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Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

September 15, 2010

Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

Former Florida Chairman, Jim Greer, the man who accused president Obama of utilizing Socialist Indoctrination when he spoke to school children last year, now states that; “Many within the GOP have racists views”.Noooooooooooooooooooo-Shit!

Turn Left From Evil

September 11, 2010

Just Good Ole Racists

Tomorrow is the 9th Anniversary of the attacks on 911. Tomorrow, there will be no black, no white, no red, no blue, no Democrats, no Republicans, no Independents, no Christians, no Jews, no Catholics, no Muslims, and of course, in the True America, there is never enough room for, Tea-Partiers, Skin Heads, KKK, Patriots, Nazis, Conservatives, and other assorted racists, (who by any other name are still racists), and no Self Righteous Religious Zealots.  

But that’s tomorrow!

But for now, these Fucking Republican Son’s of Bitches, don’t care if, people who are unemployed, have unemployment insurance to take care of their families in between jobs, if People who are sick get healthcare, or that the people who paid for health insurance can utilize their health insurance when they get sick, that average working people who work hard can get a damn break on their taxes. But yet! They can see that the BP’s, The Exxon’s, The Large Pharmaceutical Companies, Wall street, The Banking Industry, and other Major Corporations and CEO’s in America, along with the top 2% of wealthy people in this country; need to be removed from their offices.

These people are racists, who are playing with the health, the incomes, the families and the lives of the American People, because they hate the 44th President of the United States, who just happens to be multiracial, identified as African American.

They will do anything. And I do mean, (anything that they can get away with to hurt this president), even if it hurts America, including those that they pretend to represent and care about, who support and follow them.

Remember! People who will do anything, or say anything to obtain power, will do anything or say anything to keep it.

If you don’t like what you see before they obtain power, than you will really be pissed off about what they will do once they get it.

 Turn left from evil.

This November Vote Democratic to keep moving forward.

 One Nation March, October 2, 2010

Can You Here Him Now?

August 29, 2008



Tonight I watched my president of the United States of America: Barack Obama, put to rest all of the artificial concerns that the Republican Party had been raising about his patriotism, his character, his experience, his judgment, and his courage.


After tonight’s speech, I know that what he said was plain and simple and straight to the point. And the point is that just because John McCain has been in Washington for a long time, does not necessarily mean that he is the most competent candidate for president to bring about the positive changes that we are in dire need of in this country.


Doing something wrong for a long time does qualify as experience, at doing something wrong.


Barack Obama made it clear tonight that this is the kind of experience that we do not need.


We cannot solve modern problems with antiquated methods, which is exactly what the Bush Administration has been doing for the last 8 years. And these practices are what the man who has supported George Bush’s decisions 95% of the time, is trying to tell America, that he is not a part of now, and has never has, been a part of.


The damage that the Republicans have caused to this country in financial strength, respect, security, for your family, and hope for the future of us all, is very apparent to anyone who does not have a hidden agenda, or a mental deficiency.


America needs to understand that the Republican Party has both, and has verified this over the last 8 years by their reckless spending, behavior, and their lack of desire to listen and understand what the American People want and need.  And are now they are insulting the intelligence of the American People again, asking you to trust them for another 4 or 8 years.


John McCain, I don’t think so.


The fact that the Republicans are asking you for another chance after their poor performance in the last 8 years shows that they have no respect for your hopes, your dreams, or your needs.


My fellow Americans, in spite of the perfect speech that Barack Obama delivered to the United States of America, and to the world tonight, very soon you will have John McCain trying to tell you that you really did not see what you saw, and that you really did not hear what you heard, and that their negative record of the past 8 years, was just a product of your imagination.


Why would they say this?


Because the only thing that can change the truth is a lie.

And that is all that the Republican Party has to fight with during this election year.


I am asking you for the sake of us all, to not fall for these lies when the truth is as plain as the nose on your face.


In money spent, time spent, loss of respect in the world, human suffering and death, and hope for the future.


What you saw and heard tonight was not a product of your imagination.


It was more genuine then anything that you will hear next week at the Republican Party’s convention.


Vote for Barack Obama on November 4, 2008, for President of the United States of America.


Because I Know That You Hear Him Now!


John McCain, This Song’s For You.









Congratulations Barack Obama

August 28, 2008

Congratulations To The First Major Party African American Presidential Nominee: Barack Obama.

What we just witnessed is something that I was told by my parents that we would never live to see in our lifetime.

Well! My immediate family did not live to see this day, but I would like to thank my grandparents Mr. Lester Dickerson, Ms. Mildred Dickerson, and my adopted brother Leonard Dickerson, for taking me in, and taking care of me so that I could live to see this day.

Now is not the time to relax.

Now the real work begins.

Don’t let the deaths of all of the people that who died for this moment be in vain.

Don’ t get tired.

Don’t get scared.

Don’t get fooled

Get Busy!

Let’s educate those who are not educated, let’s register those who are not registered to vote, let’s do all that we can do to elect Barack Obama:  The First African American President of The United State of America.


August 26, 2008


A Poem By Greg Coleman














SHE MAY REACH 3,5,10, OR 11



Greg Coleman




Don’t Believe The Hype!

August 26, 2008



Hello my Fellow American Obama Supporters.


This notice is not just for African American supporters of Barack Obama, but for all of his supporters.


In the last few hours, the negative campaign tactics have been escalating on both sides of the fence.


They’re coming from John McCain’s camp in response to Obama’s VP choice. And, they are coming form the Obama camp in response to John McCain’s lame attacks.


Things are pretty much the same now as we approach the general election, as they were when we were involved in the primary election; Obama has still conducted a non-attack campaign, choosing to take the high road by defending rather then attacking.


So although he has been accused of being too soft on his opposition, I recognize this as just an attempt to keep the campaign as positive as is politically possible, which he has done.


As far as the new polls are concerned that have Obama and McCain in a dead heat, ignore the polls, and pay attention to what we have to do.


America, (not just Black America), is in one of the most vulnerable positions that it has been in since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, or the stock market crash on October 29, 1949.


The value of our dollar has dropped to dangerous levels, and our volunteer military is stretched beyond capacity because of the present administration’s insistence on spending dollars and lives on perceived threats, as opposed to those that have been clearly demonstrated to be actual threats.


I read that the Iraq war is costing the U.S. about 100,000 dollars per minute.


And this is just the cost in dollars and cents. This does not take into account the more then 50, 000 lives that have been lost for the “war on terror” and “weapons of mass destruction”, to helping the Iraq people establish a democratic government like we have here in America.


And after all of this loss, we still have not destroyed the ringleader who proudly took credit for the 911 catastrophes.


Before John McCain became the republican presidential nominee, George Bush had his full support for this war, and after he won his primary election, he said that he did not care if the war in Iraq went on for 100 years.


After this, he and George Bush bashed Barack Obama for wanting a timetable for ending the war, which all but a few extremists in this country want for the benefit of the country, and to avoid not loosing any more family, friends, and countryman to the war that never really accomplished what is was supposedly designed to do.


And now George Bush and John McCain are talking timetables for ending the war, as if it was their original idea, and they are counting on your stupidity to pull it off.


So as I said before, do not pay attention to the polls, or to the Republican Campaign Strategies.


Although you have heard a lot about the race for president being in a dead heat, and getting worst for Obama, because of the fact that so many of Hillary’s Die Hard Supporters have vowed to vote for John McCain; what they are not telling you is that on the other side of these statistics is the fact that 42% of Republicans do not like John McCain, and a large portion of these people are voting for Barack Obama.


So don’t let the twisting of the numbers cause Obama to loose the race, because they have convinced you that the elections have been decided.


We have a long way to go, and we cannot let up until the last vote is counted, whenever that is.


And don’t forget to be alert for the voter irregularities like the ones that we had in Florida, and in other places in the country, when George Bush won his second term after a long drawn out dispute.


Just do what you need to do, and spread the word to others who are not doing so, and please explain to them what is at stake in this election.


The senseless continued loss of life in Iraq


Our economic security


The loss of our jobs


The further devaluation of our currency


And the possibility of mindlessly creating World War III


We have seen where the last 8 years have taken us.


Starting from that point, project into the future, and decide if you want to continue on this path, or try something new.


If you want to try something new, do what you have to do to get something new.


Don’t believe the hype!


 Vote for the Obama/Biden Ticket in the General Election on November 4, 2008, and in the mean time, put forth the efforts necessary to learn enough about the process to explain to those who don’t, why they should do so as well.


Greg Coleman













A Warning About Hillary Clinton

April 14, 2008

Good Morning America!


I would like to publicly respond to Hillary’s comments about Barack Obama’s comments on the disillusionment and disgust of the working class in America.


First of all, I have said time and time again, that a common man or common woman cannot run for president of the United States of America, because of the way that the political system is set up.


Therefore, all three presidential candidates are elitist, simply because of the fact that they have obtained the means and cleared all of the hurdles that one must clear in order to make a serious run for President of the United States. And, the fact that they have arrived as a serious candidate for the presidency indicates that they were already in the political loop, which means that they are all professional politicians who are well connected, and they all are in fact elitist, and not common men and woman.


So cut the crap Hillary, you are no less an elitist then Barack Obama, or John McCain, because remember America, the common workingman or woman, cannot run for president.


So don’t be fooled by Hillary’s rhetoric America.


Hillary is just doing what she has been caught doing since the beginning of her campaign.


She has been embellishing, exaggerating, and just plain lying about so many issues. And I just hope that there are enough Americans who are seeing through all of this, so that they can make an informed decision on November 4, 2008, and not a decision based on the deception of a professional politician.


Hillary is business as usual. She practices the kind of politics that the average American has been brainwashed into accepting as normal. And it will remain acceptable as the norm until the American public decides to do what is necessary in order to change this.


This change can be accomplished by keeping track of what the politicians are doing verses what they are saying, and publicly calling them out on it. If we become vigilant in doing this, many things would have to change for the better.


Now that we know that Obama is an elitist also, how do we tell how he differs from Hillary Clinton?





First of all, Obama has made many mistakes in judgments, and I think that he has effectively addressed them, as I see him trying to do with this latest statement about the working class in America; which his opponents have began programming the American public to view as condescending as opposed to being true.


However, for every mistake that Hillary has made, she has either denied that she made the mistake in the first place, or she has covered it up with a lie, which leads to another lie, and so forth and so on.


Hillary has been in attack mode since the beginning of the campaign.


Obama has only been aggressive in response to these attacks, and in spite of these attacks, he has respectfully defended his character, his views, his policies, and his plans for America.


Hillary has shown by her sneaky behavior, her lies, her personality changes, and her attempt to become someone different whenever the occasion calls for it, that she thinks that the American people are stupid. Every time she commits one of these treacherous and deceitful acts, she is indeed insulting your intelligence.


Obama respects and believes in the intelligence of the American People, as indicated by his positive demeanor, which he has maintained in many types of situations, be they positive or negative.


Hillary continues to refuse to address all of the money that her and her husband made during his presidency, which many consider to be excessive and suspicious.  She would rather deflect those questions with empty words that do not address the issue, rather then answering the question.


No wonder you held out on releasing those tax returns for so long Hillary.


All of Barack Obama’s real estate, tax, and business transactions have been explained and laid out for the American public to see.


Finally, Hillary Clinton has received very large sums of money from lobbyist, who do not offer this kind of financial support for a candidate unless they expect a huge return on their investment. And it is important to note that, most of the time, these favors that our politicians do to repay these lobbyist are usually not things that will benefit the American people.


We already have someone in the Whitehouse that has used his tenure as president to repay lobbyist for all of the money and favors that were done for him, in order to have him elected and reelected again, which is the job of a professional politician, when they are practicing the business as usual politics. And the evidence is clear that these decisions have not benefited the American people.

Obama has started a grassroots movement from the ground up, (unlike any that I have ever seen in all my days).


The people of the United States are funding Obama’s campaign. These are people who are sincerely interested in seeing a change for the better in our government. So he owes more to these people then he does to special interest groups and lobbyist.


With Hillary, it is business as usual. So her loyalties will be heading in another direction altogether, if she is elected as president.


A quick note about John McCain: At the present time, we have allocated so many of our resources; financial, equipment, and human lives to one area of the world (Iraq), which has been shown to not be a clear and present danger. We are stretched so thin that we have now had to ask other countries to assist in our war efforts with Iraq. These actions by the current president have actually made us more vulnerable to terrorist’s attacks, and attacks by other countries. 


We have very little resources for natural and other disasters here at home in America, because all of our equipment and the soldiers who’s job it is to carry out these function are over in Iraq.


The stock market and the economy, have been unable to bounce back with any consistency because of this, and will not show any signs of improvement until the current administration is gone. Wall Street, and Main Street, is afraid, and uncertain about the future at the present time.


If you want more of this, then vote for John McCain in order to have a continuation of the George Bush Administration.



Here is my warning to you America:


Anyone who will say or do anything, (rather it is true or not), to be elected President of the United States, will say or do anything to keep the office once elected. This will be true rather their actions benefit America or not.


This is what you have now.


Is this what you want next?












3 Reasons Why Obama Has Done So Well

March 5, 2008
I must give the candidate credit first for being an african american presidential candidate that carries himself in such a way as to be taken seriously.

With the exception of Martin Luther King JR, (who was removed by those who did not want to see him become president), there really has not been many african american candidates that were viewed by white america specifically, or black america in general, as viable candidates.

Of course, Colin Powell fits into this catagory as well. He was an excellent soldier, so excellent a soldier, that he became a general. So that would mean that he would definitely have to have a strong stomach to advance that far in the business of war.

However, after spending so much time with George W. Bush, he could no longer stomach the business of politics, so that took him out of the race by personal choice. And, at the rate that the members of the Bush’s Cabinet have been cutting and running before criminal prosecution; I think that he made a wise decision. The 2nd reason is that he exhibits a sense of newness that many voung voters, both black and white, (who are still optimistic about the polictical process), really like.

Finally, I think that black america has raised it’s conciousness to a new level. A level of being able to visualize an effective black president in the white house.

During my youth, having a black president, or even considering it, was unheard of.

It was considered to be a social evil that would cause the end of the world by blacks as well as by whites.

Sadly, many black americans had been trained by white america to think this way.

Remember, it really has not been that long ago, when it was illegal for black americans to enter into a restaurant to eat, use the same public restrooms as whites, set in the front seats of a bus, take a swim in a public swimming pool, or for that matter, vote.

Although most younger people associate these types of behavours with the deep south-I am here to tell you that I was born in the late 50’s, and raised in the early 60’s in Baltimore City; and I can still remember the signs saying “White Only”, “No Coloreds”, “White Trade Only”.

I also remember when black people had to go in the alley of the S&H Deli right in the heart of Fells Point, in order to have their food handed out the back door to them like an animal, (not like a person).

So through the process of negative socialization, which was the norm for america at that time, (rather those who did not live through it want to admit it or not), it would be impossible for any black man to become president.
“It’s just not in their DNA”, So it was said.

I can tell you from experience, that being white is not an immediate determination of success in the “White House”. Just look around now, and then reflect upon the pass.

I said all of that to say this: These are the reaons why I think that Barack Obama has done so well during this election year.

One more thing.

No matter who becomes the next president of the Untied States, male or female, black or white; please compare their performance after gettiing the job, to their campaign speechs, and make notes, compare the 2, and then call them out on their lies and shortcomings.

The reason that the government is the way that it is, and the way that it has been for so many years is because, the american public continues to fall for the same old bull-shit, time and time again.

If there is going to be truth in government, then it is up to the citizens to hold their elected officials accountable for what is said, and what is done.

 (Only) Around Election Time By: Greg Coleman

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