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Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

September 15, 2010

Many Within The GOP Have Racists Views

Former Florida Chairman, Jim Greer, the man who accused president Obama of utilizing Socialist Indoctrination when he spoke to school children last year, now states that; “Many within the GOP have racists views”.Noooooooooooooooooooo-Shit!

I Tried To Rest After The Election-But I Can’t

December 20, 2008

Trying To Chill

Trying To Chill


I have been trying to get as much R&R (Rest and Recuperation), as I could after witnessing and becoming an active soldier fighting against the very dirty campaign run by the Republicans, (Standard Practice For Them), against the candidate who I considered to be the most qualified and honest choice for President of the United States of America; Barack Obama.


And based on the election result, we can attest to the fact that most Americans agreed, and were not deceived by the bullshit that was coming from the John McCain/Sarah Palin Camp.


The negativity and stupidity of this campaign was intensified by the ignorant few who fought tooth and nail to try and remain privileged and preferred by American Society rather they deserved to be or not, and by those who preferred hatred, division and backwards thinking as opposed to positive change and progress for our nation; people who still believe that they can succeed in America even though there are too many people failing in America who are really trying to make it..


And although it was a tough, dirty, and at times hateful fight, it was worth it, because the results of this election restored my faith in the Spirit of America and the inherent good of it’s people.



Up until 4 weeks ago, I was content to just refocus on my music, sit back, relax., and enjoy the hope that I found in Barack Obama’s victory, and just become a casual political observer.


However, the events over the last few weeks have re-ignited that political spark within me, to the point where I just have to speak up about the things that I have been observing over the last few weeks.


The first thing was the 700 billion dollar robbery of the American People right in front of their eyes.


First Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson spoke on Capital Hill about the urgent financial collapse that we would be facing if we did not turn over 700 billion dollars to him immediately without question, without stipulations, and without any type of guidelines or oversights.


He said that it was absolutely necessary to act immediately in order to avoid a major economic catastrophe for our country which would occur if he did not get the money today.


However now, (as opposed to then) when George W. Bush demanded immediate approval of his plans to wage war against Iraq, and Saddam Husein), the people, and as a result, our elected leaders were not willing to blindly and stupidly without question, approve the foolish demands made by the Bush Administration that benefit only the members of the Bush Administration.


So a week later, after the American People said hell no, and as a result, so did their elected officials, the economic catastrophie that Paulson predicted, did not occur.


So then Paulson sensing that the days of the “Bush Free Ride” was over, then said that he would be open to discussing some type of oversight, and that he had automatically assumed that the Representatives would add the oversight stipulations into the original document, which I believe was only 3 pages long for 700 billion dollars..


Although he originally said give me the damm money, and give it to me now, and don’t ask me any questions, he changed his tune when the first con did not work.


He then got the money, changed the terms of the bailout without reporting the change of terms to the person or persons responsible for that oversight, and then refused to explain where a very large portion of the money went.


Now I am no genus, but something stinks of theft here, and they did it right in front of the faces of millions of American People.


They stole the money to take care of all of their cronies on WallStreet, and for other reasons that are still to this day unclear to me.


And when they finally got the money into the banking system so that the banks would have money to start lending again, the banks just held on to the money, and did not start making loans. This was the main reason for the bailout.


Later it was discovered that the trips to the spas, the bonuses and other perks that these executives on Wallstreet, and in the banking industry received in good times, continued to receive them even though the times had really gotten bad, mostly as a result of their poor performance, and mismanagement of funds.


And the American People who are already suffering, had to foot the bill.


This is ridiculous.


Conservative Republicans are adamantly opposed to charity and welfare, or anything that will benefit the average working person or the needy, but are more then willing to give charity and welfare to the people who need it least; the wealthy.


What Hypocrisy?


What selfishness?


What Bullshit?


But guess what?


This has been the American Way for centuries, and if we the American People continue to let them hide their dirt in plain sight, this is how it will remain.


The greatest hope that we have found in Barack Obama as President, is the hope that the Government will finally respect and assist everyone who puts forth the necessary efforts, and makes the necessary sacrifices to try and build a better life for themselves and their families, not just those who are already rich.


And the other story that was sad and funny at the same time, was Sarah Palin’s pardoning of a turkey while the one behind her was being slaughtered as she continued to talk in circles without saying anything that had any true meaning, which is what she has become famous for.


In addition, as a testament to the inability of Republicans to adjust and to adapt to changing times; inspite of the fact that America has said no to negativity in campaign messages, Sarah Palin still continues to blame the media, and everything and everyone else for the failure of their negative campaign.


She blames the media for portraying her and her subordinate, Senator John McCain, ( who was really supposed to be her boss), as dirty, negative, and divisive politicians.


In other words, she is blaming the media for accurately reporting on the negative spirit, content and nature of their campaign which was inundated with desperate lies, accusations and subliminal and overt racism.


The media did not distort the truth, they reported it., and here is another example of the American Politicians bull-shit, John McCain said during his campaign, that Sarah Palin was the best thing since sliced bread. But now, when asked, “would he support Sarah Palin as the leader of the Republican Party in the future?”, his response was something like this: there are many other bright potential leaders of the Republican Party that should be considered. In other words, Hell No!


Now we have the Bailout of the Auto Industry to deal with.


The same Republicans who were quick to jump and give 700 billion dollars to the banking industry and to Wall Street without question, are now trying to place enormous restrictions, conditions, and oversight on the Auto Industry, at the risk of (regular working people) losing thousands more jobs, because they believe these workers are earning too much money and receiving too many benefits to not be elitists like them.


Now I really hate the idea of how reckless and irresponsible the executives of this industry have been, and how far behind the times they are when it comes to engineering; and I really don’t give a damm about them, just like I don’t give a damm about the executives on Wall Street and in the Banking Industry who have stolen, conned, and ripped off the American People, but unfortunately their irresponsibility should not cause thousands of people who are responsible for other people’s lives to lose their jobs, and face a true economic catastrophe.


I do feel bad for them, and fearful of the effect that this will have on the nation overall.


Now I don’t know if the loan is the answer, or if bankruptcy is the answer, I just know that we need to see some definite actions on the part of the same people who were so damm willing to bailout Wall Street.


There are children, spouses, elderly and or sick people attached to these auto workers, and the effects that the demise of the auto industry will have on them is something that they should care about, just like they cared about the Fat Cats on Wall Street, and those in the Banking Industry.


Once again, there is that familiar theme:


Let’s make it easy for those who do not need help to get it, and let’s make sure that those who are in dire need of help don’t get it.


It is definitely time for a change.


Last and certainly not least is: Exiting President George W. Bush, who is now traveling accross the country and around the world trying to justify his questionable actions during his presidency.


I think that these attempts by President Bush to rewrite history in order to cover up his multitude of fuck ups during his 8 years as president will fail miserably with the majority of Americans, but I guess he has to give it the old college try, just in case there are a significant number of people who are willing to help him distort the truth.


The fact of the matter is, that him and his cohorts should be in jail right now for abuse of power, war crimes, lying to the American People, and GOD only knows what else. they have been doing over there at the Whitehouse for the last 8 years.


Mr. Bush has said to hell with the people of America on many issues including The Iraq War.


The time to give a damm about what we thought about Mr. Bush was when he was president; it is far too late for him to change the opinion that we hold of him now; which is definitely not good.



And of course there’s Governor Blagojevich.


Greg Coleman



A Final Thought For The Right Wing Fascist

November 3, 2008

Hello Right Wing Fascist:


I have been busy working with those of my kind.


You know!


They are the kind that will not refuse to vote for the best candidate because of skin color.




I am not a closed minded democrat, but I do know bullshit and dishonesty when I see it, especially after being on the receiving end of it for over 50 years.


And the smell of it in the McCain/Palin Campaign is very intense.


Now before you ask, yes I do detect bullshit coming from the Obama/Biden Ticket also.


However, that is what politicians do, rather they be democrat or republican.


However, this year’s prize for bull-shit, as well as the prize for the last 8 years goes to the Republicans headed up by George W. Bush, and now headed up by the aspiring McCain/Palin Ticket.


And the only people who would approve of these types of Anti-American behaviors would have to be closed minded people.


Now let me tell you why I believe that I am not closed minded about John McCain and Sarah Palin.


I know for sure that if Obama and Biden were trying to pull off the same shit that McCain and Palin have been doing, which is being orchestrated by the same people who pulled off the bull-shit that allowed George W. Bush to defeat John McCain in 2000; I would not vote for them either, (Black or No Black).


That is unless they were more down to earth, and clearer about their plans for the country then their opponents were, which is clearly the case.


You see!


You cannot create “change” by hiring the same people to run the same dishonest, inaccurate and deceptive campaign that was run by the man that you are claiming you are not similar to.




In addition, I am not closed-minded because, I don’t believe that it is my place to tell a woman what choices she should make for her own body, and her own life when it comes to such a delicate topic as abortion.


I don’t think that GOD approves of my sins, or cares about my political views over that of anyone else’s,


I don’t,  think that the free exchange of ideas should be destroyed by removing certain books from the library.


 I don’t become tongue tied when questioned about the qualifications of my chosen candidate.


I don’t have a problem discussing slavery, and the constitutional changes that had to be made in order to abolish it.


And I definitely did not want to impose my views on you; just share them with you for your consideration.


 But I can tell that my views have been striking a chord with you, judging from the intense responses that I have been getting from you, and people like you out in cyberspace.


And in spite of what you have been saying to try and excuse, ignore, support, and get people like me to except what John McCain and Sarah Palin have been doing, I don’t care what color ass holes come in; they are still ass holes to me, and John McCain and Sarah Palin definitely fall into this category.


So in the last few hours of this vigil on the direction that America is going to take in the next 4 years, I won’t be answering your comments on my blog posts.


Instead, I will be spending all of my time with those of my kind.


 Those of my kind being, those of like minds, (be they black or white), who recognize the fact that I have stated, and will continue to state, and that is: that anyone who will do or say anything to deceive the American People, specifically for the purpose of getting into an office as important and as powerful as the Presidency of the United States, is the wrong person for that job.


Because once they are in office, they will also do anything, (legal or not), (honest or not), (or good for the American People, Or Not!), in order to keep that office.


Prime Example!


George W. Bush.


So you may feel free to ignore my commentary, and not let me impose my broad-minded view of politics and racism on you, (which the right wing media just started to admit to as a problem in the last few months of this race); but it is something that I have been mentioning since day one; and I will continue to mention racism long after this election is over, because of the fact that it is a reality for everyone except for those who are so accustomed to it, that they themselves are not even aware of the fact that they are practicing it.




Because I am broad minded and aware enough to not let people cover it up with highly technical and coded words and definitions like, “small town”, “blue collar workers”,  “conservative”, or “working class”, and now “Appalachia”.


All of these codes wind up meaning the same thing, “Racist People”.


So the next time you see my commentary, do what I do when I see messages like the ones that I have seen coming from John McCain, Sarah Palin, and other people like you throughout this campaign.


Ignore them!


And in return for your ignorance, I will continue to work even harder to make sure that Americans, (of all races, and of all kinds, everywhere), who are not blinded by narrow mindedness, sexism, fear mongering, war mongering, artificial inflation of unknown politician’s qualifications, inaccuracies, racism, sexism and down right lies, continue to not be blinded by these things


The majority of the people in this country have not benefited by the actions of the Republicans over the last 8 years; only the rich and powerful, and those who are poor that (for whatever reason), cannot or will not acknowledge this fact.


Therefore, there is no logical reason for the majority of the people in this country to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin, a politician who supported the actions of George W. Bush over 90% of the time, to lead this country further into the ground; no matter how good John and Sarah think they are at the “Art Of Deception”.


The only reason that this election is not a total landslide, is because of the fact that one of the candidates involved is an African American, and there are still too many ignorant white people, and some black, and some foreigners who are trying so very hard to be a part of the in crowd in America, who are more receptive to the lies of the white candidates, instead of being receptive to the truth of the black candidate who is accompanied by a white candidate.


So after 22 months of watching you, and hearing you, I have come to the conclusion that it is futile to try and impart any inkling of the truth to you about where America is, and where it needs to be, and about how we need to get there, because you are not interested in the truth.


You are only interested in the “self-serving”, “me first” and “me only” attitudes that you think that John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to be able to protect should they be elected.


But the fact of the matter is, that when the middle class suffers in America, all of America suffers.


 It is so scary and amusing to talk to voters, (some black), (but most white), who are concerned about this so called wealth distribution that Senator Obama is proposing.


When I ask them if they are concerned about Obama taking away some of their wealth, they have been saying, “No! I don’t make enough for it to affect me”.


So unless they are expecting a great windfall profit; why in the hell are they concerned with a tax increase for people who earn over $250,000 dollars or more per year, while they are totally ignoring the fact that Obama’s tax rollback on the wealthy will put more money into their pockets.


Could it be that they would rather bite the Black Hand that feeds them, as opposed to supporting the black candidate that will benefit them?


Obama is not increasing taxes on anyone, he is simply rolling back the tax cut (taking back the gift), that the Bush Administration gave to the wealthiest Americans in this country in order to give a tax cut to the regular working person, which is just the opposite of what the hell we have had for the last 8 years that has not worked.


And the fact that you are still blind to this reality after all of these months of foreclosures, job loss, recession, inflation, and a $700,000,000 billion dollar bailout for Wall Street, shows me that there is really no hope for you.


There are still many undecided voters as of today, November 3, 2008. And there are still many who do not understand this phenomenon.


There are only 3 explanations for this.


  1. You have not been listening and doing your research all of these months.
  2. You find it very difficult to make major decisions in life, period.
  3. You are waiting for Senator Obama’s Skin Color to change to white.

For all number 1’s. Shame on you! This is inexcusable with all that is at stake in this most important election of our lifetime.


For all number 2’s. This has nothing to do with either candidate. This is something personal that you will have to work on, not just for the election, but also for everything else in your life.


For all number 3’s. You will most likely be undecided even on Election Day, or you will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin, because you don’t have to wait for them to turn white.


It is so ridiculous to see that so many people are worshiping people who are doing nothing more then lying to them, speaking empty shallow words that have no meaning, and introducing more liars into the mix to do the same. And I am so amazed that these people are still cheering and applauding this foolishness, which has absolutely nothing to do with healing our nation and repairing the damage that has been done as a result of the same types of behaviors that are being exhibited by John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their supporters. 


In the final analysis:


There is really nothing we can do about the people who are blinded by hatred, prejudice, racism, and skin color.


The success of this election for Barack Obama, and the future of this country will depend on our ability to reach out to people who are still receptive to, and searching for the truth about our nation, and to those who already share our views, and who have a strong desire for a better America for every American Citizen; not just the rich, the powerful, or the white.


We have to look for these people, and pull them all together to work like hell to support and get Senator Obama elected, a President who cares about everyone, not just the rich, and the powerful, the white, or the black.


On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, we will learn how effective we have been in doing this. And we will also learn if this country is truly making progress on its quest for fairness and equality for all, which is its strongest selling point, or if it is still stuck in racial prejudice, blind hatred, and ignorance.


I sure hope that the latter is not true.


Barack Obama for President of the United States of America.


Greg Coleman


Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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Barack Obama Chant





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Instead Of Dealing With The Issues

November 3, 2008


What is the world coming to?


When we have people losing their jobs at an alarming rate.


When we have people who are losing their homes the same way that they are losing their jobs.


When we have a financial crash on Wall Street


When we have a financial crises on main street, which actually led to the financial crises on Wall Street, but the Republicans insisted on not helping the people on Main street, because it was not government’s job to bail out people who took out loans that they knew they could not afford; and then the Whitehouse called on the American People, (whom they did not want to bailout), to bailout Wall Street.


We have people who are attempting suicide because they are about to lose everything that they have worked hard for all of their lives.


We have people chaining themselves to their homes, in the hopes that this desparate act will prevent the bank from taking their homes from them.


We have spikes in crime rates as a result of these conditions.


We had one man in this country that became so hopeless that he felt the only way out was to kill his entire family, and then himself.


And we have wars, conflicts, and rumors of wars all over this planet, as well as a war that this planet is waging against man in retaliation for the abuses that we have imposed upon her with our environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels.


And the response to all of these potentially disastrous conditions is:


Concern about which baseball team Senator Obama has pledged his allegiance to


Being upset about an interruption of a baseball game for a commercial that discusses one of the most important decisions that the American People have ever had to make.


Accusing people of being Terrorist, Arabs, Muslims, Marxist’s Socialist’s Communist’s, etc, and then having to act as if they did not say these things when confronted about them.


Lying about their sins


Accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of, (and in some cases), their transgressions are far more severe then those of the innocent who are being accused.


Failing to really work hard to prepare a plan with substance to solve some of the problems that we are facing as a country


And then lying about putting country first


None of these counter productive activities coming from John McCain and Sarah Palin over the last several months resemble anything that is capable of solving these problems for the people of America.


And what is even more frightening is the fact that they have as many people showing up to worship them as they do.


We have people who are claiming to be all about putting the country first, who are lifting up people who have lied, cheated, and stolen from the American People, and who are laying plans to continue to do this in the next administration.


We have people worshiping people who are promoting racism, hatred, and violence against an American Citizen who has exercised his right to seek the office of President of the United States of America, and the people who support him.


We have people who are trying to anoint certain people as “True Americans”, because they are blindly following them, without any real knowledge or understanding of what is really happening.


And now we have people who are seeking the highest office in the land that are putting a self serving, lying, unlicensed plumber who lied about buying a business that he knew he did not have enough capital to purchase, and who is so patriotic and loving of this nation, that he refused to pay the taxes that he owes to it, up on a pedestal for all of their followers to see; and they have fallen for this farce, (as they have for all of the other meaningless and empty rhetoric that is spilling without conscience from the mouths of John McCain and Sarah Palin.


They have done all of these evil meaningless things predicated on the lie that they are putting the country first.


When in reality, if they truly wanted to put the country first after all of the offenses that they have committed against their opponent, his supporters, and the American People in general; they would withdraw from the race in shame and dishonor.


However, I have enough political smarts to know that this is not going to happen.


So instead, they will continue to use “Joe The Plumber”, to help them fool


Cindy The Clerk


Nancy The Nurse


Carl The Carpenter


Ben The Barber


William The Waiter


Billy The Bus Boy


Shirley The Seamstress


Wendy The Waitress


Jerry The Jock


Harry The Handyman


And even Tom The Token


And they will do all of this instead of dealing with the issues, because you see! They really do not have a plan.


They thought that just because they were white, they would not have to seriously prepare for this election, because this election was a given for them, simply because they were running against an African American Candidate.


Well! This is Greg The Guitarist saying,


I would expect no less from John The Jerk


And Sarah The Slut


I have 1 word for you:




Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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Debunking The Myth. Everybody Is Not In Love With Sarah Palin.

November 3, 2008


Not Everybody Loves Sarah

Not Everybody Loves Sarah





You know there are so many less of those who are members of the “Elitist Right Wing Movement”, that they cannot possibly overtake this country without voter fraud, deception, lies, and out and out criminal acts against the Democratic Process known as Voting.


Sometimes in an effort to do this, they resort to the technique of repeating the same lies over and over until others who are not educated and or informed, accept the lies as truth.


One such lie is that everybody loves Sarah Palin, especially back in her home in Alaska.


This photo album will help to debunk this theory proposed by the McCain/Palin Campaign, which they have been trying to sell to the American People since the introduction of this very unqualified VP Candidate.



The Biggest Protest In Alaska’s History Photo Album.



Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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John McCain Receives An Endorsement From Another Shady Character

November 2, 2008

War Crimes Participant

War Crimes Participant

On Friday John McCain brought you Cali-fornia Governor, Arnold Swarzenager as an endorser.

Arnold is the latest addition to the other shady charters in his arsenal of bull-shit characters like Hank Williams Jr. singing about the false connection of Senator Obama to terrorist, Westmoreland who called the Obamas Uppity, (while struggling viciously to not complete that statement with the word that usually follows the word uppity), Tito The Builder who added to the nothingness in their rhetoric by making some kind of mindless statement because of his overwhelming desire to fit in, Joe The Plumber, the self serving, lying, aspiring author, aspiring country & western singer, unlicensed plumber, and aspiring entrepreneur, who lied about buying a business that he could not even afford to buy, even after he gave himself an illegal tax cut by failing to pay taxes to the country that he loves so much; Arnold Swarzenager talking about the size of Senator Barack Obama’s skinny legs, rather then referring to his large mental capacity, or his rock solid plan for changing America for the better for all Americans.


And as I said yesterday, I say again!


Have you found anything in this mess that talks about how we are going to get our country out of the mess that it is in, and make it the great nation that it really is?


Now adding to this list of shady characters that John McCain and Sarah Palin have surrounded themselves with; they now have a man, (who in a nation where no one was really above the law), would be in jail now; along with several others from the Bush Administration, including the boss himself, George W. Bush.


John McCain has officially received the endorsement of war crimes participant, Vice President, Dick Cheney.


Of course this endorsement is no surprise to those who have been following politics for at least the last 8 years.


As Senator Obama said, John McCain has truly earned this endorsement by giving his total support and devotion to the Whitehouse’s Movement to engage in a war with Iraq based on lies.


So once again, we have another character joining the McCain/Palin Campaign who is redefining patriotism.


These people are calling Racism Patriotism, they are calling Breaking The Law Patriotism, they are calling Lying To The American People Patriotism, they are calling Division Patriotism, and most amazingly, they have those who are blinded by racism, hatred, prejudice, ignorance, and a lack of desire to search for the truth; convinced that they have allowed over 4000 American Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, and people’s close friends, die in Iraq under false pretenses and lies, all in the name of  Patriotism.


This is not America at it’s best.


This is not putting country first.


This is what it is.


It is a sham to deceive the American People for the purpose of being elected so that they can continue to further the agenda of the very people who are speaking up for them on the campaign trail, who like them, are crooked, and who are redefining patriotism to mean beneficial to the corrupt few, as opposed to the innocent many.


On November 4, 2008, The American People are going to have to decide:


Will it be politics and policies that benefit only one race of people, only one class of people, and that deceives people who blindly accept everything that their politicians say as truth, so much so that they do not even recognize when they are being lied too by the very people who are supposed to love them so much?


Or will The American People choose a new kind of politics that considers every citizen to be an American, regardless of their race, creed, color, income level, or educational level?


Which one of these 2 visions correlate to what you have always heard about the United States of America?


If you answered vision number 1, proposed by John McCain and Sarah Palin, then you are accepting a lie.


If you answered vision number 2, proposed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, then you are in tune with what you have always heard about the United States of America.


Reject the lie about America by voting for the truth about America.


On Tuesday, November 4th. Vote for Barack Obama for President, and Joe Biden for Vice President.


Support The Truth About America.


Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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Once Again! The Candidate Who Is Against Celebrity; Enlist One’s Help

November 1, 2008

More Mindless Rhetoric

More Mindless Rhetoric




Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain who is strongly opposed to (Senator Obama’s Celebrity), his campaign strategy, his fund raising abilities, his massive crowds at rallies, his TV coverage, his massive campaign budget, his youth, and his blackness, has now enlisted the aid of a celebrity to add to the cast of mindless characters that he and Sarah Palin surround themselves with.


Now in addition to Hank Williams Jr., That Racist from Georgia, Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, Tito The Builder, and Joe The Plumber, he has now added Arnold The Terminator, The Governor of Cali-fornia.


We’ve had Hank Williams Jr. singing about the false connection of Senator Obama to terrorist, we have had Westmoreland call the Obama’s Uppity, (while struggling viciously to not complete that statement with the word that usually follows the word uppity), we’ve had Tito The Builder who added to the nothingness in their rhetoric by making some kind of mindless statement because of his overwhelming desire to fit in, we’ve had Joe The Plumber, the self serving, lying, aspiring author, aspiring country & western singer, unlicensed plumber, and aspiring entrepreneur, who lied about buying a business that he could not even afford to buy, even after he gave himself an illegal tax cut by failing to pay taxes to the country that he loves so much; and now we have Arnold Swarzenager talking about the size of Senator Barack Obama’s skinny legs, rather then referring to his large mental capacity, or his rock solid plan for changing America for the better for all Americans.


Have you found anything in this mess that talks about how we are going to get our country out of the mess that it is in, and make it the great nation that it really is?


Hell No!


This is just another example of the lack of preparation, the un-clarity of message, the lack of a definite focused purpose, and the rank amateurism of the McCain Campaign.


Beginning with his choice of Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin, whom he thought would be his greatest asset, who is now his greatest liability.


As a matter of fact, word on the street is, that she is no longer interested in assisting John McCain’s Campaign; instead, she is preparing for her advancement into the national political spotlight.


And the funny thing about it is, we are hearing so much about the negative behavior of the Sarah Palin Team, but those on the McCain staff who are lodging these complaints, are trying to leave out the fact that John McCain was responsible for the decision that put her where she now.


So as I said way back when he chose her in my blog entitled: “A Question Of Judgment”,  as it was in the beginning, so it is towards the end.


It is still a question of judgment, and the cast of characters that he and Sarah Palin have surrounded themselves with, is an indication of the poor judgment that has been exhibited throughout the McCain Campaign.


And now in desperation, (which is what most of these last minute gasps for air are), he has now added “The Terminator” to the mix.


Well Senator McCain, not even the terminator can repair the damage that you have done to your own campaign, which was caused by your lack of judgment, poor taste, lies, implied racism, and all of the dirty tricks that you have tried that have back fired on you; and your biggest back fire of all, which is Sarah Palin.


It has been said many times, (and with good reason, and evidence to back it up), that you can judge how a presidential candidate would run the country by the way that he or she, runs their campaign.


If the way that you have run your campaign is any indication of how you are going to run this nation, then only a fool would want to move this country in that direction.


And I am counting on The American People on this Tuesday, November 4, 2008, to not be a majority of fools.


Come on America!


Vote for Barack Obama for President, and Joe Biden for Vice President this Tuesday.


And Senator McCain, “The Terminator” will be back; but you won’t.


Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Won’t Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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Obama’s Mini Documentary On Wednesday

October 31, 2008


This mini documentary was excellent.


It was well produced, and in addition to polish and production, the message was extremely clear and powerful to the point of bringing out so much emotion about those people who are suffering, until I had to fight back the tears, (being a man and all).


However, Barack Obama’s message in this production was clear, consistent, and powerful, as it has been since the inception of his campaign.


And it is important to note that Senator Obama’s message after many months of campaigning is in the last six days, as it was in the beginning: “Change”.


This is proof positive of his concentration, focus, and intensity towards realizing his dream of a “New America”, that benefits all of it’s citizens.


Whereas his opponent, (John McCain), has experimented with so many different themes since his campaign began, until I, and many other American Citizens, still have not been able to determine what he has to offer this country to repair the damage that has been done in the past 8 years.


Well! In all fairness, I must say that in the last 3 weeks, John McCain and Sarah Palin have finally come up with a solution to solving all of America’s problems:


It’s “Joe The Plumber”!


Thank you so very much John and Sarah; we feel so much better now.


 Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now) Barack Obama Chant


Greg Coleman


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Barack Rocks West Philly

October 28, 2008

Barack Obama In West Philly

Barack Obama In West Philly


On Saturday October 11th. Barack Obama swept across Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where he did 4 rallies in one day.

 We caught him at his last stop at the Rally in West Philly.

 We have included a photo album in this article that highlights the positive energy levels, the excitement and the hope for a better tomorrow that permeated the crowds as thousands of Americans came together for one common purpose: To get energy from, and give energy to the next President of the United States of America: Barack Obama.

 As you look through the photos, you will see a true picture of what America is truly made up of.

 You will see people of all races, ages, sexes, incomes levels, occupations, religions, and stations in life, all coming together for one purpose: And that purpose is to work towards the America that is described in all of the precious patriotic documents that were produced by the Founding Fathers of this nation, that makes this a nation of inclusion, and not one of exclusion.

Contrast what you see at this rally, with what you see at the McCain/Palin Rallies, and you will see that America is far more diverse and colorful then the McCain/Palin Rallies would have you believe.

The people at this and the other Obama rallies are a true representation of all of America.

 Barack Rocks West Philly Photo Album


Greg Coleman







African American War Hero Painted As Racist By The Right

October 23, 2008

Rush is Conservatisim
Rush is Conservatisim


The rightwing media led by the orally fixated Rush Limbaugh who sucks on a cigar during his radio show because he has to wait until he gets off work to suck what he really wants to suck; has accused African American 4 Star General, and former Secretary of State Collin Powell, (a republican), of being a racist, because he has made a common sense decision to endorse Senator Obama for President, as opposed to endorsing the madness of Senator McCain.


Chris Matthews On Rush Limbaugh



This fascist, racist, fat funky ignorant blowhard is one of the foulest Americans that I have ever seen.


But did you notice that in spite of all of his shortcomings, I still acknowledged his citizenship?


This is something that the McCain/Palin Ticket has failed to practice at their rallies lately.


They have made certain towns and certain states that support their stupid agendas, and their mindless rhetoric, into havens of Patriotism and Americanism, while the towns, states, and the people who see through their bullshit, and who are not afraid to call them on it are now foreigners to this country, because they somehow have convinced themselves and those who blindly follow them, that here in America, they have obtained the power and authorization to take other people’s citizenships away for disagreeing with them.


This is an ongoing problem with the Republican Party, and the Right Wing Idiots, who are under the mistaken impression that the world revolves around their ideas, opinions, philosophies, politics, morals, and religious viewpoints, and that they have the God given right to impose this shit on everyone else.


But I am here to tell you that they do not; and the polls are bearing this out.


Rush Limbaugh is everything that the current administration represents.  And he also represents the continuity of stupidity, lies, deception, hatred, and yes racism that is being promoted by John McCain and Sarah Palin at their rallies here of late.


And these are the people that ignorant idiots are now worshiping, as opposed to listening to common sense polices that involve fairness and equality for every American.


Idiots who think that they can fail or succeed alone in this country, (even after witnessing the current economic crises that has hurt us all), and some who still believe that there really is a white heaven where they can go to be with John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, and other famous conservatives, and where black people only live for the purposes of servitude.


Rush Limbaugh is not a freak of nature or an oddball when it comes to Republicanism and Conservatism, (as some would have you believe).


People like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingram, G. Gordon Liddy, and a multitude of others are exactly what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and those who support their ideals are all about.


They are the rule, not the exception.


And the thought of this Intelligent, Accomplished, and Successful Black Man of Stature, being labeled as a racist because he endorsed the right presidential candidate, that just happened to be black, is just another example of the double standard that equals racism, that has been accepted as the norm in America for too God Dammed long.


Collin Powell



Guess What?


That fucking norm is dead.


As I said many times before; anyone who will say or do anything in order to win the Whitehouse, or any other powerful office, will say or do anything to keep it; and the things that they do, will not necessarily be what is good for the American People.


So to all of you Rightist Fans, continue to blindly listen to people like John McCain and Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, and of course, Good Ole Rush Limbaugh.


And continue to believe the bullshit about Senator Obama being an Arab, a Muslim, a Terrorist, and a Socialist, and Colin Powell being a racist because he endorsed the right guy, which just happens to not be the white guy.


You have a right to believe these things that are being taught by your leaders, because this is America; and America does exist in places other then at John McCain and Sarah Palin Rallies.


You Better Believe It! Cause It’s True.


And we Americans, who are not blinded by skin color, names, social standing, lies, deceptions, the place in life where we start, and hatred, will continue to remain enlightened and informed, and educated, and therefore create and live in the kind of America that is fair to all of it’s citizens, not just the rich, powerful and the privileged, but for all people who are willing to work hard, make the necessary sacrifices, face discrimination and racism and beat it, and achieve “The American Dream” like Former Secretary of State, Collin Powell, and Senator, Barack Obama.


Former Secretary of State, Collin Powell



Senator, Barack Obama.



Greg Coleman



Lies, Deceptions, War, and National Grand Theft Wont Do.


Stop Doing This To The American People


Love And Peace (Is What The World Needs Now)


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