign and domestic who pay these politicians to do their dirty work for them.

They are trying to repeal Healthcare which all Economic Experts agree will reverse all of the Economic Advances that we have made over the past 2 years and return us to the Pre Depression Conditions that were created by Republicans in the first place.

They are still intent on making President Obama a “One Term President”, even if this means the destruction of the entire nation, including the poor and uneducated White Folks who they have and continue to fool into believing that they are on their sides.

They continue to use these people’s fears against them by utilizing the fact that the current President of the United States of America looks different from all other Presidents that came before him.

And they are committing  all of these selfish, greedy, hateful, heinous, evil acts  at the demands of and for the benefit of Rich and Powerful People and Corrupt Corporations. In return for the monetary compensation that they receive from them.

As a result:

They want to increase the taxes of those who can afford it the least.

They want to decrease the taxes for those who gain the most in this country and who want to give the least back to it.

They continue to refer to “The American People” as only people who are like or similar in income, appearance, philosophy and faith as they are.

They continue to lie about everything that they intend or are trying to do, as opposed to actually putting forward the necessary thought, energy and creativity required to actually solve our nation’s problems.

They are still Hateful.

They are still Racist, which is why they will do anything to destroy the First Black Skinned President no matter what the consequences are to this country.

They still want to cut spending on Education, so that the youth of today, who are our tomorrow, will be ill prepared for solving the complex problems that we as a society face.

The still want to cut Medicare.

The still want to cut Social Security.

They still want to cut everything that they can find an excuse to cut.

With one very obvious exception-They refuse to touch the budgets of any of the people who would not even notice that there was a reduction in their budgets, that being, their Very Rich and Very Powerful Friends in the Oil Industry, the Banking Industry, On Wall Street, the Healthcare Industry, the Dialysis Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and others.

And they continue to get away with this National Fraud because there are far too many Hateful and Fearful people who are ready willing and able to accept the lie that if a “Black Man” is in the “White House”, then he must be more incompetent, more untrustworthy, more dishonest, more hateful, more dangerous, more selfish and more evil then all of the “White Men” who became president over the past 200+years before him.

And this is what they will continue to do; not because they love you people, not because they love American Principals, values, Morals, History or the Constitution, and certainly not because they love America and ALL Its People. But, because these are mean, evil, selfish, greedy, treasonous people who would sell out anyone who they do not personally value for their own benefit.

And unfortunately, the majority of the people who they play this game on, have no motivation or desire to change.

And for all of you who fit this description who voted for Republicans in the last election because you were fooled, you are getting just what you deserve, and there is plenty more of this where that came from.

And for all of you who voted for the Republicans by default by not participating in the last election at all, you too are beginning to see the consequences of your failure to act.

This puts the pressure and responsibility for saving this country on all of the people who are not easily deceived or thrust into fear by these systematic attacks on the senses of the American People.

So arm yourself with knowledge and energize yourself now for 2012 to step up and do something to prevent these bastards from winning, which will result in disastrous consequences for all except the  top 5% of the richest and most powerful people in this country.

That leaves 95% of the American People, (including those who are so full of hatred, prejudice and racism that they are easily mislead by people who pretend to be their friends), to face the perils of living in a country that becomes a plutocracy.

GOD Bless America and ALL Its People.

Don’t wait until 2012 to participate in the 2012 Elections. The enemy has been preparing since November 3, 2008.