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Change You Can Believe In

March 26, 2009

Doing The People's Business

Doing The People's Business




Change in Washington DC is a reality in spite of the naysayer.


There is evidence of dramatic positive change coming to the White House, and as a result the nation.


Although many people who have been benefiting from unearned recognition, unearned social promotions and privileges that they were unworthy of in the first place are denying this change because they are afraid that allowing all Americans equality and a chance to live the American Dream will somehow destroy their way of life.


These are the people who would not recognize change if it smacks them in the face, because it already has, and they continue to not recognize or acknowledge it.


Denying the positive changes that this new administration has began implementing in Washington DC, helps them maintain their sense of entitlement and superiority, and therefore their sense of security.


Now of course nothing or no one can satisfy all of the people all of the time, especially the President of the United State of America, (as we witnessed on November 4th. 2008), when the majority of the American People made it clear that they were tired of living in this country under Republican Control, because of the fact that this control had put us into an unnecessary war based on faulty intelligence and just plain lies, which were used to cover up the real reason for this invasion, which was to allow Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton, and some of their other rich friends and business associates to make massive profits at the expense of human lives


As far as Vice President Dick Cheney’s company  is concerned, in the regular business world, this would be viewed as a conflict of interest and would not be allowed. However when you and your cronies have the power to bend and twist the laws of the land and the truth in your favor, then robbing and steeling and killing Americans for profit can be achieved.


And when you have a small segment of society that blindly follows these people because they do not do their own research, and they just accept whatever these public servants say, (because that is what they are supposed to be, servants not masters), of the American People, then this is how they get away with this shit.


My discontent with George W. Bush began way back in 2001, way before the 2008 elections, when I already knew that he was going to war in Iraq simply because he wanted to; (maybe because of the assassination attempt on his daddy).


But whatever the reason, I had already detected that he was going over there irregardless of what the American people said, thought or felt, or what the people that we elected to represent us in Washington had to say.


As a result, we have had almost 5000 Americans die, billions of dollars spent with no return on investment, (except for those entities that I mentioned above), countless lies told to congress, the American People, and to anyone else who would listen including the Prime Minister of England Tony Blair.


And as a result of all of this death, destruction and deception, we have also inherited a potential massive economic catastrophe, which the new administration is doing everything humanly possible to correct, including implementing some very bold, innovative and revolutionary actions that have never been attempted before.


Hell this is what America has always been about isn’t it?


And yet, those who still want something for nothing, and who want to continue to wheel and deal behind closed doors in order to swindle billions of dollars, and rob ordinary citizens of the opportunity to adequately provide for their own needs and those of their families, simply because they do not have the advantage of being a member of this exclusive club; are trying to convince the world that change has not come as a result of the election of President Obama.


So we had all of these negative incidents occur under Republican Rule over the past 8 years, and now what do we have?


We have poor Caucasians who have been fooled into believing that Republicans are on their side, and that  they should fear the changes that the new administration is making, because these changes will cause them to lose the great wealth that they do not have.


And for some of these poor Caucasians, it is not just the fear of change, it is just the fact that the new president is black which intensifies their fear.


We have black Uncle Toms, who have so much self-hatred that they would rather be slaves, but since the plantations have been eliminated, they want to be slaves under a white master in the Republican Party, rather then to be free and acknowledge that they are a member of the black race; (a race of people who have been hated, despised and dehumanized by the very people who brought them here), who in spite of it all, have managed to survive, grow and prosper, and have created a lasting legacy of pride and accomplishment in this country.


That’s the bad news.


Here is the good news.





We have a president who is communicating directly online with millions of American Citizens, taking questions, answering questions and looking for solutions that will benefit the large majority of Americans who are interested in seeing this country become a  equal, prosperous, and respectful to all of it’s citizens, (not just those of a particular race, creed, color, national origin, or income level).


A president that does not like to talk about important issues without first knowing what the hell he is talking about. That’s a big change from George W. Bush, and many before him.


A president who has been working constantly from his first day in office to effect a dramatic and revolutionary change in the way government operates for the benefit of the American People; (all of them), not just the rich, powerful and the socially ignorant.


We also have people reaching out to people who they would otherwise be afraid of or despise in the past, who are now working together to make this country and this world a safer, cleaner and fairer place to live for everyone who is willing to work and sacrifice in order to fulfill a dream.


A president who listens to the concerns of the American People, and addresses those concerns to the best of his and his staff’s ability.


So to  all of you who are still in denial about the change going on around you, it’s okay, because change will continue with, or without you.


It always has, that is why plantations have been eliminated.



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President Obama Laughs During 60 Minutes

March 25, 2009

Obama's Laugh No Match For Bush's Jokes

Obama's Laugh No Match For Bush's Jokes

On Sunday Night’s 60 Minutes episode while being interviewed by Steve Kroft, President Obama laughed when asked about the bailout of the Auto Industry, and of course just like everything else that he does rather it is innocent or a mistake,  positive or negative, high or low, black or white, right or wrong, it really does not matter; and because they have nothing more to contribute to our society that will improve it, the conservatives; (Republicans), and those who sympathize with  them have turned an innocent laugh in response to a question into an offence equal to a war crime.However, as bad as the economy is and all of the other terrible situations that we are facing as a nation, including the war in Iraq, (which is becoming a potential war crime), I do not believe for one minute that these same people who are using an innocent laugh as an excuse to persecute the new president, has given up on laughter and joy in their lives.

So I guess that these  people have not laughed since George W. Bush was in office, because that is when shit started to deteriorate.

These are the same people who have no new or fresh innovative ideas that will help elevate our nation back to the level of respect, international cooperation and economic strength that it is known for.

Instead of trying to build up the country, they are trying instead to tear the new president down, per the instructions of Rush Limbaugh, and others like him.

Once Again! It is not working.

It did not work when John McCain tried it during the campaign, and it is not working now, because the vast majority of the American People have made it clear that they are tired of fear mongering, war mongering, and hate mongering.

This once again, demonstrates these people’s inability to adapt and change, and to learn and grow.

In addition to learning disabilities and social blindness, they are also suffering from selective amnesia; because for all of the hoopla and fanfare that they have raised about President Obama laughing in response to a question about the auto industry on 60 minutes, they have yet to be outraged by the idiotic, insensitive, and downright cruel comments made by their Heroic President George W. Bush, who repeatedly made jokes about the Non Existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, which was the cover story used to initiate this war, a war that has caused the deaths of almost 5000 American lives, and has cost this nation billions of dollars, which played a significant role in the current economic crises that the new administration is trying to get in check.

Where is the outrage from you people for this?….



White House Briefing
by Dan Froomkin

Safer or Not?
Wednesday, Mar 17, 2004; 10:35 AM….

(World after ….Iraq…. War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question)….

 World after Iraq War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question ….

(World after ….Iraq…. War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question) It’s not often that a question from a reporter makes President Bush laugh out loud. ….×428864 – 30k – Cached – Similar pages….

Mar 26, 2004 President Bush’s joke about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction quips hilarious – there were laughs all round – but the next morning, Mr. Kerry’s statement also included a comment from ….Iraq…. war veteran …. – 42k – Cached – Similar pages….

Bush Warns of World War III, Laughs at Israel’s Bombing of Syria ….

Here’s Bush today, telling ..Turkey.. to “get into dialogue” with ….Iraq…. to avoid war. The same advice he bullshits out of his texas windpipe to other countries, …. – 220k – Cached – Similar pages….

DOGSPOT – Bush Laughs, Lies About Contractor Impunity in Iraq ….

Election Issues: Bush Laughs, Lies About Contractor Impunity in ….Iraq…. Early today, George W. Bush fielded questions about the “war on terror” at Johns Q Mr. President, how do you propose to bring private military contractors …. – 22k – Cached – Similar pages ….

           YouTube – McCain Sings Bomb Iran, laughs ….

John McCain Thinks War is A Joke – “Bomb Bomb Bomb ..Iran..” McCain’s senile moment: thinks Karzai is President of ….IRAQ….! …. Well just print MORE money after paying off all the crooks who got a free ride under Bush’s deregulation. …. – 109k – Cached – Similar pages….

My! My! All of these jokes about death and destruction and not even a whimper from any of them, but they want to take an innocent laugh in response to a question on the economy and make it appear as if President Obama does not care for this country and the deplorable condition that 8 years of Republicanism has left in.

No wonder the Republican Party is now viewed by average citizens as  a bunch of selfish, dishonest idiots who are becoming obsolete because they are unable to change and adapt to the positive direction that the majority of the American People have decided to take this country in.

I know how unreceptive the Republican Party is to new and innovative ideas, but here are 2 for your consideration:

1. Why don’t you try sincerely having the best interest of the American People at heart, (all of them, not just your little corrupt clique)?

2. Here’s one that has not been used by the Republican Party for many years; try telling the truth.


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President Obama On Jay Leno

March 21, 2009

Obama Reaches The People On Jay Leno

Obama Reaches The People On Jay Leno



Last night the president who promised change delivered on that promise once again, while making history in the process, once again.


This is a fact that makes many republicans and all racist sick to their stomachs.


Nonetheless, President Barack Obama became the first sitting president in history to appear on a national talk show.


What’s the big deal?


Well! We all know that political candidates have always showed up in black churches if their white, and white churches if their black, at rallies kissing babies, and everywhere else that they think they may be able to get a vote, including on national talk shows.


However, what makes President Obama different is that he made appearances at black and white churches, at rallies kissing babies, and everywhere else where he thought he could get a vote.


However the election is now over, and this president has kept most of the campaign promises that he made, (you know the ones that he could keep without the complete and total cooperation of The Senate and The House).


To keep in touch with the American People, (particularly the American People who elected him to office), is something that is within his power, and something that he has continued to do as promised.


Now I know that his many critics, (which are mostly comprised of the 2 R’s), Republicans and Racist, have complained about the bailouts, the bonuses, and the fact that there was so much pork in the stimulus bill that he signed, after he said that he wanted to eliminate this kind of wasteful spending in Washington and across the nation.


But the reality of the situation is, that although his critics continue to repeat the mantra  “He promised change but what he is delivering is business as usual politics”; what they leave out of this mantra is one little very important detail that he included within that promise, which was the fact that all of this change would not occur overnight, and that it may not even occur within his first term.


Some how they conveniently leave this part of the campaign promise out.


So continuing to repeat this mantra as if The President has already failed the American People in less then 60 days, (hoping that the majority of the American People will believe it), is quite ridiculous.

And most of the people who voted for President Obama are well aware of this stupidity and the motives behind it.


That is why they voted for him.


We also know where it is coming from.


It comes from that small segment of society that (for one or more reasons), which usually involves one of the 2 R’s, wants to see President Obama fail, even if it means the destruction of a nation and all of it’s people, (including them).


They want the president to fail, no matter what the consequences.


And this directive has been clearly stated by the leader of the Republican Party: Rush Limbaugh. 


 “I Hope Obama Fails.” 


Now there are some in this clique who have said that the very same people who are complaining about the criticism against Obama, are the same people who wanted George W. Bush to fail.


Well Folks! I’ve got some news for you.


George W. Bush did not care about what the American People said, thought, or did, nor did he care about the House, the Senate, or anyone else who disagreed with him.


He did not even care about our laws, the constitution, or anything that makes America, America.


What he was striving to be was a dictator.


So in reality, George W. Bush failed miserably and completely on his own without help from anyone.


Are we as stupid as the people who are in  this little divisive clique?


Hell No!


We would have loved it if  President Bush would have been successful, then we would all still have jobs, we would have a budget surplus, and thousands of husbands, wives, sons, daughters, relatives and friends, would not be dead right now because of an extremely expensive, ineffective war, which was in theory, a war to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden for the mass murder of over 2000 American Citizens on 911.


This did not occur, and the American People were oblivious to the ever changing cover stories for the war, from capturing, Osama Bin Laden to bringing justice to the Iraq People by capturing and killing Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity and for Harboring Terrorist and  Weapons of Mass Destruction, (which have yet to be found),to Establishing Democracy, to Preventing A Civil War, to Keeping The Insurgents In Check.


A war without a definite purpose equals lives lost for no definite purpose.


This is totally unacceptable to anyone who cares about God’s most precious gift; Life.


Now the same people who fought congress to give President Bush a blank check for the war, and a blank check for the bailouts can come up with nothing more productive then to complain about President Obama taking time out from his busy schedule to visit the Jay Leno Show, to continue to fulfill his campaign promise to maintain an open line of communications with the American People.


“He flies off to Los Angeles tonight to be on the Jay Leno show,” said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. “My suggestion is that he come back — since he’s taken the full responsibility — to get his people together and say: ‘All right, I want to know exactly what happened? Who did what when? And how are we going to prevent this from ever happening in the future?’”

This coming from a group of people whose leader spent approximately 487 days on vacation at Camp David, and approximately 490 days at his ranch in Crawford.


Mr. Bush has found his legacy.


He is “The Most Vacationing President In History”, with Ronald Reagan in 2nd. Place.


These are all of the same tactics that were implemented and supported by the majority of Republicans when John McCain and Sarah Palin were running against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, which did not work, and they are still doing this same stupid bullshit that failed miserably in the 2008 Presidential Election today.


This is why I maintain that The Republicans are a political party with severe learning disabilities.


It’s also important to note that last night’s appearance was a success for the President, as well as for The Tonight Show”.


Nielsen is giving high approval ratings to President Barack Obama’s appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show.” Obama’s visit with Jay Leno, the first by a sitting president, scored an 11.2 rating in metered-market households


Jay Leno Show A Big Hit Last Night 

There was one mistake that President Obama made last night,(for which he had apologized for even before last night’s show aired), and that was when he compared his bowling skills to that of the disabled athletes who participate in the Special Olympics.


President Obama Apologizes To The Chairman Of The Special Olympics Tim Shriver


This was a mistake on the part of  the President, because he is too politically savvy to intentionally insult the disabled citizens of this country. In addition, he is more of a humanitarian then most of the Republicans who are trying to criticize, undermine and sabotage him.


So if you need a talking point for this evening’s news; there you have it, take this and run with it.


And to all of you Republicans who are complaining that President Obama is doing too much; the fact of the matter is,  that as bad a shape as your President Bush left this country in, there is no such thing as doing too much; only not doing enough.


Last night’s show was a smart move, and a successful move for President Obama, Jay Leno;  and good for the Majority of American the People.


The majority who voted for President Obama.





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Thank You Meghan McCain

March 18, 2009
Thanks For Common Sense

Thanks For Common Sense

I would like to take a moment to do something that I don’t normally do. And the reason that I don’t normally do this is because there is usually no reason for me, or any other forward thinking humanitarian who cares about all of the people in this country and on this planet to do so. However, I think that gratitude and respect should be given to Meghan McCain, (A Republican), who is currently under vicious attacks from the Right Wing Political Extremist in this country, (namely Racist Idiot, Laura Ingraham) for just making sense. It is very telling when you see that anyone who is a member of the Republican Party who speaks out against divisiveness, exclusiveness, blind extremism, and who speaks for love, respect and consideration of other people who may not be just like you, or who may have a more open and broader point of view of the world as opposed to the limited staunch robotic point of view which is shared by 99.9% of the Republican Base, brings forth these types of vicious attacks that are now being launched against Meghan McCain, simply because she is speaking the truth. The attacks against Ms. McCain have been brought on simply because she has made the true observation that extremism on any side of the political spectrum (Right or Left), can be very dangerous to the health, happiness and safety of all Americans, and that the people who are responsible for encouraging the idiots who feast on this type of hatred should be trying to tone it down a little and move to a more moderate position that would allow for a more open dialogue between people of differing points of view. This will also minimize the risk of violence on a national scale. She is simply promoting behavior that will create a better country for the majority of our citizens as opposed to what the republicans have been trying to create for 35 years, which is a separate society that caters only to the rich and the powerful, the poor whites who wish they were, (with a very few ignorant blacks with identity crises thrown in), and the foreigners who are new to this country and want so much to be a part of what they think is “Mainstream America”. This all began when Meghan McCain accurately pointed out the dangerous and idiotic social stands taken by Ann Coulter, and the people who follow her. This is a woman who lives within herself, in a world where only what she is and who she is can be allowed. She along with people like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, and House Nigger Juan Williams, think that people who do not share their beliefs, (political, religious, social or otherwise), should not be allowed to take up space on this earth. Of course this is bullshit! But that is what these types of people are all about. And most of them can be found wearing the following labels: “Conservative”, “Republican”, “Right Wing”, or “Evangelical”. You see it is all about them and what benefits their little separate country within a country. It is not about what benefits the rich, poor and middle class. It is about worshiping and imposing the laws of the land on everyone else to keep them from achieving success, but ignoring this devotion to these same laws when they allow them to benefit and profit. Hypocrisy! This is not what this country was meant to be, and we know for a fact that it is not, because it is recorded in all of this nation’s precious documents that it is not. It is supposed to be all about opportunity and equality for all who are willing to do the work, and make the sacrifices necessary to succeed. And now with the election of Barack Obama as President, the country is moving at a rapid pace towards what it was originally meant to be. This has outraged many of the people that I mentioned above, and also those who follow them. And this is why the Republicans are eating their own when one of them tries to take the Republican Party in a new direction from where it is right now, and where it is heading into the future, which is nowhere. Meghan McCain, and some of the other Progressive Republicans, (including Michael Steel who is about to be crucified), realize that a party that operates on the premise that they are the chosen few, will only have the support and funding from a chosen few, and the disgust of many. These Progressive Republicans also know that if the Republican Party is to compete and survive, then they must change all of the things that have not been working for them. But Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and other political commentators like them, and those who blindly follow them, are people that you can look at and see the hatred and racism on their faces, and you can hear it in their voices with every word that they speak, even when they are trying to disguise racism as something else like “Conservatism” and “Patriotism”, it stills exhibits the strong rancid odor of hatred and racism. As a child of the 60’s I know the potential danger of these kinds of attitudes and actions towards people who are supposed to be your fellow countryman. So for Meghan McCain to be able to recognize the potential harm to this country at her young age, as a result of all of the immoral, illegal, untruthful, and destructive behaviors exhibited by the Republicans over the last 35 years, and especially the last 8, is quite an accomplishment considering the fact that she has been exposed to this faulty logic, and corruption all of her life as a member of a republican family. So I applaud Meghan McCain for having the guts to stand up to a very small and powerful group of idiots who would rather see the country destroyed by a white man, rather then to see a black president succeed. That takes guts. And to Laura Ingraham, it is too bad that you still have nothing as far as a plan, a platform, a message, or anything to contribute to our society that would make this Country a better place to live for all Americans, not just for the few of you. Instead, you want to talk about Meghan McCain’s weight as opposed to speaking about all of the potential dangers that we as Americans are currently facing because of people like you, and the people like you who were put in place by a small group of powerful people in order to benefit a small group of powerful people. And all of you political geniuses are wondering why the Republican Party is falling apart at the seams, and becoming just a hilarious national joke. It is because when someone who is on your team like a Meghan McCain, a Michael Steel, or a Colin Powell proposes something new, different and refreshing that would benefit more people, thereby making the party more attractive to more people, which would probably help increase it’s membership; you all try and exile them. Guess what? That is where the Republican Party is right now; exiled! And as a lifetime Democrat, I couldn’t be happier. However, as a practical, sensible human being, I really don’t care about a person’s race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, or political party, as long as they are respectful of me as a human being, and are actively trying to make this country and this planet a better place to live for as many people as possible. And based on your brave stance for common sense in spite of the fact that you are surrounded by a bunch of egotistical, selfish and hateful idiots, I truly believe that you are such a person. So I truly want to thank you Meghan for presenting your new progressive non partisan ideas to the Republican Base because you know that those ideas will benefit not only republicans, but will benefit our entire country as a whole. But watch your back; because you are surrounded by ignorance, fear, hatred, racism, and a group of people that obviously have learning disabilities, who cannot or will not change.


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MyCashNow  486x60

Rush Limbaugh Is What The Republican Party Is All About

March 16, 2009

Drugs Validated His Idiotic Point Of View

Drugs Validated His Idiotic Point Of View




Way back when, when John McCain first launched his racist, dishonest, and slander based campaign against Senator Obama, I was viciously criticized by republicans in cyberspace, (many who I know were racists), because they wanted to cling to the viewpoint that Rush Limbaugh did not represent the Republican Party’s viewpoints.


They tried to convince me that Rush Limbaugh was a Far Right Wing Idiot, (which he is), that had absolutely nothing to do with the Republican Party’s principals, activities, or their agenda for America.


Fast forward to the present after the successful election of the First African American President.


Who is running around saying that they hope that President Obama fails?

Rush Limbaugh.


Who is making decisions that all republicans seem to be bound by?

Rush Limbaugh.


Who is demanding that the President of the United States of America debate him on the radio, as if he is running for office?

Rush Limbaugh.


The running for office part may just become a reality in 2012.


But for the President to give this man even the slightest bit of credibility by granting him a debate session is a fucking joke.


Who was the chief speaker at CPAC? (Conservative Political Action Committee

(The Republican’s version of a Rock Festival, where all the Republican Rock Stars show up.)

Rush Limbaugh.


And who was it that the White Republican Leadership made apologize to their new leader, Rush Limbaugh?


The so called Black Leader of the Republican Party, who was running around talking about introducing the Republican Party to every neighborhood across the country.


How many republicans do you know that live in the projects?


And on top of this, he actually thought that the White Racist, who controls the Republican Party, was going to actually let him make them rub elbows with the raw realist from the World of Hip Hop.


So to all of you who tried to separate Rush Limbaugh from the Republican Party; let me introduce you to your new leader:


Rush Limbaugh.


Oh Yea! Former Vice President Dick Cheney says that Rush Limbaugh is not bad for The Republican Party.


That’s one hell of an endorsement folks!


And, just for the record, Rush Limbaugh Is what the Republican Party Is All About!


You all really need to get to know your party better.




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President Obama Reluctantly Signs Spending Bill Loaded With Crap

March 14, 2009

Doing The People's Business

Doing The People's Business





Now I know that many republicans, (especially John McCain), are seizing this moment in order to try and uplift their party by attacking our current Democratic President Barack Obama, and accusing him of business as usual politics.


However, everyone who has followed politics (even periodically) knows that politics is a business of compromise.

And in spite of the president’s promise of “Change”, which all who have been paying close attention recognize as a work in progress, starting with the immediate reversals of destructive BUSH Policies, and the many other measures that the new administration has implemented to improve transparency, along with the improvement of communicating with the people that they were elected to serve; these folks know that President Obama cannot run the country alone, and certainly not without the people who loaded this bill with all of this bullshit.

The reason that President Obama signed the bill was not because he wanted to maintain the business as usual politics of loading important legislation with pork.

He signed it because this imperfect action was better then no action at all under the current circumstances.

And experienced republican politicians are well aware of this fact, however they want to try and capitalize on the fact that there are still a significant number of individuals in this country who have not developed a normal level of political common sense.

These are the people to whom they are directing these bullshit smear campaigns at.

Unfortunately, in spite of what I consider to be a sincere effort to change Washington for the better, those of us who are intelligent know that this is not going to occur in 2 months, and maybe not even in 2 or 4 years.

And republicans know this because of the shit that their former leader (President Bush), either messed up or totally destroyed, and could not repair in 8 years.

And now they are trying to impress upon the American People the false idea that this new administration is failing after only 2 months in some of the most difficult times that we as Americans have had to face in over 30 years.


First of all, I just want to say that I have absolutely no interest in what Senator John McCain has to say, because he is either a terrorist or a liar, and at this point in time, I don’t think that we can afford to have either one in important positions in government.

You see, on campaign stop after stop, John McCain said that he knows how to catch Osama Bin Laden, and that if elected, he would.

So I guess since he lost the election, he is now withholding this critical strategy from the current president at the risk of causing many Americans to lose their lives as a result of another attack masterminded by this murder.

So John McCain is either a liar, or a terrorist supporter, or a terrorist.

These are all of the things that he accused Senator Obama and President Elect Obama of during the campaign.

So after all of the lies that he and Sarah Palin spit out on the American People while they were putting “Winning The Election First”, and not the “Country First”; I don’t want to hear jack shit that either one of them have to say about anything, because without even hearing what they have to say, I know that it is going to be a lie.

 John McCain: “I know How To Capture Osama Bin Laden”

 So let’s move on to the rest of the republicans.

The majority of Americans also know that the GOP has an agenda that has nothing to do with the improvement of our country.

They simply want to keep on greasing the palms and lining the pockets of themselves and their rich friends and business associates.

In order to do this, they are planning to undermine and sabotage this new administration to make people forget how terrible, immoral, ineffective, and criminal the last administration has been.

Not because they have progressive new innovative ideas that will benefit the majority of people in this country, but so that they can continue to implement policies, procedures, and enact legislation that totally ignores the Average Middle Class American,(not to mention the poor), but to continue the same practices that benefit only a select few.

That will take some doing.

In spite of the fact that George W. Bush and all of his cronies are trying to make the American People forget the truth about his presidency, the American People have told the Republicans, that they do remember, and no longer want anymore of their old stale ideas that have not, and continues not to work, and that they are sick and tired of the exclusiveness, division, and self serving dishonest politicians, (both Republicans and Democrats), that have been in control of this country for hundreds of years.

And speaking of Democrats.

To all of you who loaded this bill with projects that have nothing  to do with  the primary goal of putting America’s Economy back on track, you are as bad as the republicans who are complaining about the pork in the bill while adding their own “wasteful  spending projects to it”.

 The fact is, 40% of the pork in this bill was added by republicans

 Oh The Hypocrisy!

This is not the time to hold the people of this country hostage by withholding your support of bills that are designed to improve the economic conditions in this country for all of it’s citizens simply because of the fact that your personal or local projects are not included in it.

This is very selfish of you, and I hope that these actions will result in just the opposite result of what you are looking for; instead of being reelected, I hope that you will instead be replaced.

And to all of you democrats who are refusing to work harmoniously with the Democratic Majority and The New President, to move this country in a new direction, a direction that benefits the majority, and not the rich minority, you are worst then the House Republicans led by the hypocritical John Boehner of Ohio, who share your point of view.

These politicians are shouting (Now)! about fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction after they sit back and watched the leader of The Republican Party, George W. Bush turn billions of dollars of surplus into a trillion dollar deficit, spend a trillion dollars on the Iraq war, and inflate the size of government to levels unseen since World War II.

And to the leaders of this group of Treasonous Democrats which includes: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Tom  Harper of Delaware, and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; I hope that all of your constituents will remember your dirty deeds, and that they will replace you and all of your dissenting followers when election time comes around.

This is the type of political hypocrisy that the majority of Americans are fed up with, and will not tolerate; as witnessed by their attempt to effect change by the election of President Barack Obama.

Rachel Maddow video: Dissenting Democrats

March 12: Rachel Re: There really is a huge Democratic majority in the House and Senate. Why is then now some of them are dissenting, now that they are actually in position to fix stuff?
 Dissenting Democrats Video

Those of us who voted for President Obama, and who still support him are well aware of all of your plans to return to the same outdated, backwards thinking, counter productive politics that have gotten us into this mess in the first place, simply because people like you do not consider the success of all Americans as a priority.

You only care about the success of those who are already successful.

 This will not do anymore.

In spite of all of your attempts to deceive the American People into thinking that the Obama Administration is failing in efforts to effect “Positive Change” in Federal Government, and as a result, State and Local Government, the majority of Americans know that this is bullshit, and continues to support the new president as he strives to change the government for the better as per his campaign promises.

The majority of American Citizens who have had their voice taken away from them, and their efforts at success undermined and sabotaged, and their honest hard work ignored in favor of those who have achieved success and power at the expense of making everyone else suffer, all know the truth.

And to all of you who are trying to deny, distort, and destroy this truth, you are only being exposed as the selfish, dishonest, and greedy bastards that you are.

The fact of the matter is, that President Obama and his Administration are doing everything humanly possible with this terrible situation that we as Americans have found ourselves in as a result of the abuse of power that has been imposed upon us by the very rich, and the very powerful for years.

It is time for a fairer distribution of wealth and power in this country, and it is time for those who have profited the most on the backs of those under them to give back as they have profited.

“To whom much is given, much is expected”.

Now that’s Change!

And that is what the majority of Americans want, and that is what we are going to get.

So quit your lying, cheating, and stealing.

It is only making you look bad, and it makes the American People angrier.

As I said in the beginning, I will say in the end; President Obama signed this bill with all of the pork in it, because he is working for the change that he promised during his campaign, but he cannot change Washington alone, and he certainly could not have passed this much needed spending bill without the politicians who would not pass the bill unless it had some of their own selfish wasteful spending in it.




















An Open Letter To Michael Steel

March 10, 2009

A Black Face On A White Organization

A Black Face On A White Organization

(New Chairmen of The Infamous Republican Party)



 Hello Michael:

It Takes More Then A Dark Face To Make An African American 

I wish I could say that I respect you like I used to when you were the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, but I don’t.
Your foolishness along with the foolishness and dishonesty of the Bush Administration, and Republicans across the nation who followed their lead, cost you and Robert Erlich the governor’s race, and then this same idiology that you tried to pass off to the African American Community in Maryland, caused your defeat in the Senate Race.
My personal opinion is mine’s and I am not going to deprive you of yours, because this is America, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, so let me give you mine’s.
I do not believe that any self respecting African American could be a part of, (let alone the leader of), any organization that has absolutely no consideration or respect for the black race as equal human beings, or who are totally inconsiderate of those who are less fortunate then they are, or who wants to continue to bend and twist the laws of the land to benefit the powerful and the wealthy and to oppress those who are already knocking on the door of death through systemized deprivation.
You are in the company of people who are members of all white golf clubs, all white country clubs, all white yacht clubs, and all white club clubs.
You Mr. Steel are nothing more then a black face for a White Conservative Racist Political Party that has become all but obsolete in today’s Modern American Society; a society where a person’s characteristics as given to him or her by GOD, are no longer a curse, a hindrance, or a reason to hate.
And for you to come on CNN, and support and validate the opinions of Rush Limbaugh just 2 weeks ago, (a known Right Wing Racist who every Self Respecting African American despises) in the name of protection of the race, and the survival of it’s communities, is the final measure of your treasonous nature, your self hatred towards your own people, and your desire to fit in where you do not belong.
And the one time that you did show some intestinal fortitude as the leader of the Republican Party, speaking against the idiotic, self-serving points of view of this racist jerk, you turned around and cow towed to the real leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh.
But you are not alone, there are too many like you who became political plants during the typical stupid, meaningless and dirty campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin, (you know, the kind of campaign that the republicans are famous for).
But here’s the deal, if you think that you are going to fool the African American Population in the U.S., when you could not even fool the African American Population in Maryland into adopting The Republican’s Conservative Doctrine, (conservative meaning no movement forward), then you are sadly mistaken.
As a matter of fact, if you think that the white racist leadership of The Republican Party, are going to set back and watch you take the Republican Party, (an elitist group), into every neighborhood in this country as you said you would at your acceptance speech, then you are even more disillusioned then I thought you were.
I hope you noticed that you did not get any positive feedback from that statement from your Fellow White Republicans when you made it, and I hope that you know that before they let you take the Republican Party into the projects and ghettos of this nation, they will fire you, and if necessary, start a whole new Conservative Racist Party.
The True African American Community, along with the Progressive, (which I think that Republican Racist, and other so called Conservatives call Liberal), White American Community, The Asian American Community, The Latino American Community, The Indian American Community, The Mexican American Community, and so forth and so on, (in other words, all of the beautiful colors of the rainbow), have become more galvanized for the common purpose of allowing each other to live and let live, marry and love whom ever one  chooses to,  not interfere with what consenting adults do sexually in the privacy of their own homes, and the freedom to make other decisions that affect the personal lives of the individuals making the decisions irregardless of what a political party that cries for less government, while at the same time trying to control the world through government, thinks.
I do not respect any of the Oreo Cookies who are trying to force themselves into a group that does not respect their race of people overall.
If you want to go back to the plantation, then by all means you will have to go by your damn selves.
There is only one Black Republican left that I truly have respect for, and that is former General, Colin Powell.
First of all, he had the good sense to remove himself, and distance himself from the criminally insane bunch of idiots that have had control of this country for the past 8 years, and who have brought this country to the brink of destruction and civil war.
And also, because he is not afraid to tell all of you when you are being stupid, divisive and exclusive, whereas the rest of you flunkies speak the same message that they have brainwashed you into speaking.
The dirty political battle launched by The Republicans that resulted in the election of President Barack Obama, has made even the least politically astute citizen in America more alert and acutely aware of all of the games that all of you so called “True Americans” play in the pursuit of trying to control everyone for the benefit of a few.
This new level of sophistication and awareness on the part of the American People means that your black face on a white organization will never work to recruit people who truly believe in Justice, Freedom, and Equality for all.  


And you my friend are just a dark face on a white organization, placed there to fool the few, who are unaware of what The Republican Party actually represents in this country.
That is why they made you chairman of the RNC instead of Colin Powell; because he would have corrected Rush Limbaugh, and any of the other Republicans who still practice mass stupidity, dishonesty and racism, and would not have swallowed his words like you did, in favor of a known conservative, (racist), pig like Rush Limbaugh.
Remember Michael; It Takes More Then Dark Skin To Make An African American.





Who Thought The Cartoon Was Just A Cartoon?

February 28, 2009

Racism Is Not Dead

Racism Is Not Dead







In spite of all of the progress that we have made as a nation, there are still a significant number of racists who think that the whole world is 1800’s south. This point of view is based on the success, comfort, and progress of a few ignorant people, who thank GOD, is now a minority.


And they miss this world so much that they will say or do anything to get back to it.


It is not, nor will it ever be back, unless we experience a run on stupid black people who think that these types of insults and attacks on the character of our First African American President, and the people of all races who support the change that he is attempting to bring to this country, is not leading up to something more then just posting a funny cartoon.


There is more to it then just a cartoon or a joke.


Did you hear the one about the new black guy in town?


A black man arrives in a new town and asks a white man,” where do all of the black people hang out round here?”


The white man says, “right over there on that tree.”


Just a joke?


Ha Ha My Ass!


Millions of black human beings were subjected to this cruel and mercilessness death simply because some people had a beef with them for the way that GOD made them.


So to all the ignorant, sleep, uninformed, and socially unwire black people, (and white people), who think that this is just a cartoon, let me just tell you, that somewhere, right now, there is more the one sick racist individual who has taken that cartoon, (which depicted a black monkey being shot to death), a monkey that no doubt represents President Obama, and he or she has internalized this cartoon, and has at least a thought, about doing something stupid to the president, and if he or she thinks about it long enough, this thought will blossom into a plan of action.


And to the many white racists who helped this issue sell out by purchasing as many copies as they could, because they think that it is just a funny cartoon; fine!


Your opinions, thoughts, and actions in support of this racist attack masked in humor, will never be enough to destroy the progress of a nation.


These are the kinds of subliminal messages that the media in this country have used for hundreds of years to control the masses.


This cartoon in no exception.


One thing I do agree with is “Freedom of Speech”, so they do have a right to post it, and we do have a right to respond to it, like the majority of the common sense people in this country, (of all races) has done.


I think that we needed to respond to this message of hate as we did.


But I also still maintain that the way that a few racist in high and low places treat us, is not nearly as important as how we as African Americans treat each other.


So to all who are still sleep, and continue to poison our neighborhoods, kill our sisters and brothers, (or anyone who is not a threat to you in any way), disrespect our woman, and neglect our children, you need to be more concerned about that.


Because this will be the true measure of our success or failure as a race of people, not what a few idiotic racist, who will always exists, say or think of us.


It is time for all African Americans, and other races of people who want peace, freedom and equality for the generations to come, to remain alert if you are already alert, or to work hard to become alert if you are not.


Do not let this minority of idiots pull the wool over your eyes, even if they do try to disguise it as a joke.


The old folks used to always say that “many true words are spoken in a joke”’ everyone needs to pay attention.



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About This Year’s Newsletter

February 28, 2009

I would like to say that this year’s newsletter will be chock full of music news from G.R.C. Records about new releases, new artist and new shows.


However, as with all other businesses, (even major corporations), G.R.C Records is on standby as far as staging any music events or releasing any new cd’s, or in doing anything else at the present time that would require a significant financial investment.


So while we are waiting for things to get better in our country, our world, and our company, we still would like to keep in touch with you on a monthly basis to discuss issues that are important to our readers.


This year, we will continue to focus on the ever popular and ever changing subject of politics, which is something that I love to watch, especially the desperation that The Republicans are currently exhibiting as they watch their party fall apart.


We are also relishing in the initial successes that the Obama Administration is experiencing in spite of the efforts of those who would rather see him fail, even if it means that his failure will mean the failure of our entire country; much like the failure that we experienced as a result of the Bush Administration’s 8 years in office.


We will also focus on healthcare, because many of the things that President Obama is proposing will cut into the pockets of some of the most powerful corporations in the nation whose goal is to keep the American People sick, so that they can continue to profit from over prescribing pharmaceuticals, medical testing and procedures, and unnecessary surgeries.


So it is very important for us to listen intently when people discuss how Obama wants to nationalize healthcare, and take control of how your doctor treats your illnesses.


This is a lie.


What President Obama is trying to do is to prevent illnesses before they start, and to try and insure that every American will have healthcare available to them when they do get sick.


The people who want to accuse him of being a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist, are the people who are trying to scare you into believing that the very thing that can help the majority of Americans, (not the filthy rich who only account for 2-5% of the total population in America), is the thing that is going to destroy our free enterprise system.


No it is not, it is just going to take an insignificant amount of profit from some of the major corporations that have been raping America all the long.


And in the spirit of President Obama’s progressive approach to illness prevention, we will also talk a lot about how to protect your health so that you won’t have to wind up making these people richer then they already are.


Most of the people who listen to our music, support our live shows, and subscribe to this newsletter are at least 40 and above.


So this is the time that we must guard against illness and injury as much as possible so that we can continue to be vibrant, healthy, and lively adults who enjoy life.


So come on and hang out with G.R.C. Records this year.










Of course The Cartoon Is A Racist Attack Against President Obama

February 19, 2009
Racism Is Not Dead

Racism Is Not Dead

The cartoon in today’s issue of the New York Post that depicts 2 white policeman killing a black chimpanzee, and then making the statement, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill”, is a direct attack on President Obama, the black race, white people who want a better country that features fairness and equality for all, (which is what the hell the United States of America is supposed to be all about anyway), and all people who are in the process of trying to heal and unify this nation. The statements made against Reverend Al Sharpton in defense of this article are also an insult on the intelligence of all black people who have not sold out in favor of the enemy. And by enemy, I am not referring to any particular race of people, but to those who cannot, or will not recognize this racist attack against our president for what it is; a racist attack against our president, and all the people who’s skin tone matches his. I predicted this as soon as I heard the story about the police having to shoot the out of control chimpanzee. However, I did not think that it would take the form of an attack against the president and his new stimulus bill which passed in spite of the republicans insistence on playing business as usual politics. The newspaper is trying to say that the black chimpanzee being shot represents Washington DC, and not President Obama. However, the only people who believe this crap are the white people who are racists, and the black people who are oblivious to the fact that our race is, and has always been under attack by those who still believe that we are apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and other inhuman creatures. This is why I continue to warn everyone who does not know, and remind those who do, that not only are we as a race of people under constant attack, but that all Americans of all races who know that it is wrong to hate or destroy people because of the way that GOD made them are also under attack. In other words, anyone who is devoted to making this country be the country that is was truly meant to be, is a target. And President Obama, his team, and all those who support him are the bulls eye. This is why we must not let our support for the president end just because November 4th 2008 has passed. The fight for freedom and equality for all Americans in this country based on who they are, and how they conduct themselves and contribute to society as citizens of this great nation, instead of the form in which GOD decided to make them; is not a fight that we can afford to lose. I’ll say it again as I have said many times before; the election of President Obama was just the first step in many that we need to repeat constantly in order to make this country work like it is supposed to work, (not just for the rich and the powerful), but for the poor people who are capable and willing to do better, and those who cannot because of circumstance beyond their control, the working class, and yes, even those who are well off. And to all of you who are well off, you need to pay particular attention to what is happening to your wealth these days. Because if the current economic situation does not convince you that you need the people who are lower on the totem pole to lift you up, then you will continue to lose your businesses, your corporate positions, and your generational wealth. Why? Because the Average Working American Citizen is your foundation, and no structure can raise up without it’s foundation. Yes the cartoon is a racist attack masked with humor. But what amazes me is the fact that so many people are shocked after all of these hundreds of years. Racism is not going to go away because we have our first African American President. So don’t expect it to. What is important is not that racism still exists, but it’s what all of the people who despise it do about it. It is very important that we demonstrate to the world that we are outraged about the injustices that continue to effect us all in this country. But the most important thing for us to remember is that it is not how they treat us that counts at this point in history, it is how we treat each other. So please be mindful of that. And to Reverend Al Sharpton, you did a great job in gathering a cross section of all different races and classes of people for a consensus on what this cartoon really meant, and how distasteful it was to many Americans, not just African Americans. The are only calling you a publicity seeker, because you are drawing attention to this and other situations that should not be occurring in America in the new millennium. Keep up the good work.