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Thank You Senator Obama!

June 12, 2008

First of all, we thank GOD for calling you to risk it all, in order to work towards making positive change,

and American History, at the same time.

 Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes on Super Tuesday June 3rd. 2008, when you became the first


Major Party, African American, Presidential Nominee.


Thank you for accomplishing a feat that was considered impossible for a Black Man, while, appropriately representing African Americans.


Thank you for starting your campaign as a qualified candidate, and not a Black Candidate.


Thank you for your successful efforts to bring people of all races, creeds, colors, educational backgrounds and incomes together for the purpose of solving the many problems that can only be solved by us all.


Thank you for the dignity, and the respect that you showed throughout this campaign; even when you were not treated with dignity and respect by your competitor or her supporters.


Thank you for not caving into the Right Wing Media’s attempt at making your past associations a major issue in this campaign, for the purpose of maintaining the Status Quo.


Thank you for all of the hope that you have given to the people of this country.


Thank you for continuing in the race, even when you were supposedly failing because of mysterious people who had the power to pull you down.


Thank you for connecting with the spirit within yourself to help you move foward in your quest to become President of The United States of America.


Thank you for allowing me to witness something that I thought that I would never live to see: A Black Man as the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America.


And, Thank you for making your campaign about the people of this country, and not about you.


With the help of GOD, your supporters, and the fair-minded people of this country of all races, you will be blessed with the responsibility of bringing this country together as one, and helping it’s people fix all of the currently existing problems together.

Thank you Senator, Obama.


(Only) Around Election Time







The Unchangeable Supporters Of Hillary Clinton Ignore Them And Move On

June 7, 2008


Today, 72 hours after the confirmed nomination of Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, (after an excessive amount of political pressure from her democratic pears), has finally suspended her campaign, and endorsed Barack Obama.


Now I understand how politically correct Barack Obama has to be, and I understand how politically correct that other politicians, and members of the media have to be on the road to the White House.


However, I am not running for White House, and I do not have to be.


All I feel compelled to do is to speak the truth as I see it, without damaging my candidate.


I say that to say this: In the coming months, because of the nature of racism in this country, you are going to continue to hear about these powerful “White Blue Collar Workers”, that are going to have a major negative influence on Barack Obama’s bid for the White House.


This type of fictional campaign, is one of the “Right Wing Conservative Media’s most powerful weapons against people who make uninformed decisions about politicians without studying what is behind the statements of the politicians and the media coverage that we are exposed to.


So I am asking all of you to base your actions and decisions in the coming months on knowledge of the issues and the candidates, and not on what the media, especially that “Right Wing Conservative Media”, (who clearly explains their agenda, by the name that they use to identify themselves), “Conservatives”. Which indicates no change, even if it is a change for the better that benefits the majority of American.


Please recognize that, if it were up to “The Conservatives”, then Black Americans would still be slaves, because these people’s goals are to keep things the same, and to ignore progress that is beneficial to all people across the board.


And that goes for all of the “Black Conservatives” too, just in case you think that I am being racist.


 I don’t know how far you want to go back, but please be careful not to find yourself too far back.


That painful, deadly, journey is just too difficult for us to make again.


For the millions of woman who were voting for Hillary Clinton as part of the” Feminist Movement”, I respect you, and I hope that you did this after searching your souls, to make sure that she was the best candidate to take America to a higher level, and not just because she is a woman.


I myself did not want to vote for anyone of the presidential candidates, because overall, I have not seen very many instances where a politician has come through on their election campaign promises.


And, I personally have not received effective assistance from any of the politicians that I requested help from, with the many incidences of racism and discrimination that I have experience while trying to get assistance in matters of business, or in health care.


And I find this to be equally true of politicians black or white.


But when I began to listen closely to them all, Barack Obama was the one that spoke the loudest to me, about where he would like to take this nation as whole.


And the dirty sneaky, evil, mean and despicable acts, words, and attitudes that she and her husband, (The First Black President), inserted into this campaign, killed my support for her. Not because she was white, not because she was a woman, but because she showed very little, if any respect for Barack Obama, the democratic party, or the people of the United States.


Her and President Clinton played every card that they could, including “The Race Card”, against a man who has never ran on anything having to do with race. Then you tried to smear him with the people close to him that did.


So let’s do a reality check, right here, and right now.


Many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters were once Ronald Reagan supporters, and many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters come from communities where hatred for African Americans, and other minorities, is just a way of life.


These are the people, who were booing today when Senator Clinton was speaking highly of Barack Obama, (for a change), at her concession speech.


And these are the same people who were making threatening remarks to the many news reporters today, as they exited the building, talking about” He better had put her on the ticket or else”. Guess what? He doesn’t better have to do shit that you say. You showed your ignorance at the democratic decision on Michigan and Florida, and you, (you know who the hell you are), showed it again today at Hillary’s concession speech.


And we all need to keep the fact in mind, that if GOD Himself, came down and said: “ I will end the world if all of you do not vote for Barack Obama for president; then we would all have to pray for the salvation of our souls, because the world would certainly end.


So the next time you hear this bullshit about Barack Obama has to do this or do that to reach them. Please don’t blame Barack Obama for not being able to reach people who are unreachable.


This is what they want you to believe, so that you can loose focus and support for Barack Obama.


So when you began to hear this bullshit again, (and you will hear this and a lot more); please just ignore them and move on.


Thanks to all of the faithful supporters of Barack Obama.