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August 26, 2008


A Poem By Greg Coleman














SHE MAY REACH 3,5,10, OR 11



Greg Coleman




I Miss You Tim

June 16, 2008

Tim Russert 1950-2008


This is a tribute to Tim Russert, who crossed over on Friday June 13th, 2008.


Good Morning Tim:


 It’s Sunday, and I miss you already.


I am sorry to hear that your time was u p on Friday June 13th. 2008.


I am sorry that you will not be here to share Father’s Day with your father and your son.


I am sorry that your son will have to rely on the positive lessons that you transferred to him during the time that you’ve had together, instead of having you right by his side.


I am sorry that your wife will no longer have the benefit of a loving, caring, and supportive husband.


I am sorry that your elderly father, who means so much to you, and whom you mean so much to, will have to find a way to cope with the loss of his “Little Russ”.


I am sorry for the fact that many of your professional associates, who just happened to also be your good friends, will no longer have the benefit of your caring, concern, and support.


And it just seems so unfair that you did not get to see the outcome of an election that you were so excited and thrilled about. And, I am sorry about that.


And for me personally, I did not know you personally; but I feel like I did.


Whenever I needed to understand something about what was happening in the world of politics, and how it affected me, I knew that I could always get the answers on Sunday Morning at 11:00AM, on NBC.


I want to thank you for being a good example of how to rise to the top, and yet, not be out of reach of the people who loved and needed you.


Thank you for reminding us, that we should always remember where we came from, no matter where we may find ourselves in life.


Thank you for teaching me about the true nature of politics, and how the cover story is rarely the truth of the matter.


Thank you for teaching me to not just accept what I am told, but to dig deep, and investigate the subject at hand, in order to discern fact from fiction.


Thank you for showing me that there are still people in this world who care about their family members, parents, wives, kids, their communities, what is right, what is wrong, fixing it, and helping people to become the best that they can, both personally and professionally.


Thank you for the help that you gave to so many people regardless of their race, creed, color, or the point from which they started. If they asked, and were willing to do the necessary work, you helped them.


That quality is becoming a rarity in today’s world.

I am sorry that you had to go.


But I am grateful for the legacy that you leave behind.


Because Tim, for the rest of my life I know, “If it’s Sunday, it’s meet the press”.


And I will remember that meet the press is you, no matter who is next to host the show.


Thank you Tim Russert for the many contributions you have made, towards making this world a better place for one and all.


Greg Coleman


A Warning About Hillary Clinton-Again!

April 22, 2008



Good Morning America!


I would like to publicly respond to Hillary’s comments about Barack Obama’s comments on the disillusionment and disgust of the working class in America.


First of all, I have said time and time again, that a common man or common woman cannot run for president of the United States of America, because of the way that the political system is set up.


Therefore, all three presidential candidates are elitist, simply because of the fact that they have obtained the means and cleared all of the hurdles that one must clear in order to make a serious run for President of the United States. And, the fact that they have arrived as a serious candidate for the presidency indicates that they were already in the political loop, which means that they are all professional politicians who are well connected, and they all are in fact elitist, and not common men and woman.


So cut the crap Hillary, you are no less an elitist then Barack Obama, or John McCain, because remember America, the common workingman or woman, cannot run for president.


So don’t be fooled by Hillary’s rhetoric America.


Hillary is just doing what she has been caught doing since the beginning of her campaign.


She has been embellishing, exaggerating, and just plain lying about so many issues. And I just hope that there are enough Americans who are seeing through all of this, so that they can make an informed decision on a candidate for November 4, 2008, and not a decision based on the deception of a professional politician.


Hillary is business as usual. She practices the kind of politics that the average American has been brainwashed into accepting as normal. And it will remain acceptable as the norm until the American public decides to do what is necessary in order to change this.


This change can be accomplished by keeping track of what the politicians are doing verses what they are saying, and publicly calling them out on it. If we become vigilant in doing this, many things would have to change for the better.


Now that we know that Obama is an elitist also, how do we tell how he differs from Hillary Clinton?


First of all, Obama has made many mistakes in judgments, and I think that he has effectively addressed them, as I see him trying to do with this latest statement about the working class in America; which his opponents have began programming the American public to view as condescending as opposed to being true.


However, for every mistake that Hillary has made, she has either denied that she made the mistake in the first place, or she has covered it up with a lie, which leads to another lie, and so forth and so on.


Hillary has been in attack mode since the beginning of the campaign.


Obama has only been aggressive in response to these attacks, and in spite of these attacks, he has respectfully defended his character, his views, his policies, and his plans for America.


Hillary has shown by her sneaky behavior, her lies, her personality changes, and her attempt to become someone different whenever the occasion calls for it, that she thinks that the American people are stupid. Every time she commits one of these treacherous and deceitful acts, she is indeed insulting your intelligence.


Obama respects and believes in the intelligence of the American People, as indicated by his positive demeanor, which he has maintained in many types of situations, be they positive or negative.


Hillary continues to refuse to address all of the money that her and her husband made during his presidency, which many consider to be excessive and suspicious.  She would rather deflect those questions with empty words that do not address the issue, rather then answering the question.


No wonder you held out on releasing those tax returns for so long Hillary.


All of Barack Obama’s real estate, tax, and business transactions have been explained and laid out for the American public to see.


Finally, Hillary Clinton has received very large sums of money from lobbyist, who do not offer this kind of financial support for a candidate unless they expect a huge return on their investment. And it is important to note that, most of the time, these favors that our politicians do to repay these lobbyist are usually not things that will benefit the American people.


We already have someone in the Whitehouse that has used his tenure as president to repay lobbyist for all of the money and favors that were done for him, in order to have him elected and reelected again, which is the job of a professional politician, when they are practicing the business as usual politics. And the evidence is clear that these decisions have not benefited the American people.

Obama has started a grassroots movement from the ground up, (unlike any that I have ever seen in all my days).


The people of the United States are funding Obama’s campaign. These are people who are sincerely interested in seeing a change for the better in our government. So he owes more to these people then he does to special interest groups and lobbyist.


With Hillary, it is business as usual. So her loyalties will be heading in another direction altogether, if she is elected as president.


A quick note about John McCain: At the present time, we have allocated so many of our resources; financial, equipment, and human lives to one area of the world (Iraq), which has been shown to not be a clear and present danger. We are stretched so thin that we have now had to ask other countries to assist in our war efforts with Iraq. These actions by the current president have actually made us more vulnerable to terrorist’s attacks, and attacks by other countries. 


We have very little resources for natural and other disasters here at home in America, because all of our equipment and the soldiers who’s job it is to carry out these function are over in Iraq.


The stock market and the economy, have been unable to bounce back with any consistency because of this, and will not show any signs of improvement until the current administration is gone. Wall Street, and Main Street, is afraid, and uncertain about the future at the present time.


If you want more of this, then vote for John McCain in order to have a continuation of the George Bush Administration.



Here is my warning to you America:


Anyone who will say or do anything, (rather it is true or not), to be elected President of the United States, will say or do anything to keep the office once elected. This will be true rather their actions benefit America or not.


This is what you have now.


Is this what you want next?



Greg Coleman