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Republicans Get Egg On Face And Foot In Ass From President Obama

January 31, 2010

Putting Egg On Face And Foot In Ass Of The Republicans

Friday, January 29, 2010, Baltimore, MD.

In an attempt to make the first African American President of the United States of America look bad in front of the American People, the Republicans invited President Obama to their GOP Retreat held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel.

Mr. Obama agreed to delve deep into enemy territory as a courtesy to the American People and to the Republican Party predicated on the condition that they allow TV Cameras to broadcast the event to the country and to the world.

Initially, they were inclined to refuse having the TV cameras present. I guess this reluctance on the part of the Republicans is just their way of doing business. They have always,  and continue to lie, lie, lie, and lie some more about everything that they think, feel, see, and do.

What’s even sadder is the fact that they lie to their constituents; the very people who give them their total undying blind faith and devotion, and who have, and continue to support everything that they say or do, even though, (most of the time), what they do is based on Lies, Fear, Partisanship and quite frankly, “Knee Jerk Reactionary Racism”.

Now many sensible people ask: Why would someone want to elect and support people who are always conspiring to lie to them?

It’s because ignorant people are not interested in “The Truth”. Therefore, Right Wing Conservatives, Republicans and Racists who wear many different  titles including, “Birthers”, “Tea Party Members”, “White Supremacist”, “Survivalist”, “Skin Heads”, “KKK”, “Nazis” “Patriots”, “Conservatives “, “FOX News”, etc, etc, etc, are prime candidates for the Racially Charged Subliminal Messages that the Republican Party have become famous for.

The majority of the peoples of the United States of America who actually know when they are being targeted by hatred, racism, bigotry, sexism, stupidity and ignorance know this.

Only those who are too stupid and socially unaware, and those who are the perpetrators of all this hatred know different.

What about the Black Republicans you say?

Well! All 3 of them are also racists, who are full of hatred for self, and hatred of their people; and they feel that aligning themselves, and indentifying with people who continue to perpetrate the fraudulent concept of racial superiority, somehow or other, allows them to dis-acknowledge their racial heritage.

No such luck in America “Blackey”!

Now with all of these “Dark” Realities, (no pun intended), the fact that so many people, some black,(but most white), add to that the many foreigners who are desperate to fit in; are still not willing to acknowledge the existence of these “Racist Attitudes”, and while we are on “Race”, lets also add, “Sexism”, “Sexual Orientationism”, “Religious Intolerance” “Classism”, and let’s not forget the Racism that exists within the African American Community against each other because of “Skin Tone” “Hair Type” “Level of Success”, or whatever else.  This is also present in the Latino Community and in other cultures of people that reside in the “Good Ole US of A

This denial is really what allows these deplorable human conditions to continue to exist.

So anyway!

Against their better judgment, the Republicans gave in to the Obama Administration’s demand to allow cameras to record, (what was supposed to be an insult and embarrassment to The President, and a confirmation of his racial inferiority, lack of knowledge and lack of qualifications to run this nation effectively.

By the way, the Republicans, “The Party Of No!”, are now accusing President Obama of not being bi-partisan, and being totally unwilling to work with them.

Someone needs to tell them that they lost the election; because they damn sure did not want to work with the Democrats during the 8 years that they were in power.

Of course! Anyone who has been paying attention since Senator Obama’s Presidential Campaign began to President Obama’s Inauguration and his first year in office, knows this is a blatant lie.

But what else is new?

The Republicans, aided by such sell-outs as Michael Steel, have done everything that they could, to discredit, insult, embarrass, humiliate and minimize this man as “The President of the United States”, even after the majority of Americans, (Black and White), made a decision to vote for “Change”, on November 4, 2008. And the “Sensible Americans” who voted for Obama know that “Change” is painful and gradual, (especially when attempting to correct something that has been unfair, unbalanced and imperfect for over 200 years); that being America.

Any place that has been in existence for 231 years that is still saying: “The First African American”, “The First Woman”,” The First Catholic” “The First Jew”  “The First Latino”,”The First American Indian” “The First Oriental”, “The First Gay” “The First Anything” to move into any significant positon of power and influence, after 231 years, (when all of these people have helped to build this country and have made significant contributions to its history and its progress), has a serious problem with a balance of power and resources.

So now after this man has bent over backwards to include the Republicans in everything from the Economy, Energy, and (Healthcare Reform), they tried very hard to change reality and history once again, (by lying), during this now famous Q & A Event.

President Obama, tried so hard to “Reach Across Party Lines”, to the point where he even began to lose the support and devotion of the people who believed in him the most; and that was the people who voted him into office looking for “Change”.

And that even included me. His “Biggest Fan”, because, I got sick and tired of watching him continually reach out to people who did not want to acknowledge his power and authority, or work with him, because he is “Black”.

To many of his supporters, it made him appear weak and needy.

 However, we forgave him and still throw our support behind him 150%.


Because just like every Damn American President before him, he is “Human”, he is “Fallible”, and he is “Mortal”.

So, we are not going to do what the Republicans and other Racist Fraternities are trying to do; that being to demand more, and expect less, and to “Hope He Fails”.

When the Q & A Session began, it was clear that the Republicans were not approaching the president with anything that was new and different.

They continued to wine and complain about how many proposals they have tried to share with the president that he and his administration totally ignored.

One thing they forgot to mention during all of this whining and complaining was the fact that they were trying to shove the same old ideas that had failed miserably before down the throats of a brand new administration whose constituents voted for “Change”.

They also continue to forget the fact that anything that they submit to the Democrats must be a suggestion or a recommendation, not a demand.

And here is a very important point of contention to remember the next time you hear a Republican boo hooing about how hard they tired to work with the President.

When was the last time that the Republican Party ever, contributed “Liberal Proposals” for anything in America. This is simply not what they are all about. And their perpectual false insistence that they have tried so hard to work with this president is just like everything else that they say.

It is a lie!

If they were so damned ambitious about creating a jobs bill, healthcare reform bill, and tighter regulations on the major corporations that almost caused the total economic collapse of the country, why didn’t they do it when they were in power for 8 years?

Because it is a lie!

What they have tried to do was force that same conservative bull-shit on this new president and his new administration, who knows that if they accept any of these same old ideas, (that Republicans try to dress up as “Fresh New Ideas” , they know that, (“We The People”), who voted them into office will see this as  “The Ultimate Betrayal”, and will act accordingly at the poles.

Each one of these so called “Republican Leaders” took a turn at asking the president the same old dumb ass shit that they have been asking him during the campaign and since he has been in office, as well as spewing conservative talking points all over the place, and campaigning for office as opposed to seriously trying to unite with the Democratic Party, the American People, and the Global Community in order to solve problems of Global Proportions.

No! Instead they want to continue down the “Same Old Path To Nowhere”, that impedes progress rather than contributes to it.

And as the Q & A Session progressed, it became increasingly clear that President Obama was not having it.

He answered their questions, (without a teleprompter I might add), and he diplomatically pushed their “Conservative Commentary” aside, deciding instead to deal with substantial matters that are important to this country and its people.

Once again, he proved himself worthy of the job and the trust and confidence of the American People, which I thought he had already done adequately.

However, it’s still true, that in America, if you are a minority, you can’t be “Just As Good”, you have to be “Twice As Good”, to be taken seriously, and then you will still have those who will never accept you anyway.

These are the ones that I just wish this new adminstration would just not ignore, but deal with.

Do not ever ignore or discount small groups of ignorant people like these as just “Right Wing Idiots”, that can be ignored. I say that because, at one point in time, this is the opinion that many people held of Adolph Hitler; and we know how that all turned out.

How do you like that Republicans?-A reference to Hitler from a Liberal?

The trials and tribulations, the hatred, the racism, the threats against his life, and all of the other negative attacks against this president, just shows how far we have not come in America.

But in spite of these attacks, he continues to prove himself time and time again as worthy of the job and the trust of the American People during some very difficult situations that existed long before he took office; although the Republicans don’t like to acknowledge this fact.

Its as if 8 years of George W. Bush/Dick Cheney never existed.

Instead they choose to blame “The Black Guy”, because it is an “American Tradition” to do so.

The Republican’s agenda is simple, and easy to detect and to defend against.

It consists of the following:

  1. To keep enacting legislation that supports big business like Wall street, Banking, Oil and Energy, Healthcare, Militarism, and any other industry that they can receive compensation in addition to the fat salaries that they already receive for  supposedly serving the American People.
  2. To fight for Tax Cuts for the most wealthy individuals in this country, which accounts for only about 5%-10% of the entire population
  3. To Drill Baby Drill.
  4. To deny that there is a connection between carbon emissions and the survival of the planet
  5. To keep poor people poor.
  6. To keep minorities out of power
  7. To keep everything as “White As Snow”.
  8. To deceive “Poor Uneducated White People”, into believing that they have their best interest at heart.
  9. To keep the “Good Ole Boys Network Alive”.

10.  To destroy the faith and confidence of the American People in the “First African American President”, simply because he is “African American”.

This is the Republican Doctrine in a nutshell, and the reason why it is so easy for the president, or even just the average citizen who has a reasonable level of intelligence, memory, and an average power of observation, to recognize and defend against, is because of the fact that it never changes.

Why the hell do you think they call them “Conservatives”?

If they had their way, not only would President Obama not be President, but we all would still be domestics, servants and slaves instead of Bank presidents, CEOs, and President of the United States of America.

Why do you think they named it the “Whitehouse”, instead of “The People’s House”, which is what our current president calls it.

Because of the natural laws of “Social Evolution”,which their principals are in direct violation of, these were conditions that could not continue to exist in this Universe.

The problem with “Republicans”, “Conservatives”, and all of the other titles that they go by these days is the fact that they are “Evolutionary Retards”, who can’t keep up.

President Obama clearly and effectively demonstrated this fact on National Television.

Mr. President: You put “Egg On Their Face”, “And Foot In Their Ass”, and that is exactly why we sent you to the “People’s House”

Thank you, and keep up the good work.


LeBron James-An Ape With A Grip On A White Woman????

March 27, 2008

Basket Ball Superstar, Lebron James of The Cleveland Cavaliers, will be appearing on the front cover of vogue’s April issue with Super Model Gisele Bundchen. Famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz, took the photo.  James is 1 of 3 men who have appeared on the cover with super models in the 116-year history of the magazine.


The other 2 men who have appeared on the cover with super models were: Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford in 1992, and George Clooney who appeared with Gisele Bundchen in 2002.


The difference here is that: the photo of Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen, (unlike the other couples), has created a heated debate, and is fueling controversy.


As a matter of fact, it has stirred up so much controversy, that it was a featured story on “The Today Show”.


I wonder why?


In addition, James is not only 1 of 3 men that appeared on the cover with a super model, but in 116 years, he is the first African American to be featured on the cover with a (White Supermodel).


Here we go again! Talking about a nonexistent problem in America. The one that most people ignore, rather then address:




When I first heard the story; without immediate investigation, I knew the controversy was smothered in racial overtones, like a chicken-fried steak with country gravy.


Let’s check the statistics to confirm my intuition.


Richard Gere-Cindy Crawford 1992- No Problem!


George Clooney-Gisele Bundchen 2002-No Problem!


Also in this same April addition are:


Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps-Caroline Trentini-No Problem!


Snowboarder, Shaun White-Daria Werbowy-No Problem!


Speed Skater, Apolo Anton Ohno-Doutzen Kroes-No Problem!


Of course, this also is not LeBron James’s first magazine cover appearance.


He is indeed a superstar in many arenas.


Sports Illustrated, 2002-When he was a high school senior-No Problem!


1 of 11 athletes on ESPN’s 10th. Anniversary issue-No Problem


Recently Featured On:  


Fortune-No Problem!


Men’s Health-No Problem!


Black Enterprise-No Problem!

 Vogue April 2008 Issue: LeBron James-Gisele Bundchen-PROBLEM! 

The comments are coming in, and there are not very positive about this picture.

 Some commentators say that the photo is perpetuating racial stereotypes. James strikes a gorilla-like pose, baring his teeth, with one hand dribbling a ball and the other around Bundchen’s waist. They say it is a depiction of the movie” King Kong”, in which the ape grabs Fay Wray around her waste and picks her up.Tamara Walker, age 29, from Philadelphia said:” It conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man”.Damion Thomas, assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland Said: Images of black male athletes as aggressive and threatening “reinforce the criminalization of black men”.In my personal opinion as a black male, I would have to say that if the intent was to foster and spread further, the image of the angry, dangerous, criminal black man, I did not see it that way, because I don’t identify with that, and I know that all black males are not like that. I just seen an African American man doing something that no other African American man had done before him.And if the intention of the magazine’s publishers was to perpetuate this negative stereotype of the black male, then the message was targeted to ignorant white people who are going to think what they want to think about black people anyway, so I don’t think this cover really makes that much of a difference.We know that the reason for all of the controversy on both black and white people’s part is because he is an African American, and because of the interracial element of the magazine cover.The problem for some people is just the fact that a black man is on the cover with a white woman. For some illogical reason, there are some people who believe that they have the right to tell other people who to hang out with, who to talk to, who to have sex with, who to pose with, who to do business with, and also, who to marry and have a family with. This is especially true, once a person reaches a certain level of success and fame. If a man or woman is hooked up with somebody other then somebody from their race, some people feel that these people belong to them, and that this is a violation of their rights. However, what I have found is: that the people who have these types of attitudes towards these people, are the very people that would have not given these people the time of day, if it were not for their fortune or fame. However, if someone suffering from this malady would like to be healed, all they need to do is, turn the situation around and think! What if someone told me? Who to hang out with,  who to talk to, who to have sex with, who to pose with, who to do business with, and also, who to marry and have a family with. Would they live and die, according to someone else’s purpose. I don’t think so.For me, I am just happy to see this black man on the cover of vogue, and to see his level of achievement in his professional life. His personal life is his.But I guess that the most important statements made about the cover were from the people who were on the cover. Bundchen, (who is the girl friend of New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady), wasn’t intimated by James’s frame.“He doesn’t really make you feel small, even though he is big,” she says in the magazine. “I think my leg is like the size of his shoe.” LeBron James told The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer he was pleased with the cover, saying he was “just showing a little emotion.”“Everything my name is on is going to be criticized in a good way or bad way,” James told the paper. “Who cares what anyone says?”

And that’s just fine with me!


Eliot Spitzer Gets Some Of What He Deserves

March 13, 2008

Once again, a politician has been discovered to be not what he appeared to be to the voting public.

This is such an acceptable phenomenon in this country, until I often wonder why the public takes so many of these crooks at their word, without investigating or challenging the promises and claims that they make during their election campaigns. 

Why do I feel that he has gotten some of what he deserves?

Why do I feel the punishment should definitely fit the crime?

Why do I think that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? 

Because anyone who deceives the voting public like he did under the guise of upholding and protecting the voters from crooked politicians and business people, and all illegal activities, and then turns out to be a hypocrite-should be.

 It’s not because he made a mistake in judgment. All of us as human beings do that from time to time.

It’s not because he went outside of his marriage and cheated on his wife with a prostitute. He is not the first man to do this, and I am almost 100% sure that he will not be the last, (not that this makes it right).

And it’s not because he broke the law.

It is because of his proud history of unmercifully stoning other human beings who had made the same or similar mistakes, or bad decisions in judgment like he just did.

If it is one thing that I hate, it is those who are so self righteous and judgmental of others who have made mistakes, and who are sincerely sorry for what they have done, and who want to not have the offended forget, but to at least have them practice forgiveness;(and I say practice, because forgiving is a process, and it is not something that will take place overnight for those who have been hurt). I know personally that it is a process, because I myself am still working through years of offenses that I have not yet learned to forgive.  And, one more important point: there are a lot of people who commit offences that say that people should forgive and forget. However, this is a statement of what should be, and not a request for the offended to forgive. So if you want forgiveness, it has to be requested.

Even GOD requires that you ask for forgiveness.


But anyway! – The main reason that I feel that he should pay dearly for his offense(s) is because of the many lives that he destroyed, not because he did his job, but because he overdid his job without the human element of mercy for the human being who committed the offense.  And I have learned (the hard way), that the only way for a person with no mercy for another human being can learn how that feels, is by showing them no mercy in return.

Hard people can only understand the pain that they inflict upon others when it is inflicted upon them. And guess what? It appears to me that those are the very people who cannot tolerate the same type of pain that they have been inflicting upon others. It’s funny that these same people suffer the most when faced with the punishment that they have been administering to others.

Eliot Spitzer, did not admit to any wrong doing in his initial statement to the public. It suddenly became a private matter, (according to him). However, he proudly made the pain and suffering of those that he prosecuted a matter of public record, and made sure that he displayed his trophies to the public so that they would be awed and amazed by his legal prowess, and his self righteousness

Eliot Spitzer is one among many powerful men who have put their righteousness on display for the public, and who have harshly judged others for being human, and prone to error, and have found themselves in the same positions as those that they were willing to crucify.  Some others are: Idaho Senator, Larry Craig, Presidential Candidate, Gary Hart, DC Mayor, Marion Barry, Florida Congressman, Mark Foley, New Jersey Governor, James McGreevey, and President Bill Clinton, (who did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky), and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, who insisted upon Bill Clinton’s impeachment as a result of his lack of moral judgment, and shortly after his insistence, his own skeletons came out of the closet to haunt him), to name just a few.

It seems to me that those who make the most noise about someone else’s shortcomings are the one’s who have the most sin to hide.

 And it is very important to note that politicians are not the only ones who have been found guilty of being immoral, or who have been caught committing illegal acts.

 Of particular interest are the “Men, (and woman), Of GOD”, who claim to have a direct connection to GOD that places them far above the common man or woman, and therefore not prone to sin like us mere mortals are: Reverend Jimmie Swagger, Jim Bakker, Tammie Fay Bakker, and now, faith healer Benny Hinn, Georgia megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar, and one of the nation’s most prominent women preachers Joyce Meyer are all under investigation by the Senate Committee because of their lavish spending. 

You see! – The point that I am making is that:  only GOD is perfectly righteous, and that you should be totally suspicious of any other human who claims to be; especially, politicians and preachers.

A brief study of history will validate this viewpoint.

Eliot Spitzer is a prime example of what I am saying now, and what I have been saying for years. Don’t listen to what people say. Watch what they do.

Eliot Spitzer should not expect to receive any lesser punishment then the punishment that he has insisted on inflicting upon others who he proudly prosecuted unmercifully during his career.

It’s the law of the universe. You get back what you put out.

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