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March 14, 2011


Republicans ran on Jobs, they’re going to cut jobs. They ran on border security, they are cutting border funds?

Republicans ran on ‘creating jobs’, but their plans are actually going to cut jobs. They also ran on securing our border because according to them “the Feds are not doing their job”….even though they’ve deported over 400,000 illegal’s since Obama took over… but now Republican’s spending cuts are going to cut funding to border security.

We are going to be jobless and unsecured…….so what’s next on their agenda?…
House Republicans Trim Border Security Budget, Despite Calls for More Resources…
GOP’s Cuts Would Cost 200,000 Jobs

Additional Details

@Go Go, Gov’t jobs or not! they are jobs that are held by Americans. What part of “Jobless Americans don’t you understand”?

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Inca On Yahoo Answers

I could not have said it any better.

Might I add:

They are robbing the poor and disadvantaged of benefits that they need to survive so that if they ever had a chance at becoming self sufficient one day, they no longer will.

They are cutting programs that benefit the most vulnerable of our citizens; children and senior citizens.

They are toying with the idea of shutting the government down so that the gridlock that has existed for the past 2 years (that they created as the “Party of No”),can continue to escalate to near catastrophic levels.

They are waging war on woman’s rights.

They are attempting to make RAPE legal.

They are trying to take away a woman’s right to make decisions about her body and her womb-decisions that should be made between the woman, her GOD, her family, her clergyman and her doctor.

They are attempting to dictate and impose their lifestyles choices upon other people by intruding into their homes and their ways of life.

They are excusing all of the immoral acts that they commit or have committed as “Acts or Patriotism”. “I screwed around while married to one woman and  deserted the other one when she became ill, and married one of the woman that I screwed around with “But I did it all because I love my country”.

However, they are not so quick or so willing to give other human beings the same consideration and forgiveness that they seek.

They are continuing their insult on Black People,( including and especially the world’s most famous black person), President Obama.

They are trying to eliminate the Middle Class by creating a society where there are only 2 classes of citizens in this country:-Rich People and Corporations, and the Slaves that they own.

They are launching personal attacks against people of the Islamic Faith, while ignoring the fact that we have had Domestic Terrorist Attacks carried out by people of all races, creeds, colors and faiths, which have not resulted in the same types of hearings that Rep. Peter King has launched against Muslims

They are trying to take away the  Freedom from all of the people in this country who are not Rich or Powerful.

They are trying to eliminate unions that support the struggles of Average Working Americans which would eliminate the last line of defense between the American People and the “Powers That Be”.

They are trying to take away the right of young people who are in college to vote, because young people for the most part “Vote Liberal or Progressive”.

In addition, the attempts at “Union Busting that they are presenting to the American People as a “Means to Control the Deficit”, are really designed to take away the funds that will support the Democratic Vote in the 2012 Elections, so that they can steal the election with money that they are receiving from Exxon, BP, Shell and other major oil companies, the Koch Brothers and a multitude of millionaires and billionaires  foreign and domestic who pay these politicians to do their dirty work for them.

They are trying to repeal Healthcare which all Economic Experts agree will reverse all of the Economic Advances that we have made over the past 2 years and return us to the Pre Depression Conditions that were created by Republicans in the first place.

They are still intent on making President Obama a “One Term President”, even if this means the destruction of the entire nation, including the poor and uneducated White Folks who they have and continue to fool into believing that they are on their sides.

They continue to use these people’s fears against them by utilizing the fact that the current President of the United States of America looks different from all other Presidents that came before him.

And they are committing  all of these selfish, greedy, hateful, heinous, evil acts  at the demands of and for the benefit of Rich and Powerful People and Corrupt Corporations. In return for the monetary compensation that they receive from them.

As a result:

They want to increase the taxes of those who can afford it the least.

They want to decrease the taxes for those who gain the most in this country and who want to give the least back to it.

They continue to refer to “The American People” as only people who are like or similar in income, appearance, philosophy and faith as they are.

They continue to lie about everything that they intend or are trying to do, as opposed to actually putting forward the necessary thought, energy and creativity required to actually solve our nation’s problems.

They are still Hateful.

They are still Racist, which is why they will do anything to destroy the First Black Skinned President no matter what the consequences are to this country.

They still want to cut spending on Education, so that the youth of today, who are our tomorrow, will be ill prepared for solving the complex problems that we as a society face.

The still want to cut Medicare.

The still want to cut Social Security.

They still want to cut everything that they can find an excuse to cut.

With one very obvious exception-They refuse to touch the budgets of any of the people who would not even notice that there was a reduction in their budgets, that being, their Very Rich and Very Powerful Friends in the Oil Industry, the Banking Industry, On Wall Street, the Healthcare Industry, the Dialysis Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and others.

And they continue to get away with this National Fraud because there are far too many Hateful and Fearful people who are ready willing and able to accept the lie that if a “Black Man” is in the “White House”, then he must be more incompetent, more untrustworthy, more dishonest, more hateful, more dangerous, more selfish and more evil then all of the “White Men” who became president over the past 200+years before him.

And this is what they will continue to do; not because they love you people, not because they love American Principals, values, Morals, History or the Constitution, and certainly not because they love America and ALL Its People. But, because these are mean, evil, selfish, greedy, treasonous people who would sell out anyone who they do not personally value for their own benefit.

And unfortunately, the majority of the people who they play this game on, have no motivation or desire to change.

And for all of you who fit this description who voted for Republicans in the last election because you were fooled, you are getting just what you deserve, and there is plenty more of this where that came from.

And for all of you who voted for the Republicans by default by not participating in the last election at all, you too are beginning to see the consequences of your failure to act.

This puts the pressure and responsibility for saving this country on all of the people who are not easily deceived or thrust into fear by these systematic attacks on the senses of the American People.

So arm yourself with knowledge and energize yourself now for 2012 to step up and do something to prevent these bastards from winning, which will result in disastrous consequences for all except the  top 5% of the richest and most powerful people in this country.

That leaves 95% of the American People, (including those who are so full of hatred, prejudice and racism that they are easily mislead by people who pretend to be their friends), to face the perils of living in a country that becomes a plutocracy.

GOD Bless America and ALL Its People.

Don’t wait until 2012 to participate in the 2012 Elections. The enemy has been preparing since November 3, 2008.

Why They Always Blame Black People

September 17, 2010

Why do you think that when these people murder their children, murder their wives, burn letters into their faces like the woman who burned a B in her face backwards, that was supposed to be for Barack; they always blame black people for doing these horrible things? Because it is easier for America’s Racist Society to believe it when they do. It makes the sale and closes the deal.

 Now That’s Hate!


Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

September 15, 2010

Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

Former Florida Chairman, Jim Greer, the man who accused president Obama of utilizing Socialist Indoctrination when he spoke to school children last year, now states that; “Many within the GOP have racists views”.Noooooooooooooooooooo-Shit!

Republicans Get Egg On Face And Foot In Ass From President Obama

January 31, 2010

Putting Egg On Face And Foot In Ass Of The Republicans

Friday, January 29, 2010, Baltimore, MD.

In an attempt to make the first African American President of the United States of America look bad in front of the American People, the Republicans invited President Obama to their GOP Retreat held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel.

Mr. Obama agreed to delve deep into enemy territory as a courtesy to the American People and to the Republican Party predicated on the condition that they allow TV Cameras to broadcast the event to the country and to the world.

Initially, they were inclined to refuse having the TV cameras present. I guess this reluctance on the part of the Republicans is just their way of doing business. They have always,  and continue to lie, lie, lie, and lie some more about everything that they think, feel, see, and do.

What’s even sadder is the fact that they lie to their constituents; the very people who give them their total undying blind faith and devotion, and who have, and continue to support everything that they say or do, even though, (most of the time), what they do is based on Lies, Fear, Partisanship and quite frankly, “Knee Jerk Reactionary Racism”.

Now many sensible people ask: Why would someone want to elect and support people who are always conspiring to lie to them?

It’s because ignorant people are not interested in “The Truth”. Therefore, Right Wing Conservatives, Republicans and Racists who wear many different  titles including, “Birthers”, “Tea Party Members”, “White Supremacist”, “Survivalist”, “Skin Heads”, “KKK”, “Nazis” “Patriots”, “Conservatives “, “FOX News”, etc, etc, etc, are prime candidates for the Racially Charged Subliminal Messages that the Republican Party have become famous for.

The majority of the peoples of the United States of America who actually know when they are being targeted by hatred, racism, bigotry, sexism, stupidity and ignorance know this.

Only those who are too stupid and socially unaware, and those who are the perpetrators of all this hatred know different.

What about the Black Republicans you say?

Well! All 3 of them are also racists, who are full of hatred for self, and hatred of their people; and they feel that aligning themselves, and indentifying with people who continue to perpetrate the fraudulent concept of racial superiority, somehow or other, allows them to dis-acknowledge their racial heritage.

No such luck in America “Blackey”!

Now with all of these “Dark” Realities, (no pun intended), the fact that so many people, some black,(but most white), add to that the many foreigners who are desperate to fit in; are still not willing to acknowledge the existence of these “Racist Attitudes”, and while we are on “Race”, lets also add, “Sexism”, “Sexual Orientationism”, “Religious Intolerance” “Classism”, and let’s not forget the Racism that exists within the African American Community against each other because of “Skin Tone” “Hair Type” “Level of Success”, or whatever else.  This is also present in the Latino Community and in other cultures of people that reside in the “Good Ole US of A

This denial is really what allows these deplorable human conditions to continue to exist.

So anyway!

Against their better judgment, the Republicans gave in to the Obama Administration’s demand to allow cameras to record, (what was supposed to be an insult and embarrassment to The President, and a confirmation of his racial inferiority, lack of knowledge and lack of qualifications to run this nation effectively.

By the way, the Republicans, “The Party Of No!”, are now accusing President Obama of not being bi-partisan, and being totally unwilling to work with them.

Someone needs to tell them that they lost the election; because they damn sure did not want to work with the Democrats during the 8 years that they were in power.

Of course! Anyone who has been paying attention since Senator Obama’s Presidential Campaign began to President Obama’s Inauguration and his first year in office, knows this is a blatant lie.

But what else is new?

The Republicans, aided by such sell-outs as Michael Steel, have done everything that they could, to discredit, insult, embarrass, humiliate and minimize this man as “The President of the United States”, even after the majority of Americans, (Black and White), made a decision to vote for “Change”, on November 4, 2008. And the “Sensible Americans” who voted for Obama know that “Change” is painful and gradual, (especially when attempting to correct something that has been unfair, unbalanced and imperfect for over 200 years); that being America.

Any place that has been in existence for 231 years that is still saying: “The First African American”, “The First Woman”,” The First Catholic” “The First Jew”  “The First Latino”,”The First American Indian” “The First Oriental”, “The First Gay” “The First Anything” to move into any significant positon of power and influence, after 231 years, (when all of these people have helped to build this country and have made significant contributions to its history and its progress), has a serious problem with a balance of power and resources.

So now after this man has bent over backwards to include the Republicans in everything from the Economy, Energy, and (Healthcare Reform), they tried very hard to change reality and history once again, (by lying), during this now famous Q & A Event.

President Obama, tried so hard to “Reach Across Party Lines”, to the point where he even began to lose the support and devotion of the people who believed in him the most; and that was the people who voted him into office looking for “Change”.

And that even included me. His “Biggest Fan”, because, I got sick and tired of watching him continually reach out to people who did not want to acknowledge his power and authority, or work with him, because he is “Black”.

To many of his supporters, it made him appear weak and needy.

 However, we forgave him and still throw our support behind him 150%.


Because just like every Damn American President before him, he is “Human”, he is “Fallible”, and he is “Mortal”.

So, we are not going to do what the Republicans and other Racist Fraternities are trying to do; that being to demand more, and expect less, and to “Hope He Fails”.

When the Q & A Session began, it was clear that the Republicans were not approaching the president with anything that was new and different.

They continued to wine and complain about how many proposals they have tried to share with the president that he and his administration totally ignored.

One thing they forgot to mention during all of this whining and complaining was the fact that they were trying to shove the same old ideas that had failed miserably before down the throats of a brand new administration whose constituents voted for “Change”.

They also continue to forget the fact that anything that they submit to the Democrats must be a suggestion or a recommendation, not a demand.

And here is a very important point of contention to remember the next time you hear a Republican boo hooing about how hard they tired to work with the President.

When was the last time that the Republican Party ever, contributed “Liberal Proposals” for anything in America. This is simply not what they are all about. And their perpectual false insistence that they have tried so hard to work with this president is just like everything else that they say.

It is a lie!

If they were so damned ambitious about creating a jobs bill, healthcare reform bill, and tighter regulations on the major corporations that almost caused the total economic collapse of the country, why didn’t they do it when they were in power for 8 years?

Because it is a lie!

What they have tried to do was force that same conservative bull-shit on this new president and his new administration, who knows that if they accept any of these same old ideas, (that Republicans try to dress up as “Fresh New Ideas” , they know that, (“We The People”), who voted them into office will see this as  “The Ultimate Betrayal”, and will act accordingly at the poles.

Each one of these so called “Republican Leaders” took a turn at asking the president the same old dumb ass shit that they have been asking him during the campaign and since he has been in office, as well as spewing conservative talking points all over the place, and campaigning for office as opposed to seriously trying to unite with the Democratic Party, the American People, and the Global Community in order to solve problems of Global Proportions.

No! Instead they want to continue down the “Same Old Path To Nowhere”, that impedes progress rather than contributes to it.

And as the Q & A Session progressed, it became increasingly clear that President Obama was not having it.

He answered their questions, (without a teleprompter I might add), and he diplomatically pushed their “Conservative Commentary” aside, deciding instead to deal with substantial matters that are important to this country and its people.

Once again, he proved himself worthy of the job and the trust and confidence of the American People, which I thought he had already done adequately.

However, it’s still true, that in America, if you are a minority, you can’t be “Just As Good”, you have to be “Twice As Good”, to be taken seriously, and then you will still have those who will never accept you anyway.

These are the ones that I just wish this new adminstration would just not ignore, but deal with.

Do not ever ignore or discount small groups of ignorant people like these as just “Right Wing Idiots”, that can be ignored. I say that because, at one point in time, this is the opinion that many people held of Adolph Hitler; and we know how that all turned out.

How do you like that Republicans?-A reference to Hitler from a Liberal?

The trials and tribulations, the hatred, the racism, the threats against his life, and all of the other negative attacks against this president, just shows how far we have not come in America.

But in spite of these attacks, he continues to prove himself time and time again as worthy of the job and the trust of the American People during some very difficult situations that existed long before he took office; although the Republicans don’t like to acknowledge this fact.

Its as if 8 years of George W. Bush/Dick Cheney never existed.

Instead they choose to blame “The Black Guy”, because it is an “American Tradition” to do so.

The Republican’s agenda is simple, and easy to detect and to defend against.

It consists of the following:

  1. To keep enacting legislation that supports big business like Wall street, Banking, Oil and Energy, Healthcare, Militarism, and any other industry that they can receive compensation in addition to the fat salaries that they already receive for  supposedly serving the American People.
  2. To fight for Tax Cuts for the most wealthy individuals in this country, which accounts for only about 5%-10% of the entire population
  3. To Drill Baby Drill.
  4. To deny that there is a connection between carbon emissions and the survival of the planet
  5. To keep poor people poor.
  6. To keep minorities out of power
  7. To keep everything as “White As Snow”.
  8. To deceive “Poor Uneducated White People”, into believing that they have their best interest at heart.
  9. To keep the “Good Ole Boys Network Alive”.

10.  To destroy the faith and confidence of the American People in the “First African American President”, simply because he is “African American”.

This is the Republican Doctrine in a nutshell, and the reason why it is so easy for the president, or even just the average citizen who has a reasonable level of intelligence, memory, and an average power of observation, to recognize and defend against, is because of the fact that it never changes.

Why the hell do you think they call them “Conservatives”?

If they had their way, not only would President Obama not be President, but we all would still be domestics, servants and slaves instead of Bank presidents, CEOs, and President of the United States of America.

Why do you think they named it the “Whitehouse”, instead of “The People’s House”, which is what our current president calls it.

Because of the natural laws of “Social Evolution”,which their principals are in direct violation of, these were conditions that could not continue to exist in this Universe.

The problem with “Republicans”, “Conservatives”, and all of the other titles that they go by these days is the fact that they are “Evolutionary Retards”, who can’t keep up.

President Obama clearly and effectively demonstrated this fact on National Television.

Mr. President: You put “Egg On Their Face”, “And Foot In Their Ass”, and that is exactly why we sent you to the “People’s House”

Thank you, and keep up the good work.


2 Prime Examples Of 2-Legged In-humane Animals Living Among Us

January 16, 2010

Oh The Hypocrisy Of These Old White Man In The Republican Party

July 14, 2009

 Jeff Sessions

It is not amazing.


It is not a great mystery.


It is absolutely nothing new.


It is simply a group of people who are terrified at the fact that people who were once viewed as and treated as sub human beings are now rising to positions in power, thus jeopardizing their privileges as white supremacist.


As a matter of fact, it is just the same old rotten meat, being rapped up in a different kind of paper, and sold by the racists in the Republican Party, who I watched hypocritically questioning the impartiality of Judge Sonia Sotomayor


These ignorant racist in suits, who have been privileged since this country first began, because of the fact that they have been playing the game of life with a deck of cards that have been stacked in their favor, are now questioning the impartiality of Judge Sotomayor, because of some, “biased”, let’s just stop dancing around the word, and just say it, “racist” statements that she had supposedly made in the past.


What she said is based on her personal observations and experiences, just like the statements and actions and rulings that have been made by the many white man who came before her.


And after a track record of unevenness, unfairness, and just plain racial, class, and sexual discrimination, these same old white man who have used their personal points of views, opinions, and prejudices to make decisions that made certain segments of society 2nd. & 3rd. class citizens in a country where everyone is supposed to have the benefit of equality on their side, are now crying foul because of statements and rulings that were made by Judge Sotomayor.


Isn’t it funny how the very same men who would deny so many men, woman, and children who are not like them the opportunity to be free and equal, are now pointing a racist finger at a woman who has been proven to be a moderate, and who has made decisions that have been consistent with those made by the mainstream judicial system in spite of her personal views.


It is important for all fair-minded people in America to know that these accusations are not based on facts, but are based on the same standards of  “as long as it benefits me and people like me, then anything goes”. However, if it does not benefit me, or those who are like me, then nothing goes”.


The questioning process is not at issue here; they are absolutely necessary for Sotomayor’s Confirmation Hearing.


This is a part of the process.


However, to the many of the Racist In Suits that make up the Republican Party, (and some in the Democratic Party as well), this is simply an attempt to continue to keep people of color out of positions of power, because of the fears that they (as old corrupt white man) have developed after years of hatred, institutionalized racism, and their many acts of injustices, both public and private that they have imposed upon people who they consider to be lesser human beings than themselves.


If personal opinions did not matter on the Supreme Court, then there would not be a need to have 9 judges on the bench.


They could save the taxpayers in this country a lot of money by just letting one judge make all of the decisions.


Why do they have 9 different judges?


It’s because every judge on the Supreme Court Bench has a different opinion, a different point of view, and a different method of deliberation.


And where do these differences come from?


They come from the fact that the judges of the Supreme Court are human, and their decisions are based on their backgrounds, their upbringings, their opinions, their fears, their prejudices, and everything else that is positive or negative about them as a result of being human.


Nine judges are required to balance all of those variables so that a legal decision can accurately be made based on the law as determined by consensus.


So to hear someone like Senator Jeff Sessions, who is known to have and acted upon his tendencies towards racism drilling Judge Sotomayor, and questioning her ability to make sound legal decision that are not based on personal opinions, prejudices or biases for one group over another is ludicrous.


Sessions and many of the other racists in suits who mirror him in the Republican Party, are not interested in truth or justice, they are just interested in maintaining the status quo that has benefited them for so long. And by accusing this woman of being what they are, which is racists, they hope to undermine the nomination of another person of color, because this is what they have done for so long, this is what they are doing now, and this is what they will continue to do, as long as we continue to allow them to.


I know that many of these racists do not want to admit it but, the times have changed, and the tides have changed.


And after over two hundred years of riding the waves of racism into positions of strength, power, and wealth, they are now desperately clinging on to the last vestige of white supremacy and white privilege.


They are not really concerned with activist judges, because as I said before, there have been nothing but activist judges on the Supreme Court since it’s formation in 1790, who have made decisions that, either did not benefit people of color or ignored the human injustices that have been inflicted upon people of color for centuries.


Now who in their right minds would believe that all of these acts, or failures to act for human justice in 209 years were not based on biases, prejudices, personal opinions, personal points of views, and these people’s backgrounds and upbringings?


Only a racist would deny that the Supreme Court has been a “Good Ole Boys Club” for hundreds of years before a Black Man, or a Woman, another Black Man (who is whiter then most white man), and now the first Female Latino Woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court.


If the law were truly not based on human emotions and judgments, then there would not be so many firsts at lasts in this damn country.


These first, would have come way before they did.


There was some bias in the law somewhere for all those years.


Cut the crap!


Judge Sotomayor will be the First Latino Judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court in its 209-year history.




Because in spite of the fact that she has human emotions, opinions biases, and other human elements in her character, just like the many white man have had for so long; she is definitely qualified for the position in every way that the white man have been.


And one more thing, I know that your greatest fear is that her love for her people may influence her to do some positive things for her people.


Well! Gentleman, you all have been doing things for your people since the country began, even to the detriment of all other people, so get the hell over it.


Welcome the First Latino, (Highly Qualified), Judge to the Supreme Court:


Justice Sonia Sotomayor.



Who Thought The Cartoon Was Just A Cartoon?

February 28, 2009

Racism Is Not Dead

Racism Is Not Dead







In spite of all of the progress that we have made as a nation, there are still a significant number of racists who think that the whole world is 1800’s south. This point of view is based on the success, comfort, and progress of a few ignorant people, who thank GOD, is now a minority.


And they miss this world so much that they will say or do anything to get back to it.


It is not, nor will it ever be back, unless we experience a run on stupid black people who think that these types of insults and attacks on the character of our First African American President, and the people of all races who support the change that he is attempting to bring to this country, is not leading up to something more then just posting a funny cartoon.


There is more to it then just a cartoon or a joke.


Did you hear the one about the new black guy in town?


A black man arrives in a new town and asks a white man,” where do all of the black people hang out round here?”


The white man says, “right over there on that tree.”


Just a joke?


Ha Ha My Ass!


Millions of black human beings were subjected to this cruel and mercilessness death simply because some people had a beef with them for the way that GOD made them.


So to all the ignorant, sleep, uninformed, and socially unwire black people, (and white people), who think that this is just a cartoon, let me just tell you, that somewhere, right now, there is more the one sick racist individual who has taken that cartoon, (which depicted a black monkey being shot to death), a monkey that no doubt represents President Obama, and he or she has internalized this cartoon, and has at least a thought, about doing something stupid to the president, and if he or she thinks about it long enough, this thought will blossom into a plan of action.


And to the many white racists who helped this issue sell out by purchasing as many copies as they could, because they think that it is just a funny cartoon; fine!


Your opinions, thoughts, and actions in support of this racist attack masked in humor, will never be enough to destroy the progress of a nation.


These are the kinds of subliminal messages that the media in this country have used for hundreds of years to control the masses.


This cartoon in no exception.


One thing I do agree with is “Freedom of Speech”, so they do have a right to post it, and we do have a right to respond to it, like the majority of the common sense people in this country, (of all races) has done.


I think that we needed to respond to this message of hate as we did.


But I also still maintain that the way that a few racist in high and low places treat us, is not nearly as important as how we as African Americans treat each other.


So to all who are still sleep, and continue to poison our neighborhoods, kill our sisters and brothers, (or anyone who is not a threat to you in any way), disrespect our woman, and neglect our children, you need to be more concerned about that.


Because this will be the true measure of our success or failure as a race of people, not what a few idiotic racist, who will always exists, say or think of us.


It is time for all African Americans, and other races of people who want peace, freedom and equality for the generations to come, to remain alert if you are already alert, or to work hard to become alert if you are not.


Do not let this minority of idiots pull the wool over your eyes, even if they do try to disguise it as a joke.


The old folks used to always say that “many true words are spoken in a joke”’ everyone needs to pay attention.



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Of course The Cartoon Is A Racist Attack Against President Obama

February 19, 2009
Racism Is Not Dead

Racism Is Not Dead

The cartoon in today’s issue of the New York Post that depicts 2 white policeman killing a black chimpanzee, and then making the statement, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill”, is a direct attack on President Obama, the black race, white people who want a better country that features fairness and equality for all, (which is what the hell the United States of America is supposed to be all about anyway), and all people who are in the process of trying to heal and unify this nation. The statements made against Reverend Al Sharpton in defense of this article are also an insult on the intelligence of all black people who have not sold out in favor of the enemy. And by enemy, I am not referring to any particular race of people, but to those who cannot, or will not recognize this racist attack against our president for what it is; a racist attack against our president, and all the people who’s skin tone matches his. I predicted this as soon as I heard the story about the police having to shoot the out of control chimpanzee. However, I did not think that it would take the form of an attack against the president and his new stimulus bill which passed in spite of the republicans insistence on playing business as usual politics. The newspaper is trying to say that the black chimpanzee being shot represents Washington DC, and not President Obama. However, the only people who believe this crap are the white people who are racists, and the black people who are oblivious to the fact that our race is, and has always been under attack by those who still believe that we are apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and other inhuman creatures. This is why I continue to warn everyone who does not know, and remind those who do, that not only are we as a race of people under constant attack, but that all Americans of all races who know that it is wrong to hate or destroy people because of the way that GOD made them are also under attack. In other words, anyone who is devoted to making this country be the country that is was truly meant to be, is a target. And President Obama, his team, and all those who support him are the bulls eye. This is why we must not let our support for the president end just because November 4th 2008 has passed. The fight for freedom and equality for all Americans in this country based on who they are, and how they conduct themselves and contribute to society as citizens of this great nation, instead of the form in which GOD decided to make them; is not a fight that we can afford to lose. I’ll say it again as I have said many times before; the election of President Obama was just the first step in many that we need to repeat constantly in order to make this country work like it is supposed to work, (not just for the rich and the powerful), but for the poor people who are capable and willing to do better, and those who cannot because of circumstance beyond their control, the working class, and yes, even those who are well off. And to all of you who are well off, you need to pay particular attention to what is happening to your wealth these days. Because if the current economic situation does not convince you that you need the people who are lower on the totem pole to lift you up, then you will continue to lose your businesses, your corporate positions, and your generational wealth. Why? Because the Average Working American Citizen is your foundation, and no structure can raise up without it’s foundation. Yes the cartoon is a racist attack masked with humor. But what amazes me is the fact that so many people are shocked after all of these hundreds of years. Racism is not going to go away because we have our first African American President. So don’t expect it to. What is important is not that racism still exists, but it’s what all of the people who despise it do about it. It is very important that we demonstrate to the world that we are outraged about the injustices that continue to effect us all in this country. But the most important thing for us to remember is that it is not how they treat us that counts at this point in history, it is how we treat each other. So please be mindful of that. And to Reverend Al Sharpton, you did a great job in gathering a cross section of all different races and classes of people for a consensus on what this cartoon really meant, and how distasteful it was to many Americans, not just African Americans. The are only calling you a publicity seeker, because you are drawing attention to this and other situations that should not be occurring in America in the new millennium. Keep up the good work.