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Attention: One Million Kidney Patients…..

March 2, 2008

Attention: One Million Kidney Patients 

Are you suffering from your disease?


Are you tired of  numerous and very painful access surgeries?


Are you tired of blood pressure problems that cause you to pass out?


Are you tired of not being able to breathe due to fluid retention?


Have you already experienced the negative side of having a kidney transplant?


Are you tired of “nephrology professionals”,(sales people), trying to prescribe more and more drugs for you, recommend more surgeries for you, including access, and kidney transplants?


And in general, are  you just finding it more and more difficult to live through each day with all of the pain and sickness that this disease inflicts upon you?


Are you tired of needing a machine to keep you alive?


Do you wish that there was a cure for your disease?

 Well guess what!-There is. The name of the drug is: BMP-7, (Bone Marrow Protein). This drug can actually nit bones back together, and has been proven to regenerate, (grow cells), to create kidneys in laboratory mice.  Ortho Biotech licensed this drug from Curis in late 2002.  However, like many other situations in the so called “Health Care Industry”, this is another one where the license for this medication was purchased from one company with the promise of  further developing it,  so that they could take it from the stage of laboratory trials (which is the stage that it had passed), into the clinical trials stage, which is where it would have been one step closer to becoming available for the millions of dialysis patients who are suffering and dying every year as a result of this disease. 

Instead, what this company did, was purchase the license and then shut down the research on this medication for one simple reason: They would rather hide this cure from  the people who need it, and continue to leave people ill for the rest of their lives, so that they can continue to profit from the drug that they presently sell for dialysis patients; (Procrit, also known as Epoetin). You see they would rather keep End Stage Renal Failure Patients on dialysis for the rest of their lives, because if they had succeeded in successfully developing this drug, they would have in effect, introduced a cure for a disease that the “Health Care Industry”, has found to be one of the most profitable diseases, along with cancer and heart disease, in history. It is a multi billion dollar industry, and the people who are profiting from our suffering have no interest in curing us. If you will notice, you never hear the word, “Cure”, from people in the health care industry.


All you hear is: “although  there is no cure for_ _ _ _ _”-we can offer you, “treatment”, “preventing outburst”, “maintenance”, “but you must continue to take our drugs for life”, and many other statements that they have created to avoid saying “Cure”. And they do this  simply because curing disease would lead to the “Health Care Industry”  losing big bucks. To major corporations,( especially the pharmaceutical industry), and other sectors of the health care industry, human health and survival always  takes a back seat to declining profits. This situation is no different.


If you are a kidney patient, and you don’t like this, please come join us now at:, and join the group, One Million Kidney Patients. Our goal is to have one million kidney patients who are tired of this bull-shit. We want total control over  the way that kidney patients are treated by the wholesale dialysis centers, the greedy pharmaceutical industry, the access and other surgery centers, and the “Health Care Industry” overall.


Cone Join Us Today!- It is very  important to our health and to our lives.


Thank you,


Gregory R. Coleman

President/CEO, G.R.C. Records, LLC


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