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The Economy Is Fundamentally Sound?

September 16, 2008


I Guess Not!

I Guess Not!




John McCain Says: “The Economy Is Fundamentally Sound”, September 15, 2008.


Please click the link below and read the story from yesterday’s financial news, and then continue on.


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Need we say more?


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Time is running out for unregistered voters all over the country.


Please register here. And Do It Now!


And on November 4, 2008, vote for the right guy, not the white guy.



Greg Coleman




The Latest Terror Threat From The McCain Campaign

September 10, 2008

The latest threat to national security, (according to the McCain Campaign), is the statement made by Barack Obama where he makes reference to putting lipstick on a pig.


Because the McCain Campaign cannot address or acknowledge the leader of their party: George W. Bush, or the performance of their party over the last 8 years, they must find something to arouse the American People into a frenzy about.


By doing so, they think that they can make the majority of Americans, (who do benefit from social programs that were created by the vicious anti-American criminals known as liberals), not pay attention or forget what they have seen, heard and experienced as a result of the Republicans Party’s incompetence and negligence.


So even though Barack Obama has been under vicious attacks, first from his Democratic adversary Hillary Clinton, and now from the plastic people known as the McCain/Palin Team, or should I say the Palin/McCain Team. You be the judge.


But anyway! This team has now accused Obama of making this statement in reference to Sarah Palin.


However, this statement is not a Barack Obama original.


This is a cliché that is used in politics, sports, business, and in general conversation.


As a matter of fact, John McCain used the same statement in May of 2007, when referring to Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Plan. And now, he wants an apology from Barack Obama, because he used it in one of his speeches while referring to the McCain/Palin/Bush/Cheney Policies.


However, the McCain Campaign who has attacked Barack Obama repeatedly is now crying foul, boo hoo- because they say that his remarks were being directed to Sarah Palin.


Personally, I truly believe that Obama is a far more sincere person then John McCain and Sarah Palin put together, so I believe him when he says that he was using the term to refer to their policies, and not as a personal attack.


However, just because Senator Obama has been a gentleman and consummate professional at all times, even when he has been under vicious attacks; we as Obama supporters are not going to turn against our candidate for attacking back when under attack.


So to the McCain Campaign, and to the barracuda, pit bull with lipstick, or what ever the hell they are referring to her as today:


 Cut the crap!


You have nothing else of substance to stand on for your party, your campaign, or your Vice Presidential Pick. So you continue to try and divert the people’s attention away from your shortcomings, to an assault on Barack Obama’s character.


Check this out.


That shit is only working with the people who have bought into the bullshit that you have been selling.


Those of us, who are true Obama Supporters, because we have been listening to him as opposed to just looking at his skin tone, will not be moved.


So you would be better off making this campaign about the issues and not about personalities, as your campaign management has tried to do.


Stick to the issues at hand, and some of the American People might at least listen to you.



“Like Putting Lipstick On A Pig”


“Like Putting Lipstick On A Pig”


Greg Coleman







A Brief Message To President Palin, and Vice President McCain

September 9, 2008



Try A New Speech.


The One That You Used At The RNC Is Getting Stale Like Your False Attacks, Inaccuracies Of Facts, and Your Blatant Lies.


How IN The Hell Are You Going To Bring About Change, When You Can’t Even Change Your Speech?


Who Is The Next President?


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The Republicans Adopt Barack Obama’s Campaign

September 6, 2008








This week we were treated to the spectacular Republican National Convention.


An exciting, titillating, historical convention of biblical proportions full of change, change and more change.


The star of this show, (according to those in attendance), was Sarah Palin, John McCain’s token female, who was snatched from Alaska, where she was a small town mayor, and now Governor, as an attempt to insult the intelligence of hard core Hillary Clinton Supporters in order to win their votes in November.


Apparently John said: “Get me a woman, any woman”, and so he did.


After giving Sarah Palin’s appointment serious consideration, and after talking to several Barack Obama Supporters (of all races), we have made the following observations:


She does not have enough experience.


We don’t know who she is.


We don’t know what she represents.


She is not only associated with a political kook who believes that Alaska should not be a part of the United States, but she is also married to him.


She appears to have all of the characteristics of being a member of a white supremacy/survivalist organization.


And just for the record, since all of the disagreements, criticisms, and questions about Barack Obama’s qualifications were not racist, then we refuse to be called sexist when we have legitimate concerns about her ability to run this nation if the need arises.


And as far as the family being off limits is concerned, just remember Barack Obama’s entire family was constantly under attack, especially Michelle Obama, so with that in mind, we feel that as the 2nd. in command of the conservative, holier then thou Republican Party, an unwed teenager who is pregnant is indeed an issue.




Because this proves that her outdated views on sex and sex education policies don’t even work in her own home, so why would we want these policies to be implemented for our entire nation.


Her state of Alaska ranks as one of the highest in STD’s, once again, as a result of her antiquated policies on sex and sex education, which involves the theory that if you don’t discuss a problem, then it won’t be a problem.


This is not how things work in the real world.


And we have 8 years of the Republicans to prove this.


Because they have insisted on denying that there are economic problems, energy problems, racial problems, and national security problems with our country, the problems that were once whispering to us, are now screaming out to us.


And last and certainly not least, we were appalled by Palin’s unsubstantiated inaccurate attacks on Obama and the work that he has done to help people who were in dire need of help. We know that (in Palin’s world), the work that community organizers do, and the people that they do it for are insignificant.


We also know that traditionally, the Republican Party has not served the “little people”, in this country who need service the most. And her minimizing the importance of community organizers to try and attack Obama’s qualifications for leadership just shows us that if certain groups, or certain people do not have any financial clout, then they are not considered to be worthy of their respect or their attention.


Community organizers were at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, and I am sure everyone knows how monumental that movement became in this country. And not only that, if it had not been for some of the organizers in my community who were mentors coaches, counselors, spiritual leaders etc, I, and many other youth who are now grown man, would not be here as witnesses to just how important grassroots, community organizers are to this country.


And she has the unmitigated gall to try and minimize the role of the most famous community organizer in the nation today.


If Palin’s speech was a home run with bases loaded, (as I have heard some Republican Friendly Commentators say), then the game on Wednesday night was truly little league.


In my opinion, the best speech that I heard at the Republican National Convention was John McCain’s.


However, the fact that his speech was the best, is not saying very much, with everything being relative.


The highlights of John McCain’s speech, (as it was with the other speakers that I heard), was the times when they transformed from conservatives, (which is what the Republican Party is all about), no change,  into agents of change, which is when they started running Barack Obama’s Campaign.


We repeatedly heard inaccuracies about what Barack Obama stands for, his energy policies, his economic polices, and above all else, his policy of inclusion for all people no matter what their income or their skin color.


Now here’s a question for all Americans who are not blinded by racial, social, or class hatred: When you looked at the audiences that attended the Democratic National Convention, what did you see?


You saw thousands of people from different places, with different backgrounds, incomes, and of different races who wanted the same thing; positive change for our country.


Now here is that same question for the same people who are not blinded by racial, social, or class hatred: What did you see when you looked at the audiences at the Republican National Convention?


Did you see any indication of progress or change?


No what you saw were people who are still living in the old west, slavery times, and in the times when war for America was simple because the playing field in the world was so uneven in favor of the US.


Those days are gone forever, and Barack Obama is very aware of this fact, and his message of change is so effective, and so powerful, that the very people who detest him, (for whatever reason), have had to abandon their original ideology and adopt his.


This is a true indication of the fact that the Democratic Party, led by Barack Obama and Joe Biden is on the right track.


The majority of the convention was about John McCain’s capture and torture, and warm and fuzzy platitudes for their families, friends, children, puppies, etc. All of this is well and good. However, after 4 nights of the RNC, I did not hear anything that answered the question: What are you going to do to make my life, and the life of my fellow Americans better then it is now?


If they were not talking about John McCain’s war story, they were busy using Obama’s principles of leadership as if they were their own, or they were minimizing Obama’s qualifications, and trying to over inflate those of Governor Palin’s. 


To make a long boring story shorter, I still do not think that John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to bring about the changes that we need in these dangerous times.


I and many of my fellow Obama supporters, (of all races and income levels), agree that John McCain’s sacrifice for this country is well respected and appreciated, and we will not try to minimize the importance of it.


However, to imply that just because Obama was not shot down, captured, beaten and held as a POW in Vietnam with the scars to prove it, does not automatically qualify John McCain as the best leader for America, and it definitely does not automatically disqualify Barack Obama as the best leader either.


So the only thing that the Republican National Convention was effective at doing was to verify the fact that they are not the answer.


They did not discuss the issues.


They did not discuss solutions to these issues.


They did not discuss unity.


They did not discuss the past 8 years.


And it was funny to see Republicans avoiding conversations about Republicans.


Fear mongering, war mongering, intolerance, denial, and trying to invalidate the most qualified candidate is not the answer to our problems.


Only a leader like Barack Obama who can bring together all kinds of people who want the same things, (that being the improvement of life for all Americans), can accomplish this.


And as one final testament to Barack Obama’s Validity as a viable presidential candidate, the Republicans are now referring to Governor Palin as John McCain’s Barack Obama.


So why should America settle for an imitation when they can have the real deal.


So thanks to the RNC for solidifying our support of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, for the benefit of All Americans.



Who Is The Next President?


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They Don’t Care About You Black Republican

September 5, 2008


I could not help noticing that there are a few black people in attendance at the Republican National Convention. And I was okay with that until I just happened to see a few making a speech proclaiming John McCain as their president.


First of all, I just want to let you know that this is America, and that as Americans, we all have the right to believe in what we believe in, and to speak freely about those beliefs.


So you made it very clear in your speech to the White People at the convention what you truly believe.


And in keeping with the American tradition of being free to believe and speak what we truly believe, I would just like to take a moment to give you my impression of your presence at this RNC, and the fact that you publicly proclaimed your love for a presidential candidate who is representing the party that set back and made jokes, and talked about how great their wardrobe was, instead of sending help to New Orleans to save the lives of many poor black and white people who drowned because of their indifference and hatred for these poor people, who do not own big businesses like drug companies or oil companies.


My how soon they forget, and I understand them doing that, because this is an election year.


However Brothers! – I can call you brothers cant I? Or do they allow me to call you brother?




I want you to know that it is my honest opinion that those same white people who sit patently through your speeches and cheered you all on when you spoke against Barack Obama, and spoke up for John McCain, are the same white people that, (if you were not a part of this convention, and did not have on a suit), would put your change on the counter instead of putting it in your hand, talk about how they cant stand the smell of you, and others like you, reminisce about the good old days when we knew our place, and when our place was on the plantation, and who would also not want you near them, their homes, their families, or their businesses.


So I am assuming that you must be okay with being a Second -Class citizen, and that you feel safe and at peace when you have their false admiration.


Well let me just tell you this, originally the Republican Party did start with a noble cause in mind just like the health care industry did. However, because of racial hatred, greed, and the conservative tradition of niggers being kept in their place, I want you to know that you are everything that they want you to be, and that your speech last night went over big time in that room. But beyond that room, I bet that there are millions of Black Americans who were disgraced by your very presence at the RNC, and especially the fact that you made a speech talking about your president John McCain.


So you keep the president that is yours and everyone else’s in that room, and the rest of us will vote for the president that is the president for the majority of people in this country no matter their race, creed, social standing, pedigree, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or who disagree on when life actually starts.


I think that having a president of all of the people of the United States is far more powerful then having a president that caters to the people in that room, and the few who are like those in that room.


My President Is: Barack Obama.


And I say that with just as much, (if not more pride), then you did for John McCain.


Who Is The Next President?











Palin, I Am Not Impressed

September 4, 2008

Same Old Bull

Same Old Bull




Once again, as with most of the speeches that I have been hearing at the Republican National Convention, I was not impressed with the speech by Sarah Palin.


I still did not hear what she would do in a national emergency, or what specific functions she performed in her duties as mayor of a small town, or governor of the state of Alaska that qualifies her to be President of the United States should the need arise.


I heard more examples of warm and fuzzy references to husbands, wives, children, cronies, fellow POW’s, etc, etc, etc, etc.


Now don’t get me wrong. These stories are American stories that need to be told. And, during the DNC, we did see many of these same types of stories. They are part of what makes a political convention a success.


However, in addition to these stories, we also were treated to the stories of successes that we experienced when the Democrats held the presidency in the past, and we also heard several ideas about what they were planning to do, to get us back to where we were, prior to the catastrophes of the last 8 years.


This has been missing from Palin’s speech, as well as the speeches of the other Republican Speakers. And with good reason, there is nothing for them to talk about concerning the past 8 years. And if I had the kind of track record that they have had, I would rather try to belittle the man who is the most qualified candidate for the jot too.


I heard the drill baby drill theme, which has been constant throughout this convention, and then she slipped right into Barack Obama’s energy plan, for which she should be charged with plagiarism. I heard her try to keep the tradition alive of trying to downplay the abilities of Barack Obama to bring together more then one kind of people by the millions, which John McCain and the Republicans cannot do.


So it’s easier for people to make fun of abilities that they do not posses then it is to do the work necessary to obtain those skills.


It is also a mystery to me that if you Republicans had all of the answers, and such a great love for the people of this country, what the hell have you been waiting for.


Why haven’t you put all of these powerful policies, procedures, and methods into play over the past 8 years?


How could you have known all of these wonderful things as Republicans, and let the country go to hell in a hand basket.


So I am going to have to say that I was not impressed by the lady from Alaska, that has become one of the top states in the union as far as STD’s are concerned, and this no doubt from Palin’s insistence on not supporting sex education.


This is what she has done for the state of Alaska. 


Is this what we want for our entire nation?


This speech was great for the Republicans, and we all already knew that it would be.


However, for the rest of us who have been exposed to the bitterness and hatred coming from these so-called small towns, that Obama spoke of; we were not impressed by her defense of those towns.


Remember, we lived through these small town experiences for most of our lives.


And as far as saying one thing in one place, and then saying something in another place, which is what she accused Obama of doing, I say to you all that, African Americans should not be African Americans when they are at the convention or in your speeches, and black niggers in your private clubs, showers, golf clubs, board rooms, and your homes.


So this is a bit of political hypocrisy on your part and on the part of your fellow Americans of the Republican Party.


So don’t tell me about using one kind of language in one place, and another type in another.


Oh Yea! About her being proud to be an American always, which was her jab at Michelle Obama’s statement about finally being proud of her country.


The reason that she can say that she has always been proud of her country is because she have always been treated like an American and a human being by her country.


 Some of us have not had the privilege, and judging from white America’s response to Barack Obama’s campaign, (especially in those so called small towns), to become the first African American President, we see that this country is still not living up to the true meaning of it’s creed.


So excuse us if we don’t appear to be so dammed patriotic.


It is very hard to love a place that does not treat you like an equal member. If you want to receive love and respect, then you better damm well be willing to give it.


Don’t forget that it was not that long ago when we could not eat in a restaurant, use the public facilities to take care of our natural bodily functions, get a loan at a fair rate, or in many places, vote.


 Sarah, I am sure that your Republican Cronies enjoyed your speech; but I was not impressed.



Who Is The Next President?

Republican Party Proves That It Is An Exclusive Club.

September 3, 2008


Last night was the 2nd. Day of the RNC, (Republican National Convention), which is actually the 1st. day, because yesterday Laura Bush had to demonstrate how much concern she and the Republican Party has for the very same people that they watched drown during Hurricane Katrina just 3 years ago.


And they have yet to make an honest effort to restore New Orleans, (in the poor neighborhoods), as they promised that they would 3 years ago.


But as usual, the only thing that they have going for them is their ability to fool the uninformed and those who are socially unaware by not mentioning the incidents of the past 8 years, where they have shown that they do not care about certain groups of people.


However, last night’s message was very confusing.


But one extremely clear message did come through to me as a result of my dropping in on the various speeches from time to time.


The first thing I would like for you to notice about the RNC verses the DNC, (Democratic National Convention), is the fact that you will not see very much diversity in the faces of the crowd.


When you looked at the mix of people at the DNC,  you saw a large diverse group of people who all were there to hear a common message and to share in the common goal of getting Barack Obama elected as the President of the United States in order to change this country for the better.


But last night, I kept hearing words coming from all of the speaker’s mouths about one America, and they say they are there for all Americans. However, when I scanned the audience on several occasions, all I saw was a sea of white people, and seeing the make up of their audience was like getting into a time machine and traveling back to the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’ and 60’s, which definitely does not indicate change.


And I got the feeling that the few black people that I saw was only there because they were the maids, butlers, and nannies that were threatened with losing their jobs if they did not attend.


Also, I kept hearing this Nazi like message that states that if you don’t agree with them, or if you are not a member of the Republican Party, then you are not putting the country first, and therefore you are not a patriotic citizen.


This is one thing that Barack Obama refuses to do, and the one thing that the Republicans continue to do.


During his impressive speech at the DNC, Obama made it clear that he would speak about the issues, and that he would attack the polices of John McCain and the Republicans that have not and will not address those issues. However, he promised that he would not attack anyone’s patriotism, because he understands that there are patriotic people in the Democratic Party, as well as in the Republican Party.


This is something that the Republicans are failing to acknowledge. And it is a total turn off for many Americans who know that they are not members of this exclusive club.


Now in a country that is known for freedom of speech and thought, this is quite an odd message coming from a group of people who claim to be interested in the benefit of all of the people that they have been charged with serving.


And the other thing that is confusing and also very annoying to me is the fact that people who are supposed to be very competent at what they do appear to be so incompetent when they are trying to validate Sarah Palin’s skimpy qualifications to be Vice President of the United States.  And this is particularly disturbing since we have been hearing so much about the lack of experience that our candidate Barack Obama has and how ineffective he would be as President.


This just shows the same lack of judgment that we have been subjected to over the last 8 years that we have experienced from George Bush. John McCain’s choice of this woman as his running mate is just an example of things to come, should America be fooled into voting for the Republicans so that they won’t have to vote for a black guy.


Barack Obama has traveled around the world, and has had just as many people rushing to him to hear his messages as he had here at home in the US. Now that is International Diplomacy Experience. Experience, which John McCain tried to down play as celebrity, because it was something that he knows he will never be able to do.


However, Sarah Palin, has just recently obtained a passport, and I believe that in her position as Mayor in a small town of Alaska, and now the Governor of the State of Alaska, It is clear to anyone that has a mind of their own, that this woman is not qualified to run this country should something happen to John McCain.


However, to hear all of these people try to insult the intelligence of the American People is a definite turn off. The only people who are buying her as a qualified candidate is the people who are trying to make the sale, and those who will agree with anything simply because they are Republicans.


So all in all, I as an African American, and someone who wants postive change, have not seen anything to indicate to me that they are willing or able to bring about that change.


Also disturbing is the fact that we are hearing very little about the issues. Issues on the economy, the war in Iraq, health care, race relations in America, energy conservation, and the preservation of our earth, nor have I heard about proposed implementation of programs to address these issues.


I have not heard anything to this effect.


But this is probably due to the fact that they have made very little progress in these areas over the last 8 years.


However, I have heard many warm and fuzzy speeches about how great a First Lady Laura Bush is, or how great a soldier that John McCain was, and what a great president he will make, and what a great mother Sarah Palin is, and what a great Vice President she will make, and how good of a friend everybody is to everybody else in the Republican Party.


However, my concern is that none of these things addresses the major issues that most Americans are concerned with, which is exactly what the Democratic National Convention did for the majority of the event.


And the other thing about the DNC that was so comfortable for many of us who support Barack Obama, was the fact that we did see so many different types of people who were excited, motivated, and ready for the positive changes that we feel that America is in dire need of.


So it appears that my theory was correct.


The only way to explain away the record of the Republican Party for the last 8 years, the similarities between John McCain and George Bush, the 50,000 dead in Iraq that has not brought Osama Bin Laden to justice yet, and the fact that the Republican Party is still what it has always been, which is an exclusive club for the rich and the powerful, and ignoramuses who are poor, who just don’t understand that this is not the place for them to be.


So I would have to say the score as of today for Political conventions is:

Democrats 4-Republicans 0


Now Who Is The Nest President?






Congratulations Barack Obama

August 28, 2008

Congratulations To The First Major Party African American Presidential Nominee: Barack Obama.

What we just witnessed is something that I was told by my parents that we would never live to see in our lifetime.

Well! My immediate family did not live to see this day, but I would like to thank my grandparents Mr. Lester Dickerson, Ms. Mildred Dickerson, and my adopted brother Leonard Dickerson, for taking me in, and taking care of me so that I could live to see this day.

Now is not the time to relax.

Now the real work begins.

Don’t let the deaths of all of the people that who died for this moment be in vain.

Don’ t get tired.

Don’t get scared.

Don’t get fooled

Get Busy!

Let’s educate those who are not educated, let’s register those who are not registered to vote, let’s do all that we can do to elect Barack Obama:  The First African American President of The United State of America.


August 26, 2008


A Poem By Greg Coleman














SHE MAY REACH 3,5,10, OR 11



Greg Coleman




Don’t Believe The Hype!

August 26, 2008



Hello my Fellow American Obama Supporters.


This notice is not just for African American supporters of Barack Obama, but for all of his supporters.


In the last few hours, the negative campaign tactics have been escalating on both sides of the fence.


They’re coming from John McCain’s camp in response to Obama’s VP choice. And, they are coming form the Obama camp in response to John McCain’s lame attacks.


Things are pretty much the same now as we approach the general election, as they were when we were involved in the primary election; Obama has still conducted a non-attack campaign, choosing to take the high road by defending rather then attacking.


So although he has been accused of being too soft on his opposition, I recognize this as just an attempt to keep the campaign as positive as is politically possible, which he has done.


As far as the new polls are concerned that have Obama and McCain in a dead heat, ignore the polls, and pay attention to what we have to do.


America, (not just Black America), is in one of the most vulnerable positions that it has been in since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, or the stock market crash on October 29, 1949.


The value of our dollar has dropped to dangerous levels, and our volunteer military is stretched beyond capacity because of the present administration’s insistence on spending dollars and lives on perceived threats, as opposed to those that have been clearly demonstrated to be actual threats.


I read that the Iraq war is costing the U.S. about 100,000 dollars per minute.


And this is just the cost in dollars and cents. This does not take into account the more then 50, 000 lives that have been lost for the “war on terror” and “weapons of mass destruction”, to helping the Iraq people establish a democratic government like we have here in America.


And after all of this loss, we still have not destroyed the ringleader who proudly took credit for the 911 catastrophes.


Before John McCain became the republican presidential nominee, George Bush had his full support for this war, and after he won his primary election, he said that he did not care if the war in Iraq went on for 100 years.


After this, he and George Bush bashed Barack Obama for wanting a timetable for ending the war, which all but a few extremists in this country want for the benefit of the country, and to avoid not loosing any more family, friends, and countryman to the war that never really accomplished what is was supposedly designed to do.


And now George Bush and John McCain are talking timetables for ending the war, as if it was their original idea, and they are counting on your stupidity to pull it off.


So as I said before, do not pay attention to the polls, or to the Republican Campaign Strategies.


Although you have heard a lot about the race for president being in a dead heat, and getting worst for Obama, because of the fact that so many of Hillary’s Die Hard Supporters have vowed to vote for John McCain; what they are not telling you is that on the other side of these statistics is the fact that 42% of Republicans do not like John McCain, and a large portion of these people are voting for Barack Obama.


So don’t let the twisting of the numbers cause Obama to loose the race, because they have convinced you that the elections have been decided.


We have a long way to go, and we cannot let up until the last vote is counted, whenever that is.


And don’t forget to be alert for the voter irregularities like the ones that we had in Florida, and in other places in the country, when George Bush won his second term after a long drawn out dispute.


Just do what you need to do, and spread the word to others who are not doing so, and please explain to them what is at stake in this election.


The senseless continued loss of life in Iraq


Our economic security


The loss of our jobs


The further devaluation of our currency


And the possibility of mindlessly creating World War III


We have seen where the last 8 years have taken us.


Starting from that point, project into the future, and decide if you want to continue on this path, or try something new.


If you want to try something new, do what you have to do to get something new.


Don’t believe the hype!


 Vote for the Obama/Biden Ticket in the General Election on November 4, 2008, and in the mean time, put forth the efforts necessary to learn enough about the process to explain to those who don’t, why they should do so as well.


Greg Coleman